Epilogue to 'His Mechanic, Her Alchemist'

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Outside on the balcony, Winry pulled Ed towards her and kissed him deeply.

"I always told you, Edward Elric," She smiled, "that you would be the first person to know when I kissed someone."

Before Ed could lean in to kiss her back, there was cheering from the doors. Al, Scieszka, Mustang and the rest of the Military, all dressed up smartly, stood just inside, chapping and laughing and the happy couple, raising glasses to the them with cheers of 'Finally!'

"Hey, Fullmetal!" Jeered Mustang, "Looks like love's made you grow taller!"

Edward scowled, but only lightly. He had grown taller. Somehow, in the passed week, he'd shot up a full inch. Nobody knew quite why (perhaps in was because the automail no longer weighed him down) but he had, and was very smug about it.

"Haha, what's the big deal Mustang, you never seen a couple of kids in love before?" Ed jeered, turning his attentions back to Winry. "Go away guys."

"Careful, Fullmetal. You don't want her to outGROW you. Ha, haha…" Mustang laughed at his own joke, his laughter suddenly silenced by Hawkeye's dark glare. With a soft growl, she dropped the curtains; Winry and Ed were alone once again.

"Come along, Roy!" she hissed, dragging the colonel by his collar.

The rest of the spectators gasped.

"Did she… did she just call him Roy?" asked Fuery, gob-smacked.

"I-I think so…" Al stammered.

"HA! You know what that means!" cried Falman.

"Oh, the young love! The passion!" cried Armstrong, weeping into his moustache, "Such emotion!"

Al frowned. "Is he talking and Ed and Winry, or Roy and Riza?"

"Who knows?"

"Hey, wanna go spy on them?" Havoc suggested enthusiastically.

The group shuffled forward, but Hawkeye and Mustang had disappeared onto the other balcony. When they tried to peer through the curtains, a gun suddenly through a gap in the doors, and they hastily retreated.

"Aww…" moaned Havoc, "No fair… Well then, back to the ball I suppose."

Reluctantly, the group moved off in different directions. Al moved onto the dancefloor, and was immediately set upon by several young daughters of generals and commanding officers. Armstrong went to keep watch at the door. Denny Bloch had finally convinced Lt. Ross to come and have a coffee with him, and the two had already slipped off. Fuery, Falman and the other military officials made their way to the buffet table- all except Havoc, who stepped towards a nervous Scieszka, standing neatly at the side.

"Er… wannadancewivme?" He mumbled quickly.

Scieszka blushed and nodded eagerly, and shyly took his hand.

Riza removed her gun from the door and snapped it shut, sliding her weapon back into the holster beneath her long midnight blue dress. She'd let her hair out for the night, and it fell loosely down her back. Roy thought she'd never looked more beautiful.

"That ought to keep them out." She said blankly.

"Riza…" He started. He was about to say something about how beautiful she was, how much he cared about her, or even just smugly ask her what this was all about, knowing what the answer would be. So, his First Lieutenant had the hots for him. Figured- although most of the women who were besotted with him had never threatened him with a bullet, commanded him to do anything, or treated him so roughly. He had to remind himself that Riza was not simply another woman.

Naturally, that was not what she had to say.

"You're an idiot Roy," she hissed, "You need to grow up- you're up for the role of Fuhrer, for God's sake! All those stupid snide comments about Fullmetal and Miss Rockbell- they have something you'll never have!"

"Oh, really?" He said smugly, masking his disappointment, "What would that be?"

"Respect for one another." She said bluntly.

"You respect me."

"I do."

"I respect you."


"So we respect each other?"

"Well- I-" He was doing it again. That stupid, smug smile of his. It made her body tense and rigid. She was full of the desire to shoot something, preferably him. "There's more too it than that Roy!" She growled.

"Oh really, like what, Lieutenant?"

"Riza!" She glared.

"Riza then. What more do we need than respect- and first name basis?"

"I can't believe after all these years of service you're finally hitting on me!"

"I can't believe after all these years of service you're finally showing emotion."

"Anger, Roy. Anger at you."

"You're always angry at me."

"So nothing's changed!" She scowled. "Anyway. I don't even like you!"

"Oh, that's a shame." He smiled complacently, not believing her for a minute, "Because I love you."

And before she could utter a word of complaint, Colonel Roy Mustang had seized his first Lieutenant and kissed her long and hard.


"It's not all over, is it Ed?" mused Winry sadly, sitting down on the side.

"Huh? Oh, you mean the trouble in Ishbal?" He sat down beside her glumly, "'Spose not, but it ain't really a war, and I'm sure Mustang and the others will be able to deal with it."

Winry frowned, a ripple deepened in her brow, "'Mustang and the others'?" she asked, "What about you?"
"Me? I'm resigning tomorrow! I only held on this long because of this fancy do."

"You're… you're resigning?" she stammered, a flicker of hope alight in her voice. "Really?"

"Of course! There's certainly nothing to keep me here- and there's a lot back home that's very tempting."

Winry struggled to keep back the tears of happiness shining in her voice. "Home?" She said.

"Yeah! Al and I have been talking, and we said 'screw the military, we're going back to home!' So we're leaving for Risenbool as soon as we can. Like tomorrow. Neither of us have much stuff. And we decided that we're gonna rebuild our house again, and stay there- well, permenantly. The rest of the world's just too much trouble."

Suppressing a squeal of delight, Winry threw her arms around Ed and kissed him. He was coming home! Back with her!

"OK… I guess you're happy." He said, pulling back slightly.

"Not really." She chirped, but her smile told him otherwise. "If I had a wrench, I'd whack you with it for not thinking of this sooner."

"Are you going to hit me all the time when we go back?"

"Only when you deserve it."

"Oh. Hey, er, Win?" Ed inched back, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably, "you know when I was about to go face the homunculi, and I asked you to the ball, and you said- you know, said that thing that you said. Were you serious? Because, you know, I do…" He trailed off. The tension enough in Ed's voice was enough to send Winry into peels of laughter.

"Edward Elric," she beamed, "Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Well, I'm kinda trying… and I know we're young and all, so it's more of a 'will you marry me, someday' but we've already wasted so much time, and it's not like we don't know each other! So, I just wanted to ask, you know, as a matter of interest…"

Here was Edward Elric, the child prodigy, the Fullmetal alchemist, mumbling as he tried to talk to a girl he'd known all his life. Winry thought it was unbelievably cute, and rained her thoughts down on him in a shower of deep kisses.

"Um… is that a yes?" Ed asked uncertainly.

"No, Ed," she said sarcastically, "Well of course it is! It's hardly a no, is it? Honestly!" She rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Well I don't know!" He objected loudly, "Girls are confusing! Especially you! They say yes when they mean no and no when they mean yes… least that's what Mustang says, but then again, he is an idiot, and I suppose-"



"Just shut up and kiss me."

"No complaints there." He said with a smirk that rivalled Mustang's, and happily obliged her.


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