Kagome Higurashi was in pain.

She wasn't in the "Ow, I think I've broken my finger" pain, but in the type of pain where it felt like someone had reached into her chest and ripped her heart out. She laughed bitterly and thought she should ask Inuyasha how painful that really was. After all, Sesshomaru had practically done that to him once.

Those thoughts made her sob and clutch the red haori tighter to her body as she tried to hold in the scream that was welling up in her throat. Unfortunately she was unable to choke it down and minutes later her friends came crashing through the trees.

"Kagome, what happened!" Sango cried, grabbing her friend by the shoulders.

Kagome shook her head and sobbed into the fire rat. How could she explain everything to them when she didn't really know what happened herself? How could she tell them that right now she was desperately clinging to the memories of the recent past as desperately as she clutched Inuyasha's haori?

A sharp pain shot through her belly and with a choked sob she fell into blessed darkness.

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