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"How'd the Buzzline interview go?" Roger asked as soon as Mark was back in the door, his scarf all undone and his hair wild from the wind. The rocker instantly noticed though that something was horribly wrong and instantly crossed the distance between them. "Mark?" he asked nervously, hoping that Mark hadn't been rejected.

"Interview was fine," Mark replied in a dead tone. Roger could feel the confusion and the hurt radiating from his best friend and frowned.

"Then what's wrong?" he asked, prodding his friend for information. Mark blinked at Roger before heaving a heavy sigh.

"Maureen proposed to Joanne," Mark blurted. His eyes were closed painfully and Roger could practically hear the way Mark's heart thudded in his chest. "She said yes," he whispered.

"Oh man…" Roger said, letting out a whistle. "Are you okay with it?" Mark shook his head wearily and glared up at Roger.

"Does it look like I'm alright with it?" he snapped and shrugged Roger's hand off of his shoulder. Roger squared his jaw, not really liking the tone that Mark was taking with him.

"I thought you were over her!" Roger fired back with a hard look. Mark tried to stare down his friend but ended up sagging in defeat.

"I don't know anymore," he whimpered before leaning against a wall in defeat. "I thought I was… I really did!" Mark protested while cradling his camera protectively. Roger sighed and pressed himself up against the same wall next to Mark.

"Then why do you look like Angel just dropped your puppy out a 24 story building?" Roger asked, attempting some humor. Mark didn't even smile.

"I don't know Roger… I don't know why I'm so upset about Maureen when I'm dating Rebecca!" Mark and Rebecca had been on a couple more dates since the first and were starting to get more serious with each other. The two stood in silence a while as they both sifted through their thoughts.

"You can love another while still trying to let go of the past," Roger whispered. Mark looked over at him and smiled sadly.

"I guess we're both living proof of that," Mark agreed and allowed his head to bang painfully on the wall. Roger also smiled and gave Mark a light shove.

"Rebecca called for you like twenty times today, man! She wants to know how the interview went!" Roger exclaimed, eager to change the subject and brighten Mark's mood. The thought that Rebecca called for him did seem to brighten Mark's mood for he dashed straight to the phone.

"Hello, Rachel? It's Mark… yeah, haha. Is Rebecca there? Okay, thanks!"


Two nights later, the entire group was smashed painfully in Joanne's apartment. Technically, it was both Joanne's and Maureen's but Joanne was usually the one to pay the rent.

They were all together to hear the news straight from the lovers' mouths.

"I'm sure most of you have already heard because someone can't keep their mouth shut," Maureen began, throwing a dirty look at Mark. Mark tried to act casual about it and hugged Rebecca a little closer to him. Rebecca smiled down at him and gave his hand a squeeze affectionately.

"Okay, Maureen… that's enough," Joanne scolded lightly. "Anyway, we both would like to announce that we'll be having a commitment ceremony later on this year to celebrate our… well, commitment," she explained with a wide smile. Everyone could tell that she was ecstatic that Maureen had taken their relationship so seriously.

The group let out catcalls and cries of encouragement, beaming in happiness for their friends. Almost instantly Angel was up at the front to embrace both women… with Collins attached to her hip of course.

"Congratulations!" Angel squealed as she embraced Joanne and then moved on to Maureen. Collins was next to envelop Joanne in his famous bear hug but he leaned in to whisper something to her.

"You keep an eye on her," he said meaningfully in her ear and gave Joanne a look as he pulled away. Joanne smiled confidently and nodded.

"Don't you worry about it," she replied and Collins smiled to see her look so happy. He then rounded on Maureen so that Mimi could have Joanne for a while.

Soon, all the congratulations were finished and the group seated themselves once more, grinning and laughing. They all could hardly believe how well things had been going lately… it was like something from a dream. Ever since Christmas…

"Let's pour another round!" Roger declared. Collins was way ahead of them though and came out of the small kitchen with a bottle of champagne ready.

"Champagne?" he asked in a suave voice and began to pour some in paper cups. Mimi grinned sly and cocked an eyebrow mischievously.

"Well would you look at that… we're pulling out the fancy shit!" she cackled but accepted a cup anyway. Roger tipped his own cup against hers before taking a great big swig from it.

"To Joanne and Maureen!" Angel hollered and everyone quickly seconded the toast, drinking even more eagerly to it. Joanne smiled appreciatively at her friends while Maureen giggled insanely and leaned against her new life partner, an arm draped around her waist.

"We couldn't be happier!" the drama queen announced and gave Joanne a quick kiss on the lips, grinning insanely.

Mark faltered for a moment before cheering with the rest. It still stung… there was nothing he could do about that. Rebecca seemed to notice and tried her best to act like she didn't, doubling her applause and winking a heavily lined eye at Joanne.

Back in the front, Joanne's mocha skin was faintly pink from the public display of affection but beamed all the same. What Maureen said was true… she simply couldn't be happier.

"Do you have a date picked?" Roger asked while motioning for Collins (the official beer dispenser) to pour him another cup.

"We were hoping for next month actually," Joanne explained only to be hailed by more rowdy displays of affection from her friends.

"That's so great," Mimi sighed and squeezed Roger's hand lovingly. Roger smiled down at her warily and turned his attention back to the front.

"We'll all be sure to be there…" Mark promised and sent meaningful looks at the rest. "Won't we?" Everyone agreed wholeheartedly and yet again clinked cups together. Rebecca seemed cheered by Mark's sudden good mood and allowed him to pull her closer to his body. So delighted was she by this she leaned in further and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, savoring the feeling. Mark was just a little confused about the sudden affection but took it all the same, loving it just as much as Rebecca.

Boy he loved requited love.

"Do we have to get you guys gifts?" Mimi wondered while she pulled away from Roger to take another chug of beer. Joanne and Maureen exchanged a bewildered look.

"Umm… I have no idea," Joanne answered truthfully.

"You could if you wanted to though," Maureen interjected, inserting a hint in her words. Joanne rolled her eyes but didn't retract Maureen's statement. She was too high off the beer and the euphoric feeling of Maureen finally coming around.

"We have something else to celebrate too," Roger broke in, surprising those. "Not to cut into Maureen and Joanne's time but Mark got the job at Buzzline!" he announced, looking pointedly at Mark. The filmmaker heard his name shouted and was forced to break off Rebecca's kiss (albeit, rather sadly) and try to figure out what was just said about him. It didn't take long to find out.

"That's great Mark!" Mimi approved, beaming at him. "I know you hate that job but now we can stick it to Benny the Bastard the old fashioned way!" Mark grinned feebly and shrugged.

"It was mostly thanks to Joanne," he acknowledged, nodding towards the happy newly engaged woman. Joanne shrugged.

"I think you would have gotten the job with or without me. Alexi was completely in love with your footage," Joanne explained but smiled under the praise anyhow.

"Here's to a New Year," Collins started with his cup raised. "A year filled with new opportunity and love." And again the bohemian friends toasted to Collins's speech and downed their cups filled with amber liquid.

Nothing could stifle their hope.

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