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Well, this isn't my first ever fic, but it is my first Kingdom Hearts and shounen-ai/yaoi pairing.

Alright, onto other stuff. This fic was inspired by an old old role-play idea I had waaay back when. I called it the episode role-play, because it kinda played out like anime episodes. I was just leaning back in my chair the other day, wondering if I could find an idea for a fic, and it popped right up!

I dedicate this fic to my friend Kira-chan as well, because she's the best person to go to when you have embarrassing questions. Luv ya Kira!

WARNING: This fic contains shounen-ai, in other words boy love, slash, yaoi, malexmale bonking, whatever the hell you wanna call it. If you have a problem with that, then please turn away and find a fic more suited to your tastes. Thank you.

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P.S: These first few chapters are a little boring—but they're necessary for the story! It gets better later on!

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Chapter 1

Into the Devils Sands

The sun was like a sin. A horrible, evil sin that hung over the world and reigned down it's dark, evil, sin worthy-ness. It sat up there, blasting heat at the very people it kept alive, burning them to a charred crisp. It was probably laughing too. Giggling to itself, 'oh how fun it is to torture these defenseless humans…' and then it would beam another one to death.

Damn star.

Riku tripped over his own feet as this small thought crossed his mind and fell with a quiet 'fwumph' into the silky sand below. The sand scalded him through his clothes, yet he didn't want to get up. He'd run out of water that morning, and now he was so thirsty he would have given anything for just one drop. A single, tiny little crystalline drop…

He closed his eyes and licked his dry lips with a slightly moist tongue. The sun wanted him dead, didn't it? There wasn't a single cloud in the sky. Not. A. Single. One. So the heat was just beating down on him in waves. Even the small winds that flushed past didn't bring much relief—just hot air.

Riku groaned and attempted to stand up, but found his limbs too shaky. He hadn't eaten in three days either… his energy was practically non-existent. With a muffled grunt his arms gave out and he flopped back into the sand, his once silky silver hair pooling around his head.

So this was it huh? He was going to die out here, in this god-forsaken wasteland of hot, and rot away? The little desert gerbils would pick his skin away to help the flies feed off his sizzling corpse.

No. He couldn't die yet. He wasn't ready. He still had something to do.

With an angry grunt, Riku gathered all of his strength and pushed himself up onto his knees. Tiredly he looked up and scanned the horizon for anything—anything at all that could count as civilization. His tattered brown robe—the kind that covered his entire body, leaving nothing but his head showing—was fanned out around him, and the small leather satchel that held nothing but empty bottles, munny, and some other necessaries sat innocently beside him, the strap slipping off of his shoulder.

Hmm… Cactus… cactus… rock… cactus… bush… cactus… town… cactus…

Hold on!

Riku's head nearly flew off its shoulders with the force he used to turn himself around. A town?

He almost thought it was an illusion, but sure enough there, shimmering a bit due to the heat, was the tall sign welcoming the weary traveler to the small town of—Riku squinted—Surbia? Well that was an odd name…

But he didn't care. There was a fucking town sitting right there in front of him! Hope renewed, Riku used the last of his muscle strength to pull himself up to his feet, and slowly started sliding towards the town. However, after passing the gates, his body could no longer keep up with his movements.

His vision blurred, and the last thing he saw before passing out was a rather busty woman dropping a crate full of bottles and screaming something.

The first thing he noticed when he came to was warmth.

No, it wasn't the scalding blistering heat he'd been walking in for the past week. This was a nice kind of warm. The kind of warm that came from curling up in bed after a hard days work and just resting. It felt so nice…

He shifted and pulled a furry thing closer, not really caring what it was. Whatever it was, it was warm, and that was all Riku's poor overused body cared about.

"Hey, mister? Are you awake?"

Riku winced and opened his eyes. His vision was blurry for a moment, and all he wanted to do was maim the person speaking to him. When his eyes adjusted, the first thing he saw was a pair of voluptuous breasts, sitting right in front of his eyes. Frowning, Riku tried to remember if he'd ever met anyone with such a large bosom, but his mind came up with nothing. Wearily he looked up, past the breasts and into pretty—worried—brown eyes. The woman had long, dark brown hair. On her ears a pair of earrings twinkled as she cocked her head.

