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Hilary cuddled up to Kai, resting her head on his chest. It was rare that they had time to themselves, so they were making the most of it. Kai leaned over and lightly kissed Hilary.

"Hey," She smiled, her lips lightly brushing Kai's.

"Hey," He whispered back and kissed her again. "How long are they going to be gone?"

"How would I know?" Hilary giggled.

"Well, I figured Tala might have told you," Kai answered as dragged from the couch, noting just how short she was compared to him. "Ever since we got back he's always trying to give us time alone."

"I wonder why," Hilary smiled as Kai pushed her towards the stairs.

"Me, too." Whispered to her as they mounted the stairs.

Right then the door opened and the four boys stumbled in, giggling like crazy. (Well, Tala was giggling…kind of.) They stopped and looked at the two that were on the stairs, wrapped in what looked like a heated embrace.

"Oh," Tala laughed. "We'll come back later."

"No," Hilary sighed. "It's okay, stay."

"What?" Kai looked at her like she was crazy. They could leave for all he cared.

"Sorry we ruined the mood, Hilary," Ian said as he walked up to his room. After a few weeks, the two had finally started getting along. Although the sarcastic comments flew went ever they were in the same room.

"It's fine, guys, I have to go home anyway." Hilary kissed Kai on the cheek, picked up her things, and walked to the door.

"But," Kai gasped, "Wait, Hilary!"

"I'm sorry, Kai," She giggled at him, clearly understanding what she was doing to him. "I've got to work tomorrow."

Kai just stood there, staring at the door, mouth hanging open.

Tala walked up and put a hand on his shoulder, "Would you like the shower first?"

Kai dragged his eyes from the door to glare and the annoying redhead before marching upstairs.

"What?" Tala asked in an offending voice, "All I did was ask if he wanted the shower. Sorry for being nice! I'll never do it again!"

"Please don't tease," Bryan muttered as he and Spencer followed the other two to their own rooms.

She acts sorta teenage, just in-between age
Looks about four foot three
Although she's just small fry, just about so-high
Gidget is the one for me

Hilary walked into the small gym and smiled at all the kids and teens running around. Who would have guessed that Tala would open a training facility? Because she wouldn't. It fit though. Tala and the rest of them were great coaches, even if they didn't like little kids all that much. But after they made enough money, they hired people to take care of the little ones while they worked on those with power that needed extra attention.

Hilary just happened to be one of the people they hired to train the little kids. She didn't argue with they brought the idea up. She loved kids and hoped to have one of her own someday. Hilary laughed as she thought about that awkward conversation with Kai. She still didn't know where he stood on the whole kid thing. In truth, she thought that he'd be a great father, but it all depended on how he felt.

"Hey, Hilary," One of her co-workers called. "How was you're night?"

"Kai took me to this fancy restaurant." Hilary replied as she took off her light coat. She was wearing her regular training clothes, sweatpants and a tank top. "It wasn't really our style, but it was nice. I got to wear this beautiful dress and Kai stared. It made me feel good."

"Kai always stares at you," They turned to see the redhead approaching them.

"Yeah, well, he's always so discreet, so I never see him." Hilary told Tala, "When he does it so openly it makes me feel all--" Hilary shivered and shook. "Special."

Tala laughed at her.

A regular tomboy but dressed for a prom
Boy, how cute can one girl be?
Although she's not king size, her finger is ring-size
Gidget is the one for me

"Hilary, how long have we been together?" Kai asked his girl cooked dinner for him.

"If I have to answer that, I'd say it's time we brake up," She called from the kitchen.

"We'll lets' see, we got together when you were nineteen, and I was twenty-"

"Please tell me you're not using your fingers to count." Hilary interrupted.

"Now, you are twenty-two and I'm twenty-three," Kai continued, ignoring her. "That's around four years."

"Where are you going with this?" Hilary asked as she brought the planets to the table that he was sitting at.

"I think we're ready," He answered simply.

"Ready for what?"

"For what?" He chuckles, waiting for her to realize what he's talking about.

