Star stayed by Yoyo's side through the whole time Corn was gone, she watched Yoyo carefully making sure if he needed his bandages change or if he was overflowing with blood; nothing serious happened just his sweats. Every five minutes Star patted Yoyo's forehead with a white cloth to keep him from sweating. She sighed softly, she wasn't really for sure if he was okay but she had a guess he was doing fine. Star touched his hand and smiled, "I'm sorry for saying this Yoyo, but if you hadn't been hurt then I would never met such a nice man like Corn…"

Yoyo's eye popped open, "So you mean you're glad that I'm hurt?" Star jumped back almost falling out of her chair. Yoyo sat up with a smirk and pulled his glasses out of his hoodie pocket and placed them on. "Nah, don't worry if ya really like Corn that much so I guess its okay for being happy I'm hurt." Star tilted her head in confusion. "I don't get it either but I said it so I must have a little meaning to it" he laughed.

Star placed her hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry for saying that crude comment, please forgive me Yoyo." Yoyo shrugged his shoulders, "Oh, and you should just stay in bed for a little bit longer, well at least until Corn and the gang get back from school." Yoyo shrugged his shoulders once more, this time as in I don't care, which he didn't. Star sighed not really getting to Yoyo but at least she said something about it.

Yoyo stood up and stretched his arms and legs, "Thanks for staying by me but I'm fine now." He walked around a bit trying to see if he was able to live on for another day. "Damn those jocks can hit pretty hard, you should never cross paths with them." He cracked his neck, "But then again, you should never cross paths with the GGs either!" He smirked and kicked in the air, soon after that kick he fell to the ground. "Ow…"

Star quickly got to her feet and ran over to Yoyo. "Yoyo, are you alright?!" She helped him up to his feet. "I told you that you should stay in bed…" her voice was in concern. Yoyo made a 'meh' sound and walked towards the red couch without Star's help. He sat down and laid his back upon the back. Star sat in front of him, she sighed softly. "Do you need anything? Are you hurting anywhere? Do you need your bandages changed?" Yoyo shook his head. "Are you sure?" Yoyo nodded his head.

"Look, I'm fine, don't worry okay? If I needed anything then I—OH MY GOD!!!" Yoyo fell to the ground in a spasm. Star screamed and went to her knees next to him. "OHMI-BUWAHAHAHAHA!" Yoyo broke out in laughter and pointed at Star's troubled look. Her worried look turned into a vexed look and then she shook her head in disappointment. "That was so nice, you should've saw your face!" He said between laughs.

Star shook her head again, "That wasn't funny Yoyo. You really had me worried." She tried to block out the annoying and loud boy that was sprawling upon the floor. Yoyo finally calmed down after a few seconds and reseated himself back upon the couch. She glared at Yoyo and rolled her eyes. "Please just don't do that again…"

"Yes, that wasn't funny Yoyo, you scared us half to death."

Star and Yoyo turned around to see the GGs standing there with a glaring look too. Yoyo hid himself in the couch and covered his head with the hood. Star went over to Corn and smiled, "He was just playing a joke, please don't get mad at him." Corn sighed and walked over to the red couch and Yoyo. He set himself down on the arm of the couch and pulled down Yoyo's hood. Yoyo looked away quickly, Corn made a 'ptfh' sound and looked away also.

"What was that for?!" That sound had got Yoyo's attention.

"It's for you childish actions idiot." Beat sat down next to Yoyo. "Man I'm tired, I truly hate the subway trains and the crowds of the stations. I'm glad to be home again." Yoyo looked at Beat and then looked back over to Corn who was giving a raised eyebrow smirking look. "So how are you Yoyo? Doing anything later?"

Yoyo blushed and freaked out, he made the martial art moves, "WHAT?! I-I'm…um…well…staying home I think…?" Beat laughed and told Yoyo it was a joke. "AH! Of…course…a joke…heh…" Yoyo buried his flustered face into his hoodie.

"What was that sound for? Huh Yoyo? You wanna go out with Beat? I know a great spot for guys like you. It's called the Yaoi Bar." Beat and Yoyo both had nosebleeds and major blushing matters. The gang laughed for a moment, then soon their laughter subsided when they knew something was up, Beat and Yoyo kept glancing at each other and having more nosebleeds and their faces went redder.

Star gasped and raced over to Yoyo only at "her" first sign of blood. She wiped the blood from his nose with the white cloth and dabbed the blood from his chin. "You guys shouldn't do that, Yoyo's still needs his blood he shouldn't waste it." The gang looked at each other then sighed as Star didn't get what just happened. Corn chuckled and went behind the flustered boys and placed his hand upon their heads. He leaned down between them and whispered something into their ears.

Corn walked away and asked Star to follow him away. The gang watched Corn and Star walk away then they peeked at Beat and Yoyo. The boys were passed out upon the red couch, blood covered from the nose to the neck and their faces would cease to stop blushing. Gum nodded her head, "I have an idea what Corn had said to them. The only way to find out is to ask him and only him." Boogie stepped forward and poked at the boys' faces, "Wow they're really out of it…" Boogie turn to the walking off Gum. "Hey Gum, wait up! I wanna know too!" The rest of the gang had interest too and followed each other.