Riku opened his mouth to speak, but found it full of imaginary sand. He coughed roughly, wincing as his throat burned. Urgh… he felt horrible.

Suddenly a glass was pushed to his lips. Recognizing the fluid inside as water—actual water! He quickly took the glass into his own shaking hands and swallowed it down. The relief that he felt was like nothing he'd ever felt before and he sighed, flopping back down from his half sitting position. The woman handed him another glass after taking the first one, and Riku took more time to drown himself in it.

He'd polished off seven glasses by the time he felt slightly rejuvenated. Well, at least he could speak now.

"Thank you," He muttered, sighing contentedly as he set his last empty glass on the coffee table between him and the busty brown-haired woman. His voice was rough and shaky—but that was probably because he hadn't used it much in about four weeks. The woman gave him a kind smile and set all of the glasses inside of each other.

"You must have been out there for quite some time." The woman said, putting the glasses on a tray and taking them over to a sink. The room they were in was just a small hovel with a couch, the coffee table, and a set of stairs. Of course there were personal items—like a bookshelf and a few shelves full of pictures, but other than that it was just a small square room. With a sink.

"I… think I was walking around for about a week before I ran out of water." Riku rubbed his eyes with a sigh.

"That's dangerous… if you'd passed out out there, you may not have been found for another day or so!" The woman set the tray on the counter beside the sink and returned to the coffee table, handing Riku a sandwich in a napkin. Riku nodded his thanks and eagerly took the food, wolfing it down. "And it looks like you haven't eaten in a while either…"

"Ran out of food a few days ago," Riku muttered around the bread in his mouth. Ahh… if felt so good to be eating again…

"What were you doing out there all alone?" The woman frowned, looking a bit disapproving. "Someone must have told you how dangerous it would be to walk this way alone…"

Riku swallowed thickly. "I was told it was dangerous, but I went alone. I can handle things, and I knew that if I passed out I'd be found… eventually."

The woman frowned again and sighed. "It was still reckless… but I'm not your guardian, so I guess it's none of my business. By the way, my names Tifa Lockhart." The woman held out her hand. It was wrapped in a leather fingerless glove, and the knuckle area looked to be padded with iron. Riku eyed those knuckles suspiciously, but took her hand with his own gloved fingers all the same.


The woman smiled. "That's a nice name. It means 'land' right?"

Riku blinked his aquamarine eyes and shrugged. "I never knew that names could mean things."

Tifa laughed lightly. "Of course names mean things. Just like words mean things."

"Well, I don't really remember much." Riku sucked the jelly off of his fingers, his stomach still calling for food. "I'm learning though."

Tifa blinked and frowned ever so slightly. "Don't remember…?"

"Much yeah," Riku finished off his fingers and looked longingly at the napkin, hoping that another sandwich would appear. "I guess something happened to me, and I forgot everything up until a few months ago. So, I'm looking for something that may help me remember."

Tifa blinked once again. It wasn't uncommon for people to have amnesia during these times, but forgetting most of ones life? That was a bit serious… "Is there anything you do remember?"

Riku looked at her, his eyes slightly narrowed. Suspicious? Tifa hurriedly explained herself.

"I might be able to help you find this… something."

Riku watched her for a moment longer, and Tifa found that she really liked those aquamarine eyes. If only he was a little older, she'd consider asking him out…

"Blue," The silver-haired teen muttered. "I remember that whatever it was, was blue. It could be a place, a thing, a piece of paper—but all I know is that it's blue."

Tifa's brow furrowed and she shifted her position. "There are a lot of blue things you know…"

"Not this blue," Riku said firmly. His eyes seemed to focus on something that she couldn't see. "It's not a normal blue… and I think it was the only kind of blue in the world."

"Well, that narrows it down…" Tifa muttered sarcastically, but sighed and took the napkin Riku was still clutching. "For now you should rest. Drink plenty of water."

Riku really didn't mind that. "Do you have any more food?"