She looks at him. What in the world was the talking about? He obviously didn't want to break up, but the only other thing would be go forward. And the only to go forward to was marriage.

"Oh," She squeaked when he put the small box on the table. "And you say…"

"Of course!" She jumped up and hugged him. "I love you so much!"

"KAI! I HATE YOU!" She yelled at him. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!"

"Come one, Hilary, push." The doctor said.

Hilary pushed as she squeezed Kai's hand. Maybe if she squeezed his hand hard enough, then he'd hurt as much as she did. "I REALLY, REALLY HATE YOU!"

A shrill cry filled the and Hilary sighed. "You did it," Kai smiled at her.

"I still hate you," Kai still smiled as he ran a hand through her sweat soaked hair.

The doctor announced that it was a girl and the nurse pasted the baby girl to Kai after they cleaned her up. He smiled down into his daughter eyes. "She's pretty," He smiled. Kai passed her to her mother.

"She has your eyes," Hilary confirmed.

"So, do you like me again?" Kai asked as she leaned over them, putting his arm around his wife's shoulder, looking down at their daughter.

"No, not yet," She smiled at her daughter.

If she says she loves you
You can bet your boots she loves you
If she says she hates you
That can also mean she loves you

"Aw, that was a great movie," Hilary sighed, "So romantic. Kai why aren't you like that?"

"I wonder if Tala's drugged Anna," Kai muttered as he followed his wife.

"Would you stop worrying, please?" Hilary said in an exasperated voice. "Tala is perfectly capable of taking care of a three year-old."

"Have you ever met Tala?" Kai asked.

She turned and glared at him for a second. "Someone's not getting a good night kiss," She remarked.

Kai watched her walk away, noticing how her hips had a little more swing in them than usually. They looked very…inviting in those sung tight jeans. "Oh, she's evil," He whispered, then started after her.

When he walked up beside he slung his arm around her. "Do you still have that dress…"

"The one I wore during our honeymoon?" Kai nodded. "Yeah, it's somewhere around."

Kai smirked, bent down to her ear, and whispered, "Pull it out,"

She looked at him and smiled.

It very well may be she's just a baby speaking romantically
If that's a bad feature, I'll be the teacher
Gidget is the one for me

Bagging jeans and a plain blue tee hugged her features while she walked through the park, carrying her daughter on her back. The girls brown curls bounced as she smiled with laughter. Kai lounged on the bench, watching the two main people in his life.

Hilary put the girl down and she ran to her father. "Daddy! Daddy!" She cried out, her little, chubby arms outstretched for him. Kai smiled and bent down. Picking the girl up and swinging her around just to hear her laughter. Hilary joined Kai and wrapped her arms around him and the girl.

"I love you," Kai bent down over the girl and kissed Hilary.

"Eww, Daddy," the girl in his arms wined. "Don't go mushy!"

"Don't go mushy?" Hilary laughed and tickled her daughter. "Who told you that kissing was mushy."

The little girl giggled, "Uncle Tala told me when we saw you two in the kitchen."

"The kitchen? Uncle Tala!" Hilary yelled, looking up and Kai who was trying, a failing, to hold in his own laughter. "Well, I think I'm going to have a talk with Uncle Tala when we see him tonight."

"Aw, poor Uncle Tala," Anna giggled. Uncle Tala was her best friend, aside from Bunny.

Kai looked down and the two shorter girls. He sighed. Years ago, he'd never think that this would be his life. It was enough to bring tears to his eyes…but only in private.

She's not much on glamour
And she should improve her grammar
Still I sigh and stammer
And my heart beats like a little ole hammer

Later that night, the full family sat around the large table. They were talking and laughing. Anna had decided that she wanted to sit by Ian that night. Of course the food fight that erupted told Hilary that she should separated them, lecturing Ian in the process, much to the little girl amusement.

Kai watched as Anna laughed at the face Ian made.

Tala saw the look on Kai's face and leaned over. "I'm really glad you guys got a happy ending," he said.

"Yeah," Kai agreed, nodding his head slowly. "A girl like her deserves a happy ending."

"That she does," Tala smiled. "That she does."

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