The first thing he noticed was that there was something warm and moving pressing up against his side. He heard the rustle of bed sheets, heard someone breathing other than himself, and heard the whistle of wind as it moved outside the paper sliding doors.

He moved his hand experimentally, the one that was currently being hugged to someone's chest and then stopped when that person shifted and started to sit up.

He opened his eyes.

Watanuki was looking down at him with the bluest colored eyes he had ever seen in his life.

"Yogatta." Watanuki sighed, as his eyes shuddered close and he was leaning down on him, nuzzling his neck and bringing his arms around and gently, very gentle placing them on his shoulder.

Doumeki, feeling out of the loop, could only lie there and accept the touches and embrace. His brain felt fuzzy and it wasn't clear to him why he was getting this treatment from Watanuki, but the fact that he was and it was purposefully directed at him was really, really cool in his opinion.

Watanuki stroked the side of his face and kissed his neck, the warm tip of his nose pressing into his skin and causing goose bumps to travel down his arm.

His side was hurting him; a stinging pain that made him want to brush his fingers over it to see how much damage was done. But then again, if an injury had caused Watanuki to be so sweet to him, then he couldn't complain. If anything, he should get injured more often, because the 'get well better' treatment from Watanuki was surely one hell of a reward.

Watanuki murmured something against his throat, his warm palms smoothing up his back and rubbing him like he trying to soothe a child back to sleep.

Ah, the good life.

Watanuki with another small, incoherent murmur, lips running their course over his jaw came towards his mouth. Watanuki pressed his lips against his and before he knew it they were kissing. Then they were having sex, which delighted the hell out of him.

But something wasn't sitting too well with him. He doesn't remembering undressing Watanuki, but somehow they just ended up naked on the floor, which was all fine and good, but still you'd think he'd remember. It is his favorite part after all…well one of his favorite parts.

Everything just felt so disjointed and…

Oh, someone was shaking him.

"Wake up! Shizuka, you yarou! Wake up!"

Someone was shaking him the clutch of his yukata, and Doumeki opening his eyes was suddenly met with the…angriest, narrowest stare he had ever seen.

"Is this hell?" He hadn't meant to say it, but it had come out, along with more shouting and shaking. He closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep, because maybe if he went back to sleep, maybe he'd get to continue having sex with Watanuki and all would be right in the world and…

"Don't go back to sleep." Watanuki's voice had jumped out at him then. He realized that this was Watanuki waking him up and that his voice sounded hoarse, and desperate, and beautiful.

"Please. Just don't." Watanuki had stopped shaking him and with Doumeki's eyes fully open now and the room no longer rocking back and forth, he could plainly see the tear streaks down his face, his eyes red-rimmed and deep blue.

This vision of those blue eyes made him snap back into cognizance. Everything coming back to him in an instant as he continued to stare in Watanuki's eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, and the first thing that came out wasn't a question of concern about if Watanuki could see and if he was all-better, but something much simpler.

"They're pretty."

They were so pretty. He'd forgotten how pretty Watanuki's eyes were.

"Oh, you idiot." Watanuki had said, and he had slumped against his chest, his cheek resting against where his heart lay underneath. Watanuki shifted his head and his nose was poking him in the chest. "You idiot." And even though his voice was muffled Doumeki could hear the sadness and joy there. "Why do you have to be such an idiot? You could have gotten yourself killed…and then what…" He heard Watanuki sniff, "Then I'd have another ghost following me around and I…" His fingers grasped onto the yukata that he had changed Doumeki into while the other boy had been passed out.

"I'm hungry." Doumeki said, his stomach feeling empty, but his chest suddenly feeling surprisingly full. Watanuki lifted his head and wiped at the corner of an eye with the back of his palm. He nodded his head.

"Of course you're hungry. You're always hungry." Watanuki smiled and buried his face in Doumeki's chest, effectively hiding the expression in the folds of the boy's yukata.

"I want eggs."

Watanuki's shoulders shook. "Let me guess, a pterodactyl egg? Or maybe an ostrich egg?" He raised his head and smiled the sweetest, most contented smile that Doumeki was quite certain could both do away with world hunger and all the general unhappiness in the world.

"No, just a plain chicken egg." Doumeki answered accordingly, as they continued to stare at each other, like it was the only they could do.

That was, until Yuko-san crisply slid the door open and let herself in.

"I was just checking his temperature." Watanuki supplied quickly.

