Loves me not

AU: The ages have been changed, Yamato is 17. He went into the digital world when he was 15, as did the others.

Disclaimer: I don't own digimon or any of the characters.

Chapter one: Unspoken

Out of all the things Yamato regretted about the events of the Digital World, only one truly mattered. The rest he regretted, but he knew they built his character and made him what he was today; made him strong enough to handle his latest dilemma. It wasn't the turning against Taichi or even his overall selfishness. It was that he didn't tell Gabumon his biggest secret.

He and Gabumon had made a pact that they would tell each other everything. Unfortunately their time together was cut short and Yamato had lost the friend that meant the world to him. Yamato didn't want to go back to the way he used to be, where everything was kept barricaded behind bricks walls with reinforced concrete, and each new secret and thought that was pushed behind this barricade added to the dam behind it forcing more and more weight against it. He had changed, it was true. He told his secrets, and when he had a problem he told at least one person; except for this one. This was a secret he needed Gabumon for. It haunted him that he didn't tell Gabumon at the time because after much thought, he had come to the realization that he did know and it certainly helped explain certain events and why he reacted so badly, especially when it came to Taichi. His problem was that he did know, and yet, he refused to admit it and at times still did. That also played a part in his regret.

Yamato turned over in his bed and sighed. It was a hot summer night and the shirt he wore clung to his skin. Sighing again, even more loudly than the first time, he sat up and removed the covers of his bed. Standing, he removed his shirt and the black and grey-stripped pajama pants, leaving only his black boxer briefs. He sat back down on the side of his bed, his hands cradling his head.

"Why," he whispered. "Why him?"

He slammed himself back against the bed and groaned. He looked up at the roof and closed his eyes, his mind's eye holding the picture of him. Yamato sighed again and rolled onto his side, switching the fan beside him onto the highest notch. The cool air covered him and he smiled and yawned.

"Why does it have to be him!" he said again to himself. "Since when do straight guys fall for their male best friend?"

He rolled onto his back again and yawned, brushing his hand through his hair and smiling slightly.

"Tai," he said in a dreamy voice before falling asleep seconds later. His dreams were plagued by none other than Taichi Yagami, the love of his life yet his best and most trusted friend.

The next morning Yamato woke to the screeching of his alarm clock. He slammed his hand against the button and rolled over again, returning to sleep before his alarm went off again. He sat up and yawned, rubbing his eyes and looking at the time.

"Shit! I'm late," he said in a panicky voice. He jumped out of bed and grabbed his school uniform. Rushing through the kitchen he grabbed a piece of toast off of the table, not noticing his brother sitting at the table.

"Why are you in such a hurry," his brother, Takeru, shouted out to him, his own mouth full of half-chewed toast.

"Late!" Yamato shouted back from the shower he had just jumped into with the toast still in his hand.

"No you're not," Takeru said, walking to the bathroom door. "I changed your clock time to go off an hour early so you wouldn't be late for once."

Yamato glared in the direction of his brother and then noticed the soggy bit of toast in his hand and that he still had his underwear on. He sighed.

"You're a bastard, you know that?" he said to his younger brother. Takeru was two years younger than Yamato and they were very similar indeed, except for a few minor details and of course, their age.

They shared the same ice-blue eyes and blond hair. Yamato's was just above shoulder-length and usually had a large amount of gel in it, whereas Takeru's was just shorter than his older brother's and flat without gel because of the hat he constantly wore. They were both slim without being sickly skinny and had nice pale skin that wasn't too pale and they were both averaged height for their ages. Yamato was the taller, which he liked to constantly point out.

"Yeah, but you love me," Takeru replied with a broad smile. "Besides, you don't wanna be late for your first day back."

By that point, Yamato had thrown the soggy toast into the trash and removed his underwear and began his usual morning grooming routine. He stepped under the water of the shower and started rubbing his chocolate-scented body soap onto himself while listening to Takeru talk.

"I know, I know," he said rinsing the soap off and finally wetting his hair, a very delicate process. The right amount of shampoo had to be added and the same with the conditioner and gel; too much or too little could be a disaster. "But I haven't been sleeping well."

Takeru sighed. "You haven't slept well since we left the Digi-world two years ago."

"I know," he replied, gently rubbing in the product made so that his hair would remain soft and shiny.

"Is it Gabumon, or… something else?"