Tifa blinked at him and chuckled. "Well, come upstairs and I'll have Cid cook you something."

"Cid?" Riku asked, attempting to stand up. He still felt a little weak, but the sandwich and the water had brought something back. He followed her slowly as she started walking up the stairs, the thought of food making his stomach rumble for more.

"He's a pretty good cook. I guess you could say it's his day job… after he comes here he operates his own business."

Was it just him or was the air getting warmer? Riku shook it off and stepped out of the stairwell (which was a bit tunnel-like after he passed the roof of the little hovel below) and entered heat once again. Outside the sun blinded him, but it wasn't as unbearably hot as it had been before he'd passed out. Once his eyes adjusted to the light change, he took a good look at his surroundings.

He was under a canopied room—a bar? To his right was a tall counter with bottles and other alcohol related machines. Past the bar he could see the town. People were walking through the street and talking as people often did. All of them wore thick robes to protect from the sunlight, as well as bandannas or hats to protect their heads. The buildings were made of a pale colored stone, and the sky was as blue and clear as a sky could get.

Tifa walked over to a back door and pushed it open. It had no handle, and it swung in easily with her weight against it. She motioned for Riku to follow, and he obliged, tearing his eyes away from the scenery.

"Hey Cid." Tifa waved. Riku looked at the rather bulky man standing behind a grill. He turned his blonde head around and acknowledged Tifa with a grunt. A bit of stubble marred his chin, and he wasn't large, he just had large muscles. In his mouth was a toothpick which he chewed thoughtlessly. Riku wondered if it took the place of a cigarette, since one usually didn't smoke when cooking food for other people.

"Hey Tifa." He grunted, blue eyes sliding towards Riku. He flipped a few beef patties with his spatula, not even bothering to look at his work. "That the kid?"

"Yup." The brown haired girl answered, trailing further into the kitchen. There was a metal island table cluttered with knives and containers—above that a rack bursting with pots and pans. Other than the grill was a deep-fryer and a sink set along the walls with metal counters, and further back sat a large, rather thick looking metal door that read 'Freezer'. Riku took all of this in with a glance, and then looked back at Cid.

"Hn." The blonde man huffed, pressing the patties into the grill with the flat of his metal instrument. Riku's eyes were brought to it, and his mouth started salivating. When was the last time he'd had cooked meat like that?

He was so hungry…

"Hey, those aren't for anything special are they?" Tifa asked, returning to Riku's side with a bag of hamburger buns. Cid looked at her and shrugged.

"Not yet at least."

"Mind sacrificing one for the poor kid? He hasn't eaten in a while."

"If he pays for it."

Riku's mind was dragged away from the sizzling meat and back to Cid. "I have munny."

"Alrighty then. A hundred munny each." Cid flicked his nose slightly as he flipped the patties one last time.

Riku patted himself down and cursed. "It's in my bag…"

"I'll get it for you," Tifa offered, setting the bag of buns down beside Cid. "Just tell him what you want on it." And she disappeared. Riku walked up next to Cid and eyed the patties.

"So how many ya want kid?" The blonde asked, eyeing him. Riku looked up at him, and then back at the hamburgers. The scent of the sizzling meat made his stomach rumble again.

"Three." He said. Cid raised an eyebrow. "I haven't eaten in a while…" Well, it wasn't a complete lie. That sandwich was nothing…

"Alright, yer money." Cid pulled the burgers off the grill and set them all on a plate beside it. He prepared three burgers for Riku—filled with every condiment the place offered—and once Riku had his food, he wolfed it down like a starving animal. Tifa came up just as he was polishing off the second one.

"Geez Riku you should slow down. You might start choking on it."

Riku didn't acknowledge he'd heard her, but he finished the final burger a bit slower than the last two, savoring it as much as he could. Tifa set his bag down beside him and he fished through his things, pulling out a small leather wallet. He counted out three-hundred, and then handed it to Tifa, who took it to the cash register out in the bar.

Food gone, Riku felt quite content.

Cid sat down on the edge of the island counter, looking positively bored. "This place only gets busy during the evening before closin' time."

