A/N: This story might seem to replay some of the cards from my last fic, but it doesn't really. The character Amy from my last story will be here too and in a similar capacity. Updating may be regular, may be erratic—depends on my mood, inspiration, desire, and basically life and all that goes with it. Right now, I have the story's basic events mapped out in entirety—though not necessarily the details-- however my plans could change at any moment. So, here's my second fic.


Chapter One

"I know you know, Amy," Ruby Mendel brushed a lock of blonde hair out of her eyes and focused her attention on her lab partner. "She told you." There was a hint of jealousy in the voice, a little pain maybe.

"My lips are sealed," Amy Johnson replied with a half-smile.

"I've always thought she was—it's not really surprising. She never seem genuinely interested in any of the guys she dated or anything. Her relationships were always for show. I just don't understand why she wouldn't tell me, I mean, I'm supposed to be her best friend…"

"You are, Ruby," Amy interjeted. "And you know Ren well enough to know that this has nothing to do with that. I don't even know her all that well and I know that the one area she's never been able to master is romance—if she told you, you'd start setting her up right and left and it would all be well-intentioned, but it wouldn't be what she needs right now, she's confused."

"Ah, so you admit it then," Ruby grinned. "She did come out to you."

"What? No, I mean… damn it!"

"Ms. Johnson is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class?" Ms. Lovelson, the chemistry teacher, asked.

"No thanks you."

"Well then, keep it down."

"So, give me the details!" Ruby pressured in a hushed tone.

"There's really not much to tell, Ruby. She came to me, she said that she thinks she might be gay but she doesn't want me to tell anyone, but she'd heard about my 'exclusive' parties and wanted to come to one. So I invited her."

"Exclusive parties?"

"Yeah, my parents are out of town a lot and I host parties, mostly for the other gay kids at school. I have some that are basically, closet-cases only."

"If they're closet cases, how do you know to invite them?"

"Well, when I say closet case I generally mean people who are partially out. A lot of people come to me, for example. They assume the president of the GSA won't think anything less of me, so they come to me. That's what Ren did, that was her reasoning, I assume. Anyway, there's also the handful of people who I suspected and have observed long enough to be at least 90 certain they're in the closet. So I invite them, and help them find their way out."

"Ever wrongfully accused anyone?"

"I don't like using the term 'accused' for this, but no, so far, I've been spot-on with every one. The only rule of the party is that no one talks about it with anyone who wasn't there—or isn't a regular—to protect the kids who aren't ready to go public yet. Like Ren."

"It sounds like you have a pretty elaborate system," Ruby replied as she pretended to examine something in her microscope to distract the teacher.

"It's pretty simple really, and relies heavily on the honor code, which I've never really trusted, but what can you do? Either way, no one has been unintentionally outted through any fault of mine yet, at least not that I know of... I really hope no one has though- it would defeat the entire purpose of me running these parties."

Ruby nodded. "So, you said a few minutes ago that Ren wouldn't tell me for fear that I'd dive into setting her up with some girl and that's not what she needs, blah blah blah, but isn't that what you do? Aren't you the me of the gay community?"

Amy laughed lightly, catching herself in the eyes of Ms. Lovelson. "Yeah, if someone wants a set-up, I'll help them up. I know most every one so I'm pretty good about not matching people who obviously won't be able to stand each other together. You, well, you tend to take matters into your own hands, Ruby. I'm a little more controlled than you."

Ruby rolled her eyes. "Well, not that this helps me argue against that but we should totally set Ren up with someone."

"You are right that it doesn't defend you," Amy scoffed. "She doesn't want to. I've already offered."

"So, just push it. Tell her you've found someone perfect for her and that you really think she should at least give it a shot. It can be another closet case—I'm sure that'd make her more comfortable. Anyone you know that would fit? Or would be willing? How does Ren rate?"

Amy laughed again, catching and angry glance from the teacher yet again. "She rates quite highly, there are plenty of girls that would be interested. But I need someone who I legitimately feel is a good match for her, Ruby. If I set her up with some bimbo, she'll never trust me in the future if I actually do find someone perfect for her."

"Right, right," Ruby nodded. "What does she look for in a girl? Intelligence, I'm sure. Honest, kind, the usual. Contrary to common belief she does like a sense of humor—just not total goof balls."

"Intelligent humor is a must," Amy agreed. "Sarcasm, in other words, tends to suit her comedy needs quite well. But that's not really a priority. Intelligence is probably her biggest criteria. She prefers brunettes to blondes—no offense—and prefers light eyes to dark ones. She doesn't care if the girl is taller or shorter than her…"

"Ok, so, that doesn't really narrow the playing field a whole lot," Ruby sighed.

"She wants someone different from her, but the same too. You know? Like whoever it is shouldn't be a perfectionist too. They need to be intelligent, good grades is probably something Ren would appreciate in them, but they do not necessarily have to have school as a major priority or anything. Academics is Ren's life and if she's going to have any fun she needs someone who can show her something new."

Ruby nodded, getting a little frustrated. "Ok, so… do you know anyone?"

"I do have someone in mind, actually…" her voice trailed off a moment. "There's just one thing that might be a problem."

"Who? And what?" Ruby asked, on the edge of her seat.

Amy sighed briefly before answering. "Her brother's ex-girlfriend, Tawny Dean."