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Chapter Three: Slaying the Dreamer.

The week went by quickly and before Yamato knew it, it was Friday afternoon. He had gotten an A for his song in English so he could slack off for the rest of the year, although his teacher did warn him if he did he would loose the A.

Yamato walked through the front doors of the building. The first week of school was over and now it was just time to relax. He had silence and sleep to look forward to, his parents where away and Takeru would probably be off with his own friends. So if everything went Yamato's way then the house would be all his.

"'Hey! Yama wait!" Taichi's voice shouted behind him.

Yamato turned,

"What?" he said as Taichi caught up with him.

"Forget something?" Taichi asked.



Yamato thought for a second before it struck him.

"Crap… Tai I totally forgot!" he said apologetically

Taichi frowned,

"You can't be serious." he said obviously not impressed.

"Sorry, but it's cool either way." Yamato said to Taichi with a smile. "My parents are out of town, so its cool you can still stay the weekend."

"Good." Taichi responded, "Now to your house we go."

They walked down the steps of the school saying their goodbyes to the people they knew and laughing.

"See you at the party Tai." said a girl in passing to Taichi, winking at him.

Yamato's stomached turned, and he glared at her as jealousy twisted and turned within him until something else made him think.

"What party Tai?" he asked when they where well away from the school.

"No, party Yama, I dunno what she was on about," he said uneasily.



"Taichi." Yamato turned to face his friend, his eyes fixed on him, to angrily to notice anything else.

"Alright, alright." Taichi said with a sigh, giving in. "It's a party… at your house Yama…"

"YOU INVITED PEOPLE OVER TO MY HOUSE?" Yamato shouted at Taichi, infuriated, "WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!"

"I'm sorry, Yama." Taichi said looking at the ground, "but…"

"BUT! BUT WHAT?" Yamato responded, "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!"

"It is for you…"Taichi tried to say before Yamato cut him off.


"HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!" Taichi began to shout.

"WH…" Yamato began.


"Oh…" Yamato replied looking at the ground, "Sorry…"

"Yeah… sorry," Taichi mimicked.

The pair walked in silence until they reached Yamato's apartment. They stopped at the front door as Yamato unlocked it.

"Tai…"Yamato started.

"I know," Taichi replied, "but it was meant to be a surprise."

"I understand." Yamato said looking up at Taichi, smiling. Their eyes met for a brief moment before Takeru pulled open the door.

"Hey guys!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"Hey," Yamato replied quietly. He walked past Takeru and headed straight to the bathroom, throwing his bag in his room along the way. He slammed the bathroom door shut. Takeru and Taichi walked to the door to hear the shower running,

"What's with him?" Takeru asked.

"Plans have changed." Taichi replied.

"You told him!"

"Had to, some chick at school blew it." Taichi said in his defensive.

"So, we don't need to go through the trouble of keeping him occupied?" Takeru asked.


"Good." stated Takeru, "Now we can have more fun tonight!"

Yamato walked down the corridor, towel tied loosely around his naked hips. He walked to his bedroom quietly, not wanting his brother and Best friend to notice him. He paused out at the side of Takeru's door, which he had to pass in order to get to his own. It also happened to be where the two he wanted to avoid sat currently deep in conversation.

"…A…and sometimes I just wanna shout: 'I Love you somuch'!" he heard Taichi say.

Yamato froze, the blood rushing from his face; his heart beat faster and he felt as if it was going burst.

"Taichi… and Takeru," the thought flashed through his mind, "Taichi… loves Takeru… not me… but Takeru…"

Yamato began to breathe heavily and tears built up in his eyes. Without thinking he stepped forward and ran past Takeru's door, ignoring the shouts that followed him he slammed his door shut.

Back in Takeru's room, the two boys sat staring at each other, both confused. Tears spilled down the face of one of the boys and the other moved over to comfort him,

"It'll be alright," he said, "it'll work out."

Yamato sat on his bed, a pillow pressed against his chest as he sat in the fetal position. His eyes were puffy and red. He stared at the wall in front of him.

'I knew I wouldn't get him… I thought he was straight… but he's gay and loves Takeru… why not me?' he thought over and over again, 'Why not me, aren't I good enough…? I just wish someone would show me the time of day, all I wanted was him, nothing else. What is to much to ask?'

He remained that way for awhile. He had somehow managed to dress himself in the time since he over heard Taichi speaking to Takeru, although he didn't remember it. Everything before this moment had seemed like a blur and only now had time returned too normal. He wore tight but not overly tight jeans and a plain black shirt.

He sighed to himself and slowly went to stand, he noticed that music was playing and he looked around to see that it was nearly 7o'clock. The party had begun nearly an hour ago and he hadn't made an appearance yet. Wiping his face he opened his bedroom door and headed to the now crowded lounge room.

He nodded and smiled at those who greeted him, putting on his social mask to make it all seem all right. He made a point to avoid T.K and Taichi. Every time he saw Takeru he moved in the other direction, he knew Takeru had seen him and would make a point of talking to him. He walked through the lounge room and found Taichi on the couch talking to some girl, a bottle of vodka in his hand. He turned quickly to find himself face to face with Mimi.

