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Yugi Muoto an eighteen year old, first year college student sighed as he relaxed and started to flip through a hand book he was given from the United Blood Services. He had gone by there to get tested to see if he could donate blood, seeing as he was the right age and weight.

As he flipped through it, something caught his eye..

"United Blood Services will only call you if you have a sexual diseases, AIDS, HIV, Ect, Etc."

Yugi chuckled innocently. "It is a good thing that Yami nor I have had sex yet, and that neither of us have it." his large amethyst eyes skimming through the book.

Suddenly, the phone rang and Yugi reached over and grabbed it. He looked at the ID and it said: "Caller ID Unknown". Blinking, he pressed the 'talk' button.


"Hello. This is Karen from United Blood Services..." e heard a sweet voice of a young woman say.

Yugi's heart raced and his large eyes grew the size of plates as he thought, BUT I HAVEN'T HAD ANY SEXUAL CONFRONTATION!

"We are calling to see if you would like to donate platelets seeing as you have over the average platelets."

As soon as he heard if he would donate platelets, Yugi passed out.

"Uhh.. Sir? Hello? Sir?"

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