A/N: Hi! This is my first time writing a fanfic for RENT so constructive criticism is welcome! Okay… to set this up a little bit… well it's a little complicated. If you watch the movie you might notice in La Vie Boehm there's a blonde woman wearing a cream shirt with blue pants. In my mind (which isn't always the most trustworthy thing) she was totally checking out Mark during the song. Now I always thought that Mark needed a girl so I began to hatch a plot. For now this is only a one shot but if you people think that this might go anywhere please tell me and I might continue it. This takes place right after the final La Vie Boehm part where the movie just fades out… hehe…

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Mark ducked as an overly enthusiastic (and much too drunk in Mark's opinion) waved his arms around wildly, nearly knocking Mark's glasses over.

"I didn't expect that this would happen," Mark muttered softly so no one actually heard him and he fought his way over to his table. Mark is what you could call… a bit of a nerdy looking guy. He was scrawny, pale, had glasses that Mark constantly had to adjust, and hid behind his camera. Not to mention the interesting scarf that he always wore no matter what. Roger still teases him about the time that Mark had even worn the scarf during an unusually hot summer day. Mark saw his best friend and Mimi talking animatedly and flirting heavily and he smiled. He was happy that Roger had finally let go a little and opened up to Mimi. She was a nice girl, perfect for Roger.

"Hey Marky!" Maureen called over the shouts and drunken renditions of La Vie Boehm. "Come on over here and sit your skinny butt down!" she giggled and Joanne grabbed the still half full beer bottle from her girlfriend's hands. "Pookie… I wasn't quite finished with that!" Mark heard Maureen whine and he smiled. Same old Maureen. Mark took a seat next to Roger and tried to ignore the giggles and frequent kisses coming from his direction.

"So what do we do now?" Collins asked and watched the other Bohemians for an answer. Roger was more than willing to answer as he saw a waiter making his way nervously towards their table.

"Maybe you forgot that we actually ordered food and are able to pay for it my friend," he laughed. "I don't know about you but I haven't had a decent meal for a long time and I'm not gonna pass this up!" he shouted and slapped his palms on the table to emphasize his point.

"Hear, hear!" Mark declared and raised his fist in the air. Angel laughed and nodded in agreement.

"I for one would not want to see my money wasted," she said jokingly and glared over at Collins for even thinking about leaving already. Collins waved his hands up in defense as though to shield himself from Angel's wrath.

"You two are too cute!" Maureen giggled over the beer bottle that she had somehow recovered from Joanne. Joanne pretended not to notice that her girlfriend was finishing off her fifth bottle of beer and talked to the young man next to her.

"Yeah and you're just a little ball of fuzz when you're drunk Maureen!" Roger shouted and Maureen giggled, unaware that he had just insulted her. "Look at her giggle!" Roger laughed, reaching across the table to pinch one of her cheeks. It was at that moment that Roger noticed a cute blonde staring and Mark and blushing. He looked over at his friend who seemed oblivious to the girl sitting across from him.

"Excuse me Roger… but you still have a freaking death grip on my face!" Maureen protested and Roger immediately jumped away. Mimi smirked and pulled Roger back into his seat.

"Sorry about that… little Roger sometimes needs help functioning," Mimi said sarcastically to Maureen and pet Roger's hair mockingly.

"Har, har…" Roger droned while rolling his eyes at his new girlfriend. Suddenly a thought came to him and he turned to Mark. "Hey Mark… what do you say to taking that seat next to the blonde chick over there… that way Mimi and I don't have to whack Collins each time we're all over each other!" Mimi smacked her boyfriend on the shoulder but he sent her a meaningful look to try and explain.

"Please Mark… move! I don't think I can stand having my hat being knocked off again!" Collins cried and Mark laughed.

"Sure… I suppose if it will spare Collins being mentally and emotionally scarred for the rest of his life I can move over for you two," Mark grinned and got up so Roger could take his seat. The blonde girl flushed dark pink when she saw that Mark was coming her way and nervously flattened her hair.