"There's such a thing as a thermometer, Watanuki." Yuko said, that knowing smile plastered all over her face.

"Well this is a temple…I don't know if-

"Second shelf from the top behind my bathroom mirror." Doumeki replied helpfully.

"Never mind." Watanuki didn't look Yuko-san in the face again for a few minutes.

"What happened to me?" He asked Yuko, and even though she hadn't been there, it was more than likely that she knew more than he did on these matters.

"You made a deal with that spider, a most profitable deal if I have to judge this by the outcome." She looked at Watanuki. "He took a lot of blood, but you're lucky the blood that runs through your veins is the kind that can suppress spiritual essence and not draw them out, like Watanuki's." She passed her hand over the hem of her cheongsam and returned his gaze. "He was able to disperse of the grudge with the blood he took from you."

Doumeki nodded his head, not really in acceptance of any of the things Yuko-san was saying, but more like…where were his eggs?

He looked at Watanuki. "I'm hungry."

Watanuki rolled his eyes and padded towards the door with a sigh.

When Doumeki was sure Watanuki was no longer within hearing range, he turned towards Yuko. The woman's face not changing, even though the tone of her voice gave way to slight inflection and when he said slight, he meant it. "You were lucky. I'll tell you that much, and when your grandfather said you were hardheaded, I think it was an understatement."

He didn't say anything back.

"We could not help you, even if we wanted too, but you already knew that."

He nodded.

Yuko leaned back on her palms and looked up at the ceiling. "He's no longer my property." She said almost wistfully. "I can't interfere in your life, since you do not exist within my world Doumeki." Something about this sentence sent a small tingling sensation down his spine. "You're not a wisher Doumeki. You take actions and that's why you can't come into my store. Watanuki's fate is now entwined within yours and as such, I don't have as much sway with his life circle anymore. Gradually he's leaving the shop and one day, I know he won't have a use for it." Yuko said this as plain as day, like she was recounting the weather forecast and the report said they were having gloomy skies.

"So then, does he belong to me?" Doumeki asked and he couldn't keep the small smile of his face.

Yuko made a 'hmm' sound like she was thinking it over. "No human being will ever belong to another," she said matter-of-factly, which messily burst Doumeki's happy bubble. "But," she added, "A man can wish, or he can take action."

She smiled at him; a slow upturn of the mouth and Doumeki was again reminded that this woman was not someone you wanted to make an enemy out of. He was glad she was on his side.

"Shizuka." He heard his grandfather call his name and come through the door, someone following behind him. "You have a guest."

"Hi Doumeki." Kunogi waved at him. A week had passed in the real world. She'd bought him a get-well present when she heard the news from Doumeki's grandfather about him getting the "chicken poxs". The story had been further collaborated by Yuko when Himawari had sought her out for Watanuki—Yuko had found her before she could enter her store—and the older woman had explained that Watanuki also had the chicken poxs and that if she didn't want to get it, she better stay away.

"Is Watanuki here?" She asked. Her pigtails swinging back and forth as she looked around.

"You just missed him Himawari-chan. I bet he'll be overjoyed to see you." Yuko said, and she was getting ready to go find him. She put her hand on Himawari's shoulder and guided her outside. "I'll take you to him."

Himawari bowed to his grandfather and then she cheerfully waved at him. "I hope you feel better Doumeki. I'll come back and bring Watanuki." She looked at the little gift-wrapped bag she'd bought for him. "They're really good."

Doumeki who had already opened said gift-wrapped bag, agreed.

When a minute passed and his grandfather was still standing in the doorway, looking like he wanted to say something, the cry of "Hi-MA-WA-RI-CHANNN!" suddenly cut through the air like a one of Yuko-san's bats.

His grandfather turned in the direction of that ear-deafening yell…scream…mating call, not able to understand how such a small boy like Watanuki could make such large noises. The world was truly an amazing place.

His grandfather turned back to stare at him. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes." Doumeki answered truthfully, as the sight of Watanuki's blue eyes were like a cure all.

"You worry me, Shizuka. I nearly had a heart attack."

"You're not that old." Doumeki thought his grandfather was being over-dramatic. It was just a wound to the side, nothing to get all bent out of shape for, said the boy who was lying down in his futon doped up on enough painkillers or…Yuko's special blend to numb an elephant.

