"Ah fuck, why do we have to repeat the last year?" Gum growled. The GG stood in front of the Tokyo High School. They were pushed back into school for no good reason; they were pushed back by the Rokkaku Police. Everyone was mad even Corn. He was the maddest. He knew a lot more then these teachers did and didn't want to go back into school again. Just thinking about Jr. High made him angry.

"So who's going in first?" Rhythm asked. Everyone looked at her after she asked. "Oh no, Not me!" she cried. "Yoyo isn't here, and I vote him to go in first" she made a plea to get her out of this mess. Everyone hummed about it and then they made a decision. Yoyo would be the first one to go in when he gets here.

Yoyo came in with wobbly legs. He would always wear his skates so he was kind of uneasy without them. His legs kept shaking as he walked towards the gang. "Yo, what's- up" Yoyo said trying not to fall over. Combo came by and blew on Yoyo's forehead. Yoyo leaned backwards, his fall was hard and he landed on his butt.

"Shit! Combo why did you do that?" Yoyo cried. The gang laughed at Yoyo's defeat. Corn came over to him to help him up after he was laughing at him. Yoyo thanked him for helping him but gave him a glare as he said 'thank you'.

"Yoyo, everyone made a decision and you're the first one to step in the school" Gum pointed out. Everyone nodded after Gum made her point. Yoyo's mouth dropped, his cheeks went red with anger, and then bam!

"What the fuck! Why me you mother fuckers! I mean shit! No way! I'm backing out of this!" Yoyo yelled. Everyone gave him a glare that meant 'we don't care'. Boogie and Garam pushed him into the double doors. Then Yoyo was the first one to fall in the school.

"See that wasn't so bad" Cube laughed as she helped Yoyo up from his fall. Gum dusted him off and said, "Yeah you just went first". Yoyo glared under his sunglasses and walked away from his annoying friends.

Corn quickly grabbed Yoyo and pushed him behind him. "I'm first to walk, then everyone else get into 'v' shape. Four on each side" Corn said and started walking. Everyone did what he told them to do. Yoyo, Gum, Beat, and Combo was on the right side. Boogie, Garam, Soda, and Rhythm were on the left side, while Cube stayed in the back looking out for any bullies to pick on them.

They walked this way all the way down to the office where they met the principle. Corn talked to the principle only and let the GG wander around the school. They stayed in their own group, no one left anyone's side. After their small walk around they met up with Corn outside of the office.

"This is the plan. Since there are ten of us each one will have a partner to stay with through the school year. We might switch if we get annoyed of each other. Alright here are the groups. Yoyo and Beat are together, Gum and I, Boogie and Garam, Cube and Rhythm, and Soda and Combo. So here's your schedules and were out!" Corn said as he handed the schedules to each person of the groups. He walked away with Gum as he said 'were out'. Everyone stared at each other and they went off.