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Dean closed his eyes and let the warmth of the Florida sun bath his skin. Now this was more like it. Lying on the beach and basking in the sun and beauty of it all. Opening one eye Dean looked over at a bunch of bikini clad girls jumping in the waves. Yep, defiantly more like it.

"You know I could get used to this whole holiday thing. Beach, babes, bikinis." Dean sighed.

Sam who was lying next to his brother topless smiled, "Yeah it is great."

The older hunter looked across from where they were laying in the sand to two girls sitting on a picnic blanket not far from them. One of the girls had brown hair, the other red. The brunette had one arm clutching to a two foot tall blow up giraffe that was wearing a bandana and a black mustache. The red head was wearing a black cowboy hat with a flashing star on the front and Dean could swear that he could hear the lyrics of 'You're The One That I Want' from the movie Grease. There was a bottle of baileys lying next to them. 'Crazy drunk chicks'.

Dean shook his head and turned to his brother, "And I thought the freaks only came out at night." He chuckled.

Sam looked to where his brother was looking and smirked, "I don't know Dean. They look like your type."

"Oh yeah and what's my type Sammy?"

"Anything with breasts and a pulse." Sam laughed.

"You're just jealous because I get more than you." Dean countered.

The younger hunter smirked at his brother, reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a few pieces of paper. He waved them in front of his brother and then smirked, "This one here is from Kelly," he said waving around one of the pieces, "This one is from Cindy. Alina, Tara, Rachel." Sam smirked waving the papers around, "Rose and Crystal."

Dean raised an eyebrow and the snatched some of the papers. There was no question that they were girls' phone numbers. The curvy writing and little love hearts and stars gave it away. The older Winchester gapped at his little brother's smirking face.

"Wha- How?" Dean gapped.

Sam chuckled at the disbelieving look on his brother's face, "You're the one who's always telling me to have some fun. Besides I figured it was about time I put you back in your place. I told you I was the hotter brother." Sam chuckled.

Sam had decided to beat his brother at his own game. When Dean had been half asleep in the sand he had snuck off to chat up a bunch of girls who were coming out of the small beach café he was on his way to. A few choice words, a certain set of puppy dog eyes and a display of sex appeal that he rarely showed anyone and bang a whole bunch of numbers. Sam had smiled triumphantly when he got the numbers. According to his older brother it was the puppy eyes but Sam had sex appeal. Really he did, no matter what Dean said.

What Dean didn't need to know that the numbers that belonged to Rose and Crystal were actually the numbers of the old ladies who worked in the café. He had pointed his sleeping brother out and told them some story about Dean getting dumped by his girlfriend and being a really good guy who just needed a little company.

"You keep thinking that Sammy boy. But we both know that's never going to happen. Hell even when I die I'll still be hotter than you," Dean poked his tongue out at his brother's scowl, "And put your top back on. You're scaring the kids." He chuckled when his brother blushed.

"It's like a thousand degrees out here Dean!"

"And the children are crying Sammy."

"Bite me."

Dean laughed. Actually Sam was right. The weather on the beach where they currently lay was boiling. He was feeling it more than Sam too as he was wearing a grey wife beater. He might say that chicks dig the scars that adorned his body but still, it wasn't like he was going to showcase them on a public beach. Especially with the stitched up wound, bruising on his torso and cuts across his back. No, just no. It would just bring questions and strange looks. Both they could do without.

The older hunter turned back to the girls sitting down from them. They had just launched into another song from the almighty Grease soundtrack. Listening closely he picked up the words from 'We Go Together'. Dean tapped his foot slightly and sang along in his head. So yeah his music taste consisted mostly of mullet rock, but still things like the Grease soundtrack were classics and as far as he knew everyone should know they lyrics.

"Are you humming Grease?" Sad asked incredulously.

Dean eyes widened for a split second with shock before he tamed his face. Shit had he really been humming? Oh well, may as well go with it, "Yeah. You got a problem with that college boy?"