"Ah but I'm getting along in age. You can understand how I don't like my grandson getting himself into mischief." His grandfather smiled at him and it was always weird how his face got so cheerful when his words didn't seem that way.

"Oh that was so nice of you Himawari-chan. You made these for me?"

"No, I bought them from this really nice gateau shop. There was a two-for-one sale going on."


Doumeki heard Watanuki and Himawari before he could see them, the two of them walking into his room, Watanuki bearing scrambled eggs while Himawari bearing conversation.

His grandfather when he saw the two smiled and excused himself.

"It wasn't very fun, without you-" Kunogi said and Watanuki lighted up like a bulb on Christmas day.


"Or Doumeki around." She finished and she smiled at him in that completely oblivious way.

Doumeki didn't know if it was a default thing with Watanuki, but he knew Himawari would always get this reaction out of him.

That hurt-kicked-puppy-dog look.

He wondered when he'd be able to get Watanuki to give him that look. He'd wait for that day.

Watanuki came up to his bedside and then sat down. "Here, sit up. I'm not spoon feeding you."

"Why not?" Doumeki asked.

"Your arms aren't broken."

Watanuki didn't know that. He could have broken them...within the last ten minutes. It could happen.

Doumeki rolled onto his uninjured side and propped his head up so Watanuki would see that he wanted to be spoon-fed.

Himawari laughed and told Watanuki that when she was sick, her parents usually spoon-fed her.

Watanuki laughed and buckled under the spoon-feeding pressure.

"Himawari-chan had come here before when you two were away." Yuko informed him, when Kunogi had left with farewells and promises to come visit tomorrow.

"She did."

"Yes and she was standing under the Kuromatsu tree when she came." Yuko said mysteriously, not tying it with anything, but letting it tie itself. "That girl…" Yuko said, with a smile on her face. "However Watanuki wishes it, Himawari isn't his lucky draw…" Yuko finished, as she puffed on her pipe, her eyes cool in the night air and her lips a shade of enigma.

"Why?" Doumeki asked, because he didn't really get why Kunogi was such a bad omen when she was so nice to Watanuki and Watanuki didn't feel any bad vibes from her.

"Who knows?" Yuko said, getting up from her seat next to him as Watanuki walked in with the drinks that he had been about to serve her. Doumeki knew that the answer 'Who knows' was more like 'I know, but I'm not going to tell you, because you're going to find out one day, and it's going to be horrible, and Yuko's going to go drink her vodka now' answer.

Good thing he wasn't a worrier. He'd leave that to Watanuki.

"You're leaving already?" Watanuki asked, setting down the tray.

"Yes. I have to get back to the shop. Duty calls." She said slyly, like she had incoming sonar for all the potential victims of her shop…oh wait.

"Bye." Doumeki said and Watanuki sighed, because Yuko-san was renowned the world over for making him prepare things and then letting them go to waste due to her bad manners and tendencies to unexpectedly leave places mysteriously.

"Fine then. I'll see you tomorrow," Watanuki made a tired motion with his hands and Yuko slipped out of the door like a cat, only to pop her head right back in again. "Don't stay out too late Watanuki, but if you do," She looked at Doumeki, "Be prepared to come in early and make breakfast. I've missed you're cooking." She then slipped out again, like a snake into the night.

Watanuki stared at the spot his employer had formerly taken up. "That woman…" he smiled when he said it, so Doumeki knew there were no ill feelings towards "that woman." It was just like Watanuki, he would say things, but it was his actions that always spoke louder.

"Are you tired?"

Watanuki's glanced towards him and crawled over to where he lay on his futon. "No, strangely enough. If anything I feel like I can't sleep. I guess…" He trailed off when he noticed the stare Doumeki was giving him. "Maybe I should force myself to go to sleep. I'll have to get up early in the morning…" He gave a thoughtful pause, "Although even with little sleep I always manage fine in the mornings. I guess I'm a morning person."

"Ah." Doumeki nodded and sat up.

Watanuki got a panicked look, "You shouldn't just sit up like that." He put his hand on his shoulder to push him back down, but then his hand jumped away. "You have a cut on your shoulder…" Watanuki said, clenching his own forearm in apology.

"It's going away."

"And your cheek..." Watanuki passed his fingers over the bandage. "You're so careless. What if he had hit you in the eye…then what?"

Doumeki shrugged his shoulders.

Watanuki's hands fell away and he shook his head. "You really are a dumbass."

