Note: I do not own WILL SMITH, or his song, The Fresh Prince. I am only using it as a backbone for this song I wrote.

Well this is the story

All about how

The Third Elder Scroll story goes down

So I'd like to take a minute

And just fill you in

I'll tell ya how I became the hero of Morrowind

Somewhere in Tamriel, born and raised

In the prison is where I spent most of my days

Chillin' cold, uncomfortable, wet, dark cell

Eatin' bread and water, doin' time for Tamriel;

When the Dagoth guys, they were gonna rebel

Started causing trouble up in Vvardenfell

I was minding my own business, when Septim called me in

And said "You've been released, and you'regoing to Morrowind"

We traveled to the ship, and when it sailed near

They tossed me and Jiub in a room in the rear

If anything, I didn't know what this might have been

But I heard the captain say "On to Morrowind!"

We got up to the docks about two or three

And the guard said "You get off here, come with me"

Looked at the island, I was in Seyda Neen

To help out the Ashlanders as their Nerevarine.