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Our day out

"So, I've got a few months 'til I'm back in this dump, eh,"

" That's the deal,"

Nyoko turned her green eyes toward the ceiling and twitched her mouth to the side. The look on her face told me she was contemplating on whether or not she should take up this offer.

It couldn't have been more than a few seconds under a minute before I started to get impatient. I honestly couldn't see what was taking Nyoko so long to make a decision. She should be jumping with joy considering the fact that she's been given the chance to get her freedom.

I opened my mouth to lecture her on about how this is not even a once in a life time chance she was getting, but, at the last minute, she saved herself the longest three minutes of her life.

"I can work with that,"

" So Sakura whatcha been up to?" Nyoko asked, inhaling another dango.

Part of me wanted to say 'none of your business' because Nyoko was not my favorite person right now, but then the part of me that missed my big cousin started to peak.

"Nothing much," I said taking a bite of my dango. I made a compromise with myself, I wasn't rude and told her to mind her own business, but she didn't get a life story either.

"Got a boyfriend?"

I almost choked on my dango. Not because of the question, but because an image of Naruto popped into my head. I don't know what this little obsession that I'm having over Naruto is, hopefully (and I really mean, hopefully) it's a phase.

Unfortunately, Nyoko noticed me gag, and decided to taunt me

" Ooh! Sakura's got a boyfriend!" she teased in a childish manner.

" I do not!" I yelled defensively.

" That blush on your face tells me other wise," she said twirling her finger in my face.

I turned my head towards the ground, " I don't have a boyfriend," I said a little more timid than I should have.

Nyoko took her finger out of my face. Confident that my blush had left, I lifted my head.

"It's all right that you don't have a boyfriend Sakura-chan," she said a little too sincerely.

"But I gotta know," she ate the last of her dango and threw down the stick, "are you still a virgin?"

For the second time, in less than ten minutes, Nyoko had caused me to choke on my dango.


Nyoko covered her ears, and winced, " Gee no wonder you don't have a boyfriend you're really loud,"

I crossed my arms; " Maybe you're just nosy" I puffed.

A few moments passed, and I had claimed down. Though I was still irritated at her question (my virginity is none of her concern). I could never really stay mad at Nyoko and vice versa.

" Hey Sakura whatcha wanna do now?" Nyoko asked with a bright smile. It's hard to imagine that someone with such a big smile could ever be a cold-hearted murderer.

" I want you to tell me about my bloodline," I told her. The questions she asked weren't to catch up on old times, they were to avoid the real reason I begged for her to be let out. My bloodline.

Her brilliant smile quickly faded, and the brightness in her eyes disappeared.

" I can't tell you about that Sakura. At least not now anyway," she said monotonous.

That made me furious. I got her out now she needs to hold up her end of the deal.

"But you said that if I got you out of confinement you would tell me-"

" I know what I said!" she sneered. I jumped a little, but not enough for her to notice. Nyoko had only been upset at me once. It was when I lost the necklace our grandmother gave her, but she had forgiven me right before she found it. But I had forgotten that under Nyoko's carefree exterior, she did have a bit of a temper. But I'm older now, a full fledged ninja, and not to mention I'm wasn't really that happy with Nyoko to begin with, so she doesn't scare me like she used to.

"Look Nyoko," I hissed, " you said that you would tell me about my bloodline if I made it so you could see the light of day again. I got you out, now it's time for you to hold up the end of your deal,"

People began to stare at us as they walked by, but I didn't care, and neither did Nyoko. I wanted to know about my bloodline damn it. I finally have a chance to really be apart of Team 7, and Nyoko's gonna tell me about my bloodline, whether she wants to or not.

Nyoko gave a frustrated sigh. This is it, I had won and now she's going to tell me about my bloodline.

" I'm sorry Sakura I just can't tell you about our bloodline now, there's some things I have to do first," then again Nyoko is a stubborn little witch.

"But I can give you a little family history"

It was sunset and Nyoko and I sat, cross-legged, upon my rooftop. It was a little cold, but we both agreed that any cold weather was better than a repeat of last night.

" So what are you going to tell me about our family?" I asked.

" Well," she said leaning back on her hands, " I suppose you want to know why your father and I don't exactly have a bond of friendship, right?" I nodded, that and about my bloodline.

"Well, Once upon a time in a far away land-"

"Nyoko cut the fairytale crap, I'm not a little girl anymore,"

She mocked a pout, " But you used to love my stories," I glared.

"Alright, alright," she started again, " anyway, long ago in an enchanted land-"

" Nyoko" I growled warningly.

" Okay, I'll cut the fairytale shit, but it did take place somewhere beyond Konoha. Now look damn it, no more interruptions," she said.

" Oh and just to let you know, Obaa-san told me the story a while ago, so I don't remember everything," Oh great, now I get half a story and nothing about my bloodline.

"Just tell the story," I said frustrated.

"Let's see how would 'baa-san tell it? Oh yeah! Duh Nyoko," she said to herself. Yup Nyoko is now crazy.

I rolled my eyes as she cleared her throat dramatically, "Our family's history starts in a small, unknown village. Our clan, the Haruno clan, was unknown to the rest of the world. Not many people, if any, knew of them, but they knew of everyone else. They knew that their strength could rival that of the Uchiha of the Hyuuga.

"Everything was peaceful until a stranger came and well…pretty much fucked everything up," I had to giggle a little at her last statement. Nyoko has such a way with words. Not.

She ignored me and continued, "Anyway, I don't what his name was, this stranger's, but he came and told our clan that if they helped him get what he wanted then they, in return, would have unlimited power,"

"What did he want?" I blurted out.

"What everyone really wants, power. Or more specifically the power of the Haruno clan," she said.

" That was a good question Sakura, but the sun just set and I'd like to finish the story before it rises, so no more interruptions if you please," she said in a smart aleck way.

" Whatever," I grumbled just loud enough for her to hear.

"Ooh I detect an at-ti-tude,"

" Just finish the story!"

"Anyway, where was I? That's right! The ones who possessed the bloodline could see that this man wanted nothing more but to harness their power, but those that didn't have the blood limit believed that he could help them to become stronger,"

" Wait, what do you mean 'those who possess the bloodline'? Not everyone has it?" This is good news. I might not even have a bloodline. Whoop the flippin' doo.

Apparently, Nyoko forgot about her 'no interruptions' rule and answered my question, " Actually only the first born in every Haruno family receives the bloodline. That's why you have green, emerald, lookin' eyes, and your mom, dad, and brother don't," Cha!

" And because your dad is my dad's younger brother, it means your dad hates me and my daddy's guts," she said imitating a proud five year old, " But that's another story," Maybe it's even why 'tou-san never told me I had a bloodline.

"But back to the story. From what I've told you, you could probably put two and two together and figure out nobody in the clan was exactly buddy-buddy anymore. Friends that had been together for life had turned into each other's enemy. Siblings were fighting amongst themselves, in most cases, if there were more than two children in a family, the eldest could almost always be defeated,"

" Then a civil war brake out. I t was bloodline against no bloodline. Brother against sister, friend turned against friend. In the end only a hand-full were left, and the stranger was nowhere to be found,"

Wow, I thought as I lied in my bed. I now knew that I had a family history extended beyond Konoha. It might not be the happiest of tales, but I had a background.

The need for power has taken so many in, I thought to myself, my clan…Sasuke.

My clan. That sounds so foreign, but I guess it'll have to grow on me. Now all I need to know is what my bloodline is.

I also learned something else new; Nyoko is only about a centimeter taller than me, meaning she hasn't grown since I last saw her. Oh yeah, she's so gonna get teased.

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