Hey. Another one of my lame stories. I did get this idea while watching one of my moms old movies, so there will be some similarities, mostly towards the end. I will tell you the name of the movie once I get further into the story but it you could guess the name when the similarities pop up, I'd be very surprised.

A weird summary for this would be: Hilary takes her first step toward beyblading. Her only mistake was using Dragoon in the process. Now that she knows how Tyson really feels about her actually blading on the team, she's goes out to prove him wrong. And what better way than to ask the best team in the world to train her?

It's set after G-Rev. Just so you know, although you could probably figure it out.

This story will have mainly the Blitzkrieg Boys and Hilary in it. Only in the beginning and end will it have other bladers. And Kai is living with them(Blitzkrieg boys) or this fic wont work. I think Tyson's OCC. But I'm not to sure about Hilary.

Warnings: 1.I suck at romance! Love reading stories with it, but couldn't write it to save my life. But I will try my hardest to make this a KaixHil fic. If you have a problem with that then you might want to click out now.

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"Go Dragoon!" Tyson yelled at the Beyblade that was spinning around the dish by itself. He was practicing alone today because Kenny was at a computer store and Daichi was who knows where. But the good thing was that Hilary was in the kitchen making lunch for them.

"Guys, lunch is ready!" Hilary yelled from the porch. Looking around she noticed that only Tyson was there. "Aren't the others back yet?"

"Nope! And that means more for me!" The navy haired boy called in Dragoon.

"No it doesn't. You can have your share and when the others return they can heat theirs up." Hilary stomped her foot as if declaring it law.

"Yeah, we'll see." Tyson murmured.

"I swear, Tyson! You act as if you've never eaten anything before." Hilary said while rolling her eyes.

Tyson brought his beyblade up to his jacket pocket and stuffed inside, then ran into the house so to stuff as much food into his mouth before Hilary had a say.

"That was a great lunch, Hil." Tyson sighed as he rubbed his stomach.

"Thanks," Hilary smiled. "Hmm, I wonder what is taking the others so long."

"Kenny's probably gazing at some super-computer that he'll never have, and, hopefully, monkey boy got put into the zoo." Tyson laughed at the image of Daichi in a cage with monkeys grooming him.

"Oh, Tyson." Hilary rolled her eyes again. "Anyway, I've got to go. I have so work to finish up at home. Tell the guys I said hi." With that, Hilary got up and started walking towards the door.

"Oh, yeah…see ya." Tyson said not even opening an eye.

Hilary walked outside and notice Dragoon laying on the ground. 'He must've dropped it.' She looked back into the house and saw Tyson's launcher not to far away. She had always wondered what it felt like to beyblade for real. Not like that time on the bus where she totally messed up. To launch the blade into the dish and see it spin.

Quietly, she went back into the house, picked up the launcher, making sure Tyson was coming at that moment. Not seeing or hearing anything, she went back outside and slid the door shut. She turned around and tiptoed over to Dragoon and pick him up.

Walking over to the dish, Hilary loaded the dragon into the launcher. She had seen the boys do it so many times and Kenny even showed her once. She put her fingers around the ripcord and took one last look at the door then back to the dish and pulled with all her strength.

The beyblade was really wobbly but it was in the dish and spinning. That had to count for something on her first try, right? And then it stopped. Hilary picked Dragoon up and tried again.

Suddenly, a energy ran through her. Something she had never felt before. It ran through her veins and into her heart.

'This is the most incredible feeling ever,' was Hilary's last thought for a while. She didn't know what this feeling was, all she did know is that she wanted to hold on to it.

'Ahh, I'm so full.' Tyson smiled. 'Hilary is good at some things. I wonder if I could get her to make…' A familiar sound broke his thoughts. When he realized what it was his eyes widen. Tyson's hand flew into his pocket checking for something that he knew wasn't there.

With speed like he's never used before, Tyson jumped up and headed for his back yard.

Opening the door he saw Dragoon spinning the dish and Hilary with a dazed look on her face.