"Something else, meaning?" Yamato asked hearing the pause in what his brother was saying. He turned the water off and grabbed a towel, drying himself before wrapping the towel around his waist and fetching a different towel that he used specifically to dry his hair. He dried it and stepped out of the shower and into the bathroom area where Takeru stood.

"Nothing… just," Takeru said carefully, trying not to set his brother off.


"You've been a bit weird when it comes to Taichi lately," Takeru finished.

Yamato froze. "Weird?"




"Takeru, spit it out," Yamato replied, becoming annoyed at his brother.

"You say his name in your sleep… you stare at him when you think know one is looking," Takeru said with his face filled with caution. He was well-aware he had just entered dangerous territory. "You're not still angry with him about what happen in the Digi-world with all your fighting?"

Yamato was red-faced and frozen: he knew he was busted and he knew he would have to tell Takeru everything, but when his younger brother finished his sentence, an air of relief came settling in.

"T.K," he said using his brother's nickname. "It's nothing to be concerned about, I am a little upset with Taichi but it's all cool...don't worry yourself."

"I hope so," T.K responded. "You sure?"

"Completely," Yamato said flashing him a smile to help convince T.K.

Luckily, it worked and Takeru smiled before leaving the room and grabbing his bag.

"Well, I'm off, see you after school," he said and waved a hand in goodbye before leaving the apartment.

Yamato sighed as his brother left, he moving to put his uniform on. The uniform consisted of a green jacket, grey pants, a white shirt, a tie, and formal black shoes. He checked his hair again before he did a quick clean of the kitchen and headed out the door, grabbing his bag and watch on his way out.

He walked down the street, lost in thought.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked himself. "If Takeru noticed then someone else must have to! What do I do then? They won't be as easy to trick as Takeru was. I'm screwed, he can't find out..."

It was about then that Yamato's train of thought was disrupted by someone calling his name. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled as he saw Mimi running towards him. He stopped and waited for her to catch up. When she did they had to wait for her to catch her breath; apparently she'd been calling out his name and chasing him for about five minutes, but then again Mimi was known for her exaggerations.

"You must have been thinking pretty deep," she said. "To not hear me… everyone hears me."

Yamato laughed at her comment. It was true. Everyone heard Mimi; even if you didn't want to hear Mimi and you were trying to block her out, you still heard Mimi.

"Sorry Meems," he apologized. "You know, first day back and all."

Mimi nodded in understanding. "Oh I know," she said, still nodding. "I missed out on so much gossip… I've been on holidays over the summer like always… I hope the fashions haven't changed… Oh my God Matt, what if they have!"

He laughed again as Mimi began to panic. "Oh come on Meems," he said, grinning despite himself. "It can't have changed that much in your absence. Besides, you dyed your hair pink… since when has dyed hair been 'the fashion'?"

Mimi looked at him and smiled back. "It hasn't been," she replied. "I felt like a change… besides pink is my color."

Yamato laughed again. Mimi always made him laugh; she always had a bubbly attitude to everything and was always willing to help,

"Maybe I can talk to her about the Taichi thing," he thought. "Might be better if I didn't though… I don't even know if it's real…"

"So what did you do over the summer, Matt?" Mimi asked using his nickname and twirling a strand of pink hair around her fingers. Her hair was just below shoulder length and was dyed two different shades of pink. Her eyes were hazel-colored and her smile was just that, a smile. She wore the female version of the school uniform. A green skirt replaced the grey pants and instead of a jacket she wore a jumper with a dark green ribbon hung around her neck, near her collar. Her shirt was also white.

"Nothing much," Yamato said to her. "Went out every now and then and wrote a song or two."

"Awesome, do I get to hear them?" she asked with a smile as they turned the corner of the street their school was on. Yamato's heart began to beat faster as he knew what was coming.

"Sure," he said, trying to hide how nervous he was. "I'll tell you when we get inside."

Mimi looked at her watch. "If we have time," she said dully. "Bell's about to go."

"We have double English together," Yamato replied. "I can show you then."

"Oh right," Mimi replied a thoughtful look on her face. "I really should learn my timetable again… I think I forgot it."

Yamato grinned again. "You can't forget what you never knew, Meems."

"Point," Mimi replied, smiling back. They stopped at the entrance to the school and with a big smile Mimi pushed open the door. Yamato could hear his heart in his ears, he was so nervous. Mimi must have noticed that something was bothering him,

"Relax," she said, still smiling. "It's only school!"

She walked off into the building and greeted someone from the cheerleading squad.

"Yeah," he responded after she was out of hearing range. "Only school."

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