Title: Tears Of Anubus

Rating: G

Summary: Harley has died and someone finds a letter. A one shot about why Harley likes to fight Batman.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

"So the hench wench finally got it," said Batgirl, as the body of Harley Quinn was taken away.

"I guess so," said Batman. "Such a waste of life; if you ask me."

Later that night Robin and Nightwing decided to search Harley's apartment, the last place that she had ever lived. They looked everywhere, but found nothing that would tell them if Joker finally got tired of Harley attempting to have a normal relationship with him.


"Robin, stop playing around," Nightwing hissed.

"Sorry, but the god awful painting got in the way."

Nightwing picked up the painting and that's when he found the note. He pocketed it and then returned to the Batcave.

"So what did you find?" Batman asked.

"Nothing much, except this note," Nightwing told him, pulling it out and handing it to Batman.

He slid it open and read:

Dear Batman,

By the time you read this, and then I'm going to be dead. I'm sorry that things didn't work out the way that you and so many others wanted it to, but I guess things are controlled by fate and we can never get out of it. Trust me; I've seen the Fates and their hideous (insert smile here). Well anyway, I'm gone and there's nothing that can change that, not with all the power and magic in the world.

I hope that you bring my murderer to justice, I'm sure that you'll want to do that. After all, we must all shed our tears for Anubus. I just hope that mine have dried.

Merry Part Until We Merry Meet Again,

Harley Quinn

PS! Ever wonder why I like to fight you, well I loved you. Sorry that I never said that to you.

Batman looked at the letter, stunned.

"What did it say?" Tim asked.

Batman didn't answer and years later, even though he was old and Terry found the letter and asked him the same question, he still never did answer. He didn't have the answer then and he didn't have the answer now.