"I guess…but I'm not the only one." Doumeki placed his hand on top of Watanuki's and Watanuki gave him a 'what the hell are you doing?' look.

"Go to sleep. Your wounds aren't healed yet." Watanuki tugged his hand out from under his and prepared to stand up.

"Where are you going?"

"Home. I have to get ready for school tomorrow and you…you have to get better." Watanuki stood up and dusted his knees off. He looked at Doumeki and leaning over, he brushed some hair out of his face. "I hope it doesn't leave a scar."

"It won't. My grandfather made sure of that." Doumeki said, as he had noticed earlier that Yuko held in one of her hands yet another family heirloom. Thank god they had like…a million of those lying around.

"Oh…okay. Do you need me to get anything before I go?" Watanuki asked, feet shuffling and eyes all concerned.

"You can sit for a while." Doumeki patted the area next to him.

Watanuki sat and they looked at each other.

"I'm glad."

"That you're sitting here with me?" Doumeki supplied.

Watanuki rolled his eyes. "No…I'm glad that…it's a good thing you don't have a scar."

"You wouldn't like me if I had a scar?"

Watanuki looked at him like he was stupid. "I already don't like you. A scar won't change that…but I don't know, I'll remember from seeing it…you know. It's a pretty pathetic way of thinking, but I'm sorry…I just hate myself…for…"

"Uh-huh." Doumeki said absently, as he watched Watanuki's lips, but didn't hear the words that were going with them.

Watanuki glanced at him and when he realized that his face was coming closer, he frowned. "What the hell are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"You…look I was trying to tell you something and you…"

"I'm listening," Doumeki said and his face was right in front of Watanuki's.

"Oh geez, I can't believe this." Watanuki pushed at his uninjured shoulder to put some space between them. "You're injured…how can you even be…thinking about…"

"Uh-huh." Doumeki said again, and leaned into him, his lips brushing against the corner of Watanuki's mouth as he rubbed his hands up and down the smaller boy's sides.

"You're going to…" Watanuki swallowed as Doumeki finally pressed his mouth to his, kissing his trembling lips as he tried to coax his mouth open. Watanuki shut his eyes and rebelliously pressed his lips together. Doumeki not deterred kissed his way back to Watanuki's cheek and jaw.

"You're going to reopen your wound."

"I'll be careful." Doumeki whispered and tried to get Watanuki on his back while the other boy tried to stop shaking within the needful little kisses being placed against the side of his lips.

"We can't." Watanuki whispered and looked at the door.

"Just think of it as an early birthday present."

"What?" Watanuki hissed.

"You didn't give me one last year." Doumeki explained, like that bit of information would clear up this situation.

"I didn't give you one last year because I didn't know you, you freak!"

"Well then start making it up to me." Doumeki said, and rolled Watanuki until he was on his stomach. "This won't hurt my side as much." He explained and even from this angle, he could see Watanuki's face go red.

"You lousy--"

"The happy birthday song doesn't start up like that," Doumeki reminded him and smiled, because like this Watanuki couldn't see the smirk on his face, and neither could he blow up at him for it.

The world was right again.

"I'll give you happy birthda-" Watanuki however was cut off from his rant, as Doumeki swiftly pulled down his pants and underwear, stripping him of the garments and tossing them away. "Goddamit, why is it that only sex makes you move with a purpose, you freakin' tree!"

Doumeki tugged off his yukata. "You don't mind if I use saliva, do you?"

Damn, it was like he wasn't even here. Doumeki was sure stubborn when he wanted to be, as Watanuki had learned over the past few weeks that Doumeki was strangely stubborn about sex. "Whatever." Watanuki replied, and it was his attempt at sounding casual, when his heart was beating like crazy in his chest and he couldn't get enough air into his lungs.

Doumeki licked across his nape, and with those motions, both cool and hot on the back of his neck, Doumeki prepared him.

"I'll go slow." Doumeki said, and he had pressed his nose into his neck and had grabbed onto the front of his thighs.

"Just…hurry up." Watanuki bit his bottom lip and tried not to make too much noise.

"Don't bite your lip."

"Don't…nggghh…tell me what to do."

Doumeki positioned himself, whispering hotly in his ear, "I'm leaking, so you don't have to worry about me pushing inside of you dry."

Watanuki felt his face go red. "You don't have to tell me everything!" God, Watanuki was sure the one thing that Doumeki lacked to be fundamentally human would have to be embarrassment…and a stomach with boundaries, but more importantly embarrassment. It was the exact reason why he could say things like this to Watanuki and expect him not to react the way he did.