"HILARY!" Tyson screamed at her, breaking her concentration, making Dragoon stop spinning again. "DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO TOUCH DRAGOON!" He marched up to the dish and picked up his blade. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO BEYBLADE! YOU COULD HAVE DAMAGED DRAGOON! WHY DID YOU DO THIS? REALLY, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! A GIRL LIKE YOU!"

Hilary was a bit frightened at first. She didn't think Tyson would freak out this much, but now she was just plain mad. "What was that last comment?"

Tyson looked at her, not seeing the problem. "A girl like you? What about it?"

"Oh, so you only think of me as the girl that follows you everywhere, cheering you on, making you launches, fixing you blades?"

"H-Hilary, you more than that." Tyson stuttered. "Y-You're….great. You are a great person…friend. I mean friend."

"Oh, right." Hilary scoffed. "And a girl like me couldn't beyblade. Is that it?"

Tyson just looked at her. Hilary's ruby eyes hardened. "You know what, Tyson? I hate you for ruining this for me." She whispered harshly.

Hilary turned around and walked away, marching past Kenny as he came in.

"What did you do?" Kenny asked.

"…nothing." Tyson sighed.

Hilary slammed the door shut to her room. Her parents weren't home but that wasn't anything new. The real reason Hilary wanted to leave the Tyson's was to get to her job as a house keeper for a rich elderly couple that she meet a few years ago when she help the wife up after she fell down at the store. They brought her back home to give her something as a thank you. They found her at the mantel dusting off one of the old pictures and staring at it. So as the thank you, they told her that she could go through the old house and have a look around. It was a really big house, with three stories, a attic and a basement, all for Hilary to look through. Hilary always had a thing for antiques. I was as much fun to look at the stuff, as well as the history behind it. Soon looking through became cleaning and they, in turn, paid her for that, no matter how much she tried to refuse. In her opinion, they over paid. For old people they don't really do anything in that big house, so all there is to do is dusting and looking through old photo albums. Plus, feeling the elderly couple in on the happenings in the world and in her life. They had almost become like a pair of grandparents to her. She could talk to them about anything and vise versa. They had once told that they had a daughter that had died when she was very young and that she reminder them of her. Hilary guessed that that's why they did what they did. To keep their second daughter around. And getting paid to let out your feelings wasn't bad, either. But she skipped that today. She wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone about this, so she went home instead.

Hilary crashed on to her bed face first, letting out a scream she'd be holding in. She rolled over on her side thinking about the wonderful feeling she got when she launched the beyblade. She missed it. She really missed it. Hilary knew what she had, and wanted, to do. She wanted to beyblade for real. She looked over at a picture on her nightstand taken of the beyblade third world championships. She remember everything that happened. Her eyes focused on a particular blader in the back. Her main memory of the championships was of his and Tyson's last battle.

"Tyson, I just want you to know that I can do anything you can do."

It was then she decided what she would do. She got down her red duffle bag and started throwing clothes in it. After packing up all the things she'd need, she lifted up the floor boards hidden under a rug, and took out a suit case. Putting the case on her bed she opened it to reveal her life's savings. Not even her parents knew she had the job so she hide it all way. 117,495.00 yen a month for four years. It was a good thing she saved it to.

This little adventure wasn't going to be cheap, that was for sure.

"Let it rip,"

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if you want to check on my converting money, here's the numbers:

U.S dollars-1,000 converted to Japanese yen is 117,495.00. (So Hilary made 1,000 U.S dollars a month. Yes, I know that it's unrealistic! So before you call the author stupid, think "Hey this is fan fiction and the author can do whatever she wants, and that includes making Kai fly", which I'm not playing on doing.)

From that 117,495 yen for one year is 1,409,840 yen. Then times that by 4 is 5,639,360 yen. (Hilary made 5,639,360 yen in four years, like you couldn't figure it out)

Convert that to Russian rouble is 1,354,334.34.

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