"Okay, I've got the food," the waiter gasped as he finally made it to their table, sending them rather dark looks. He quickly handed out the appropriate foods and left as soon as possible so that he could get to the other tables too.

"Well he's wound up a bit tight!" the blonde woman laughed and began to eat her food… it looked like spaghetti to Mark but he didn't really pay attention.

"I'll say," Mark agreed and smiled in her direction. She flushed even darker and hid her face behind a blonde sheet of hair. "So… I don't think I've met you before miss… what's your name?" Mark asked in a stab at conversation. The woman smiled at him and Mark noticed it was a very nice smile. Very warm and inviting and it made him drop his normal guard around women.

"Oh… I live down on Avenue C… I'm here living with my sister. My name's Rebecca but everyone just usually calls me Becca," she explained meekly and Mark smiled at her.

"Well that's cool… Alphabet City isn't exactly the best place to live all the time but it's enough," Mark responded and Rebecca laughed a bit. "So what brings you to live with your sister Rebecca?" Mark asked again. For some reason he wanted to keep the conversation going with this woman. "Oh I'm Mark," he added before Rebecca could reply.

"Well Mark… I'm here trying to get out of a bad relationship. My sister was the only one who was able to take me so here I am," she sad with a sort of sad smile.

"Ah," Mark said, nodding his head. "Bad relationships… I've had my fair share of those. Probably not the kind you've been putting up with but I just recently had a weird one. My last girlfriend broke up with me to be with a lawyer named Joanne," he explained in an attempt to bring her brilliant smile back again.

"Joanne?" she asked and snorted a bit into her spaghetti. "How does it feel to have drove your girlfriend to be gay?" she laughed and Mark smiled back. The jokes were easier to take now that he had let go of Maureen.

"Telling her our story pookie?" Maureen called over and Rebecca looked horrified. Blush slowly crept back into her cheeks until her face looked like it was on fire.

"Oh that's your old girlfriend?" she asked embarrassedly. When Mark nodded she flushed even deeper. "I take it the woman next to her is Joanne?" she asked again quietly and Mark laughed at the flush in her cheeks.

"Don't worry about it… Maureen doesn't care and Joanne thinks it's rather funny," Mark said reassuringly and Rebecca smiled back at him.

"As long as I didn't offend anyone…" she trailed off and Mark waved it away.

"Don't worry about it… honestly!" Mark assured her and her blushing lessened. Meanwhile, Roger was having quite a field day.


"Oh… so that's why you made him move!" Mimi whispered and glanced over at Mark and Rebecca. Roger nodded proudly and ran a hand through his hair.

"I never knew I was such a matchmaker!" he laughed and snuck another glance at his friend's direction. Mark was laughing and seemed to be having an animated conversation with Rebecca.

"Well I'm glad that you are Mr. Davis…" Mimi said proudly and looked up at Roger. "He looks so pale and lonely all the time… he needs someone that will make him happy," she said distantly and looked back over at the pair.

"Well actually the pale part comes from him being partially albino," Roger said with a straight face. Mimi whacked his arm hard, leaving him whimpering a little. "That hurt Mimi…" he pouted and rubbed his shoulder painfully. She rolled her eyes at him but a smile played at her lips.

"You deserve it after insulting your best friend," she scolded. Roger frowned at her curiously.

"You know… I'm almost jealous at how much you care about Mark," he said with a real jealous hint in his voice. Mimi laughed at him and gave him a quick kiss.

"Oh stop it… we've only been together for about ten minutes and you're already a jealous guard dog," she teased and Roger grinned at her.


"So what do you do for a living?" Rebecca asked while taking a sip of wine from her cup. Mark fidgeted a little bit but told her the truth. He figured there was no point in lying because he probably wouldn't see her again after this.

"Well I'm working on a documentary at the moment… I don't really have any professional job though," he mumbled and Rebecca looked at him worriedly.

"How do you eat?" she asked in genuine concern. "My sister barely manages to bring dinner home with her steady job!" Mark grinned a little in a carefree sort of way.