"Dance?" she asked chirpily and placed her arms around his neck, suiting the style of the song. Yamato sighed and reluctantly placed his arms around her waist.

"What's happened?" She asked him casually, but in a tone that suggested he tell her or he would never be free.

"Nothing." He responded trying to sound casual yet just missing the required tone.

"Oh, really?" She said to him, "You've been in your room all afternoon and Taichi is half pissed… you know he only drinks when he's upset!"

Yamato sighed, he knew it was now or never. He looked into her eyes and moved towards her slowly, placing his mouth next to her ear.

"I have a crush on Taichi." he whispered, his face going red and his eyes becoming watery as Taichi's voice sounded in his mind,

'I love you Takeru.'

"Oh," Mimi whispered back and pushed Yamato back to look at his face. She appeared to doubt Yamato at first, her eyebrow raised as she looked at him.

A tear fell from Yamato's eye and slowly slid down his face.

Mimi's faced twisted with concern. She removed her hands from his neck and grabbed Yamato's hand and led him to the front door. They walked out into the night, it was warm outside. Mimi walked him along the balcony and down the flight of stairs that lead to the bottom of the apartment block. When they reached the bottom they headed towards the play equipment.

Mimi sat on the swing and motioned for him to sit on the one next to her, swinging slightly she turned to him,

"Tell me everything." She said.

Yamato sighed and looked at her before sighing again.

"At first I didn't know it but looking back over what happened in the digital world I see it now, my actions weren't out of jealousy of Taichi getting more respect from Takeru then me, it was because I wanted Taichi," he replied looking away from her, "a lot…"

Yamato breathed deeply, his eyes becoming watery again,

"When I realised it, I couldn't get him out of my mind. It was always Taichi, twenty-four, seven. It was driving me insane," he said. " I tried to avoid him, but he was always there. It was only recently I had come to accept that he wasn't gay and it would never happen, and it gave me some comfort that I was the closest male to being in a relationship with him, that was until I found out about him and Takeru…"

"Wait," Mimi said cutting in, "Taichi and Takeru?"

Yamato looked at her and nodded.

"When I got out of the shower this afternoon," Yamato started. "I over heard them talking…"

Yamato paused, he gulped as he held back tears,

"I heard Taichi say he loved Takeru," he finished, he looked away from Mimi, "it was like my heart broke in two… It hurt so much… All I could think about was 'why not me? What is so good about Takeru?' I bolted as soon as I heard and I guess they called after me… Oh god…"

Yamato froze and put his hands on his head, he shook it.

"Yamato stop…What happened?" She asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Th…they must have thought I over heard them and didn't accept them," he said shaking his head, "Oh god Mimi, what do I do?"

Mimi rubbed her hand over his back gently, comforting him,

"Don't worry," she said, "it was a shock for you, even if they don't know the real reason they will understand… but Matt, do you really accept them?"

Yamato looked at Mimi again; he smiled at her.

"Of course," He said, "Takeru is my brother and Taichi my best friend, if they are happy then I will be, I'll get over it sooner or later."

Mimi smiled at him,

"Good," she said and stood, "Oh and Matt, one more thing."

"Yeah," he said standing with her.

Mimi raised her hand and slapped him on the head gently,

"Please don't keep secrets from me again." She said to him before walking off.

Yamato smiled and watched her walk back up to his apartment. He stood for several moments looking at his surroundings. He knew It would be hard getting over Taichi, but he knew that Taichi was happy and so was Takeru and that's what mattered the most.

Nearly an hour later Yamato walked back into his apartment. People danced to the music as the alcohol they drank began to relax them. He knew that he would have to face Takeru or Taichi sooner or later so he decided he would find them himself. He walked to the lounge room where he last saw Taichi and found he had moved.

Walking into the room he found Sora; she greeted him with a kiss on the check.

"Where's Tai?" he shouted to her over the music.

"Somewhere near the kitchen last I saw." She shouted back and went back to dancing.

Yamato smiled and continued on to his kitchen. He found Taichi sitting on the kitchen table talking with Izzy. He walked up to them and smiling, he greeted Izzy.

"Taichi..." He said, looking at him, his brown eyes bringing the pain he felt earlier back.

Taichi looked up at him frowning,

"Can we talk?" Yamato went on.

Taichi nodded, and smiled at Izzy briefly before walking off with Yamato.

They walked down the hallway, nodding and smiling at people as they went past. They walked into Yamato's room for some quiet.

Yamato closed the door behind him and headed towards his bed.

"Well?" Taichi said impatiently, as Yamato closed the door.

"Well… I just wanted to say," Yamato began turning to face Taichi, before he was cut off by Taichi's lips pressing against his.

Yamato froze as he felt Taichi's lips press against his own, his tongue slowly entering his open mouth. He moaned aloud as Taichi's cool hands began to explore the flesh beneath his shirt and he found himself responding to Taichi's kiss.

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