He fitted himself inside Watanuki and the boy felt himself rocked forward into the futon, Doumeki's weight pressing into the small of his back. The pace picking up until Doumeki suddenly slowed down, like he remembered what he'd said earlier about going slow.

"Sor'ry." Doumeki whispered, his voice cracking on the second syllable as the feeling in his gut was pressing into his erection and furthermore making him press down into Watanuki. Slow, and thorough, and hard motions that had him sinking in all the way before practically pulling all the way out.

Watanuki fisted the sheets under him, his eyesight going blurry from the intense waves of friction running along the skin of his stomach. Doumeki's head was resting to the side of his, over one of his shoulders, that longer tuft of hair in front of Doumeki's face touching the mattress.

"I missed you." Doumeki whispered almost incoherently, and Watanuki knew the archer wasn't referring to time spent apart in the other world, or time spent apart in this. Doumeki in his own simply, Neanderthal way was telling him he missed this. Moments just like this, where they were alone and together. And in moments like this, like every other moment in their shared lives, they always said things that were small, not important to flow of things but still…made sense to them, made utter complete sense, even if they bickered and fought half the time and couldn't figure each other out completely.

Watanuki saw the flash of a fluid blackness staring at him. He turned his head and Doumeki was gazing at him. Watanuki could see Doumeki's arms flex above him, the archer moving forward to secure his mouth in a lip lock, his rhythm not speeding up, but becoming harder as he pushed him relentlessly into the futon under him.

They couldn't explain how much they felt for each other in words, but Doumeki thought this was enough to sum up that feeling. They could say they loved each other, but frankly it wouldn't mean anything to them. It wouldn't explain the vastness and complexity or the simplicity that their relationship was. Even this feeling, intense as it was, could only capture one moment of the need that existed between them, capture that intense feeling before they stopped feeling all together.

Doumeki grunted and closed his eyes, his mouth now burning a trail down Watanuki's shoulder as he continued to move, the feeling building and building on itself like layers of silk and patterns that wove themselves into something beautiful at their completion.

Watanuki came first. Against the sheets, his voice, clear as bells as he shouted and trembled. His eyes completely opened but seeing nothing, his ears hearing nothing but the last strangled groan from Doumeki as the boy convulsed and came.

The sound of their breathing mingling together in the room, like they're bodies and motions had before the breaking of release.

"I'm never going to get used to that." Doumeki said, panting and feeling over the skin of Watanuki's stomach.

"Where's my shoes-I mean glasses"-Watanuki flopped his hand out and then Doumeki leaning over, hitched Watanuki's glasses--glasses that were very much still on his face--up on the bridge of his nose in reminder.

"You mean your pants?" Doumeki asked, trying to wake his muscles back up from the comfortable slump they had taken.

"Shut up." Watanuki gave up on making sense and closed his eyes. "Get off me. You're heavy."

"Wait..." Doumeki said, and he began to pull out of Watanuki, who only sighed and melted further into the bed. "Stay here for the night."

Watanuki in all his after bliss glory curled into himself like a kitten and closed his eyes. Doumeki passing a hand over the bandage on his side hoped that he hadn't torn anything for the purposes of healing quickly and going back to school. Although, if he did, he deemed it was totally worth it, the sated, peaceful look on Watanuki's face attributing to his current satisfaction with himself…well that and the great sex.

Two days later:

"It's so weird."

"What's so weird?" I asked, as Watanuki looked behind him, a paranoid glaze to his eyes. We were currently walking back from school when Watanuki chose to upload his sudden realization on me. As to what realization that was, I was about to find out.

"Can't…you sense it?" Watanuki asked hopefully, then his face got that irritated, but in no way less cute look, and he stuck his nose up at me. "Forget it, you asshole. If you can't tell, then…just forget it."

"You look especially nice today." I said. Just to see how he'd take that, since he wasn't going to tell me what was actually bothering him.

"That--that has nothing to…god you're dumb!"

"The pot calling the kettle-"

"Shut up! Fine, since you're so inept, I guess I'll have to tell you." He looked around then, like a man running from the law and with an overly spooked out voice he said, "Nothing's following me."

He looked to me for a response.

