Phoenix Tears Rising

An Alternate Year Six Book

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Epilogue … Dies by the Sword

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: 23rd January 1997, 10:32pm

Tristian sank onto his knees a little way from the clearing and promptly threw up the contents of his stomach. A feat that he thought was impossible considering that his physical body was back in the middle ages. He sniffled and ran his sleeve over his nose, which didn't help, as he could still smell the bubbling burning flesh of his enemy.

As he promised he retreated from the skirmish and helped Axcel and Silas' teams at the outskirts before they too retreated.

Draco had shaken his hand before wandering back in the dark. He looked a tad peaky when Blaise congratulated him on becoming the new 'Lord Malfoy'. Snape retreated quickly, with a curt nod in Tristian's direction he set out after Draco with Blaise on his heels.

Axcel and Silas sat together whispering, waiting for their fathers to return from the clearing. Hermione and Ron looked eager to speak with him, but Tristian made an excuse to leave and relieve his churning stomach. After what he just did he didn't feel much like human company.

Head bowed forward Tristian shuddered violently. He was so cold he was numb. Unfortunately, his cloak somehow got tangled in Salazar acid ice and he had to leave it behind tattered and ruined.

Warm arms embraced him tightly. "I'm so tired," Tristian whispered weakly. "And cold."

"You've held us long enough here," Godric voice said above his ear. "It's time to say goodbye."

Tristian raised his head wearily and glanced up aware he was still shivering. "I feel horrible."

Godric seemed to understand he wasn't talking about the cold. "Even through the destiny fate has dealt you, you are not a killer my son."

Tristian sighed, for a moment he was unwilling to let the warm that engulfed him go. Godric however helped him to his feet and wrapped him in his own large woollen cloak.

As father and son emerged Hermione and Ron stood. Hermione painfully aware that this was goodbye, while Ron was hoping above all hopes he would not have to let go again.

Godric let Tristian approach his friends alone aware of the younger wizard's need to have space.

"I guess this is goodbye then," Tristian murmured wrapping the cloak about his shoulders tightly. "Say hello and thank you to your family, Ron."

Ron nodded blinking furiously at the tears that threatened to flow. Not caring for the other Gryffindor's unease with hugs, Tristian wrapped his arms about Ron tightly. "I have to go."

"You can't leave me!" Ron muttered tearfully, fingers gripping harshly into Tristian's cloak. "Must you?"

Tristian nodded. "I fear I may have stayed too long already."

Reluctantly Ron let Tristian go and let him say his goodbyes to Hermione. Drying his eyes Tristian pulled a slim book from his cloak and handed it to Hermione. "I knew you wouldn't forgive me if I didn't write down my one time opportunity to live in medieval times. I figured you could read it and then give Ron a summary. You and I both know he'll never read it." Tristian glanced at his red haired friend who was grinning sheepishly.

"For you I just might," Ron muttered mutinously.

"Thank you," Hermione muttered as she took the book gingerly and turned it over. She contemplated the cover of the book and let her fingers trace over the delicate title page. "Hogwarts: A History According to Tristian Wolfe AKA Harry Potter."

As Tristian had predicted Hermione's started to water as she pulled Tristian into a rib breaking hug. "Thank you."

McGonagall stepped forward slowly, her immaculate bun pulled out and her stern face softened. "Mr. Potter."

"Thank you professor, for everything," Tristian offered her his hand. "I'm sure you'll rebuild the school perfectly and wherever Dumbledore is he would be proud."

McGonagall sniffed into her hanky and Tristian offered his hand to Madam Pomphrey who was fussing over Marguerite who had a vicious cut above her eye. "Thank you Madam Pomphrey, I know we Gryffindors very rarely show our appreciation. Think of it this way you no longer need to reserve my bed for me."

Madam Pomphrey smiled gently and Tristian turned once more to Ron and Hermione. "Expect a visit sometime!"

And then all was black.




Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: 12th May 1079 AD, 5:32am

Tristian curled up in his sheets and savoured the early morning comfort of the barely awake state. When the door to his bedchambers opened he moaned irritably and turned over pretending to be asleep. Small feet padded across the floor and by the time Tristian had counted to ten the dipped under the weight of his children.

"Papa! Papa!" Small hands tapped his face encouragingly.

"That's it Marcel he can't ignore that," one of his daughter's whispered. Tristian groaned through the insistent tapping on his cheeks.

"They're yours this morning," Marguerite murmured turning over and leaving him to the ministrations of his children. Tristian could have pouted but he dearly wished he could sleep for just another moment.

A small body was using his mid-section as a see-saw. Little feet had kicked his ribs twice. "Tickle his tummy Lewis, Papa can't stand that," Isa's voice said through Tristian's subconscious.

Not wanting to be left at the mercy of his son's tickling Tristian rolled over and sat up. "Happy now, Papa's awake." No sooner than he sat up Tristian found his lap full of two cheeky twin boys. "Yes good morning Marcel and Lewis," Tristian muttered ruffling the boy's curly black tufts. "You could have at least brushed the boys' hair before getting Papa out of bed."

Giselle, who was standing at the end of the bed, looked innocently at him. "Don't you remember what day today will be?"

Tristian blinked dumbly.

"Today you said we could visit Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron and his family," Liona informed him sternly. "And we want to play Quidditch with the boys. Grandmama Dupont never lets us doing anything remotely interesting."

Tristian grimaced.

"And you said Aunty Ginny had a new baby!" Isa squealed. "And I want to play with Cousin Alexandra." Tristian was not sure if Isa playing with Alexandra Weasley was good or bad. While his daughters seemed to have difficulty getting on with girls in medieval times they quickly befriended the Weasley children of the future. Alexandra Weasley just happened to be Fred Weasley's only daughter and only female grandchild… it went without saying that Alexandra was a handful at times and doted upon. Isa adored her 'Cousin Alexandra', which of course did not please his mother-in-law, her Ladyship Dupont.

Tristian rolled out of bed mindful of the two toddlers, Isa and Liona and pulled on a new shirt and smiled dotingly at his children. And decided, yes, life was good.




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