Riku looked at him. "Well, maybe people like to go out more at night?"

"Yeah, cause it's not hot then." The blonde grunted, twitching the toothpick around. Riku was leaning against the counter near the grill, which Cid had turned off.

"It is in the middle of a desert…"

"No, really?" Cid rolled his eyes and Riku frowned. "I oughta get back to my shop… that damn Leon's proll'y testin' my equipment again…"

"Leon?" Riku asked. The blonde cook shrugged.

"My assistant I guess you can call 'em. Wandered in here lookin' for a place to say. I said he could stay at my place if he agreed to help me with my business. He's been here about a year and a half now… coldest bastard I ever saw, but he gets the job done. Well at that." Cid snorted. "I don't ask about a guys past, but I'd say he was runnin' from somethin'. Or someone. Ya never know with these silent types."

Riku frowned. Why did that name sound oddly familiar? He brushed it from his mind after a moment. There were probably other Leon's he'd met when he'd been in the city. It wasn't a very rare name.

"Heh, you'n him would probably get along well, what with yer attitudes." Cid chuckled. Riku looked at him and frowned. "You don't like to talk much do you?"

Riku blinked. People used to tell him to shut up because he talked too much before. Well, most of what he'd said had been questions or inquiries, but those were around people who knew about him. Here, Riku didn't feel comfortable asking about the things he didn't recognize. For one, it would probably annoy Cid, and for another, it would make him look like an idiot, and no one would understand unless they knew about him.

So he refrained from speaking.

Cid just chuckled and looked out the small window above the stove. It was open, and a light hot breeze blew in, ruffling his hair. Riku shifted uncomfortably, not knowing what to do. Tifa was digging in a cupboard in the back, and when she emerged, she walked over to the two men, setting a couple of cans down in front of them.

"I hope you like soda Riku." She smiled, brushing some hair behind her ear. Riku noticed she did that a lot.

"Thanks," He muttered, popping open the can and taking a swig.

"When you finish that, why don't you go lie down? A nice refreshing nap should tide you over in no time. If you want, you can pay Cid to take you to the next city on the Rover." Tifa suggested. Riku looked up at her and nodded. Perfect.

"How much?" he asked, turning to Cid. The blonde shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, we'll figure it out. You look like the trustworthy type, so I'll let ya pay me when we get there. We'll put it on how much trouble you cause me." The blonde gave a smirk, and Riku smiled. These people really were nice…

After a few more moments of light conversation, Riku noticed that the light was diminishing. He looked out the window as he sipped his soda and saw the shadows beginning to grow in the street. When he finished the can, Tifa took it and told him to go downstairs to rest. She said he could have the couch, since she had a bed. He didn't know where the bed was, but figured he'd probably overlooked it when he woke up.

After grabbing his bag and slipping it over his shoulder, Riku pushed open the swinging door and stepped back behind the bar. As he made his way over to the stairs that led to Tifa's lodge, he paused and looked over towards the counter. With a shrug he padded over, resting his hands on the countertop so he could look out at the sun.

If there was one good thing about that evil star, it was it's beauty during sunset. Sunrise was nice, but he liked the sunset better—the bringer of night, of adventure, promise of another day. Well, that was an optimist's view, but Riku didn't really care. It was pretty, and beauty needed no meaning.

There were clouds now, blown in sometime during his conversation (if you could call it that…). The sun turning the white, hazy masses amazing shades of gold and yellow and orange, and with the heat shimmering on the horizon, it made it all the more mesmerizing.

"It's beautiful, isn't it Riku?"

Riku's eyes were glazed, but he looked up at his name, and then turned toward the glass. The long white shirt he wore shifted as he stepped closer to the floor-to-ceiling window. He pressed his hands gingerly to the coolness, and looked out at the glowing, fiery horizon.

"It's called a sunset."

Riku closed his eyes. That was the oldest memory he had. A sunset. How fitting…


Riku blinked and turned to Tifa. A smile pulled his lips up. "You have beautiful sunsets here." Was all he said, before turning and descending the stairs, leaving Tifa standing at the swinging door with a puzzled expression.