"That's a problem?" I asked, obviously not understanding why he was so freaked out about ditching his ghost problem. "Maybe they took a vacation…or somethin'-

It was here that I realized I was walking into dangerous territory, especially with Watanuki glaring at me like he was right now.

"You idiot. This is important. Even when I'm not with you, they still don't follow me they used to."

He looked to me for a response.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Gah!!!!" He stopped in the middle of the road and I had to duck his book satchel. Then I had to duck it again, because Watanuki was fond of attempting to decapitate me by way of book bag. "It's been going on for two days now--or I started to notice it two days ago-- and I have no explanation for it, and every time I approach Yuko-san about it, she laughs and tells me I'm getting at that age."

Watanuki looked baffled, then annoyed, then went back to being baffled and somewhere within those five seconds, his face was a mixture of baffled annoyance.

I mulled over his words. He said it was two days ago, but nothing other than sex stood out in my mind…Glorious, glorious sex. Well at least I had my priorities straight.

"It's not right." Watanuki bellowed, looking around nervously because no scary ghosts were following after him. It was like today was opposite day.

"Aren't you supposed to be happy?" I asked.

"No, this could be a trick, like a calm before the storm thing. You know?"

I furrowed my brow and thought that if Watanuki missed his beloved ghosts so much, I could always lock him up in a room with a coffin and see where to take it from there.

"It's weird." He said again.

Then something hit me, something that had me smirking on the outside and laughing on the in.

Watanuki noticed the expression change.

"Your face," he said, "Fix it."

"My blood…" I started up casually, "It keeps the ghosts away."

Watanuki threw a 'duh' expression my way.

I went for it. "Then what do you suppose happens with other…fluids?" I smiled or smirked because all the smiles I ever aimed at Watanuki always came out like smirks.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You think the ghost can smell it on you." I asked and enjoyed the perplexed expression that I was met with.

"Smell what? Smell…" Then something clicked in Watanuki's hollow head.


Ah, just the response I wanted.


Stage one of the denial process.


I don't know what it was about Watanuki screeching at me like that, but for some reason it turned me on. Go figure.

I leered. "If it's the reason, you're going to have to let me come inside you more." I said without the faintest hint of embarrassment.

Watanuki's eyes bugged. He dropped his satchel.

"You--why…I haven't done anything to deserve this…"

This couldn't get any better if Buddha himself came down here and told me I'd won the lottery and that I could use the money to buy Watanuki and make him my personal slave…forever.

Good times. Good times.

"NOOOOOO!" And then Watanuki was on the ground, and he was crying, and wailing, and making noises that should have frightened me, but were just turning me on even more. I supposed Watanuki's annoyance was something I got off on. Hmm. These revelations should make me want to reevaluate myself as a human being, but all they did was make me happy that I was alive and that, at this very moment I was experiencing this blessed event.

"How could --You can't be my wish. It's not possible. I've worked so hard and to have YOU be the result--You disgusting pervert…I…"

I patted Watanuki on the back as condolence.

And just to hit it home that this was his reality, for the rest of his life. I said, "Offer up thanks. Be grateful that you no longer have to worry about ghosts. I'm like…your savior."

If I died right now, I could honestly say that I had gotten everything I ever wanted out of life.

"I saved you from the ghosts plaguing you." I said and it never got old the way his face lit up in horror and embarrassment.

Watanuki summoning all the lung capacity that resided within his small body, bellowed out, "THEN WHO'S GOING TO SAVE ME FROM YOU?!"

"No one." I said, as I stalked up to him.

The End.

Finally! OMG, I finished. Thanks for all those that stuck with you. You're probably wondering what happened to the beautiful, thought-provoking ending…well that's not my style. I guess. Watanuki throwing himself in Doumeki's arms and saying he loves him for eternity isn't something I can picture…I guess I'm cold-hearted or somethin' like that. Also the utter crack at the ending, where I changed povs and went back to first person Doumeki pov was just my way of bringing the story ultimate conclusion. I mean Doumeki's blood scares away ghosts so what would happen if…yeah you probably don't want me to finish that line. Of course the ghosts aren't going to leave Watanuki completely alone, but it's still fun to mess with him like this. I had way too much fun with this chapter.

1.Yogatta is an expression of relief. Something like, thank god.

2. Cheongsam- translates to 'long tunic' It's one of those form fitting Chinese dresses. Just think fancier for Yuko, because Clamp is as much fashion designers as they are character designers. Men can also wear one, like D in Petshop of Horrors. I am getting off topic.