Sheena scooted left along the bench.

"Zelos..." Her voice held a warning tone.

Zelos followed, closing the gap between them.


He flashed her a blazing smile and leaned closer. Sheena quickly scrambled farther down.

"D..d..don't do that!"

Zelos pursued her again, this time covering her hand with his own.

"Do what?" He practically oozed innocence.

Sheena jerked her hand away as if burned. Zelos grinned again.

"THAT! Don't do that!"

Zelos snaked an arm around her waist.


Sheena pushed herself simultaneously away from the Chosen and off the end of the bench.

"Gah!" She exclaimed, surprised at both Zelos and the laws of gravity.

Zelos caught her easily with a mild tightening of his arm. He leaned forward over her.

Sheena's face flushed.

"" She attempted - slowly, this time - to move away. Zelos held his grip.

"You're welcome, by the way. May I have a reward for saving my ninja-hunny?" He gave her a broad smirk.

Sheena's eyes widened.


"I can? Wonderful!"

Before Sheena could react, he placed a quick kiss on her slightly-parted mouth. He pulled back and flashed her another grin.

Zelos instantly removed his arm and ran like hell.


Written during my lunch break at work. Totally worth going hungry. Next drabble within a week (prolly less).