"Oh you know… we get money here and there… we pretty much live off of stale Capn' Crunch," he said but when her frown didn't go away he tried a different tactic. "Listen, we don't starve. You really don't have to worry about me. I'm practically a stranger," he reassured and she smiled a bit.

"You're right… I'm sure you get by fine," she said with a smile. Now Mark decided to ask her a personal question.

"So… what do you plan on doing?" At the confused look on her face he quickly gave her something to work with. "Do you plan on getting your own apartment? Or do you want to move to a different city when you gather your feet again?" he encouraged and a look of realization came across her face.

"Oh… well I hope to try and find a good job and then I'll probably move out of my sister's place. She insists that I can stay with her but I could never do that," she explained. "As for staying in Alphabet City or not… I might. I mean, it's an interesting place to live and I don't really want to go back to the way I'm used to living." Mark looked at her as though prodding her for more information and she willingly gave it. She figured, like Mark did, that she wouldn't ever see this guy again so she might as well tell the truth. "You know… perfect little house with servants and plenty of money to go around. Arrogant jerks that you're expected to marry and live in a stuffy little house with him and have arrogant little children," she explained bitterly. Mark nodded in agreement.

"I'm totally with you on that one… I grew up in Scarsdale and I would never go back there again. It's too…" Mark thought for a moment for the perfect word to describe it, "Perfect. It's just too nice and organized. I can't live that way." Rebecca nodded and took another swig of wine.

"You're the only one besides my sister who really gets that. Everyone else just looks at me like I'm crazy to want to give that up," she said sourly and Mark grinned.

"Talk to any Bohemian in this city and they'll thank you profusely for getting rid of that lifestyle," he laughed and Rebecca laughed with him. Both felt as though the finally met someone that really understood what they were about.


"Come on Mark… we better be heading home," Roger called about an hour later and Mark suddenly remembered that everyone else was there with them.

"Right, let's go," he replied and turned back to Rebecca. "Well it's been great meeting and talking with you," he said fondly and she smiled back at him.

"You're a great guy Mark… I really enjoyed talking to you," she responded. Something in her blue eyes told Mark that he shouldn't leave. He shook the feeling off though and got out of his chair. About a few feet away from the restaurant though Mark had a sudden moment of boldness. This didn't happen that often for Mark but when it did he meant business.

"Hey… I think I left something back at The Life. I'll catch up with you guys," Mark explained and dashed off before either could respond. Mark ran back to the entrance of The Life and took a moment to catch his breath.

"You would think all these years of bike riding would make me fit," Mark thought to himself bitterly. Once he stopped panting a few moments later he reached to pull open the door only to have it being pushed into him. The impact knocked him to the ground and for a brief moment he was stunned.

"Oh my god… are you okay Mark?" a concerned voice asked and Mark picked up his glasses to see who it was. Once his sight adjusted back to normal he saw none other than Rebecca kneeling by him looking scared out of her mind.

"Oh I'm fine… I've had worse," Mark laughed and then realized why he dashed back to the Life in the first place. "Well it's a good thing I ran into you… I was just on my way back to give you something," Mark explained. Rebecca looked a little hopeful but tried to hide it.

"And what was that?" she asked curiously and her breath involuntarily quickened. Mark grinned at her and handed her a piece of paper.

"My phone number… I was wondering if you would like to meet here some time," he said as casually as he could but couldn't contain the wide grin spreading across his face. Rebecca choked back a squeal and instead nodded quickly.

"Yeah… yeah that would be great!" she cried happily and quickly took the piece of paper Mark offered her.

"Well I better catch up with my roommate… give me a call if you're available tomorrow!" he said as he picked himself up off the ground. "I'm always at home so anytime is fine," he explained quickly. Rebecca nodded and thanked him profusely. Mark jogged off to find Roger with a huge grin across his face. Rebecca however stayed rooted to the spot and stared after Mark, the adorable, goofy, scrawny, dorky, loveable young man that she had already fallen in love with.

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