"No. No. Just, you and Grease?" Sam snickered. He just had this disturbing image of Dean dressed up like John Travolta, hair and all.

"It's better than the crap you listen to." Dean countered.

"Hey! I never said I didn't like Grease. It's a classic."

Dean nodded his head, "Damn straight."

The brother's sat quietly for a few moments before Dean started mumbling the lyrics to 'Grease Lightning' his favourite song from the whole movie. Sam heard his brother mumbling and smiled. Dean had his eyes closed and a small smile on his face and Sam realized he was happy. Smiling to himself Sam started mumbling the words along with his brother.

Dean opened one eye and glared at the younger Winchester. Sam had a light sparkling in his eyes that Dean couldn't ignore so he raised his voice from a mumble into actually singing, Sam raising his right along with him.

"Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile. Grease lighting, go grease lightning." The brother's sang together in mock John Travolta voices, "Go grease lightning you're coasting through the heat lap trial. Go grease lightning, go grease lightning. You are supreme, uh uh, the chicks'll cream, uh uh, for grease lightning."

By the time they were half way through the song they were singing loudly with wicked grins on their faces, sitting up and doing the arm movements. Not to mention attracting attention from a few passerby's. The boys couldn't care less though, they were having a bloody blast.

They were starting the last chorus when they heard new voices join theirs. Looking over they saw the two drunken chicks standing up, singing and dancing in sync along with them. Okay so maybe they were singing louder than they had thought.

When the song ended both brother's and the two girls cracked up laughing. The two girls fell back onto their picnic blanket laughing their heads off, poured themselves some more Baileys and toasted the boys. Sam and Dean also fell back onto the sand still smiling like idiots and toasted the girls with their beers.

Dean relished the sound of his little brother laughing so carefree. It had been a long time since he had heard his brother laugh so free and easy.

Wiping tears from his eyes Sam turned to the older hunter, "Ahh man you should be a John Travolta or Elvis impersonator. Seriously I thought I was next to the real thing for a minute." He chuckled, the light still shining in his eyes.

"You can talk. Who knew my baby brother had rhythm?"

"Yeah I don't know where I get it from. Have you ever seen Dad dance?" Sam shuddered. Accidentally stepping into the kitchen and catching his father dancing was one of his more disturbing memories. He didn't think that John had known that anyone was home. Sam remembered covering his mouth and sneaking away, out the front door and into the driveway before breaking into hysterics.

Dean raised an eyebrow and stared at his brother, "Now would that be when he is imitating Tom Cruise from Risky Business or when he's doing the robot?" he asked with such a serious tone that Sam couldn't help but crack up again. Apparently Dean had seen his father dance.

"I think it was mixture of both." Sam laughed as he remembered the song father had been dancing to, "He was dancing to The Pointer Sister's I'm So Excited." He stated off handedly.

Dean who had been drinking beer when his brother made the comment, choked with laughter and spat the beer all over himself. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand he looked at his brother, "He wasn't singing in a hairbrush was he? Because if he was I think I just lost faith in the man."

"Nah. He was going for it though. I would have thought he was possessed if I hadn't seen him cleaning the Glock at the same time. I've never seen him so loose. Shit it was funny."

Their laughter died down to small smiles and they sat quietly watching the water in front of them. This was the kind of normal that Sam had wanted when he was younger. It didn't have to be the white picket fence and dog in the backyard. More just time spent casually with his father and brother while not hunting. It was this kind of peace he had been looking for.

"We're going to find Dad Sam." Dean said.

"I know."

"Until then it's just you and me buddy boy," Dean said. He took another swig of his beer and drained the rest of the bottle, "Hey Sam come here. I gotta secret for you."

Sam leant closer to his brother. Dean was quiet for a second and Sam was about to prod him along when Dean leant right up to his ear and belched.

Dean moved back laughing as his brother swung at him with a disgusted look on his face, "Sammy you always fall for that! When the hell are young going to learn!"

"Dude you are so immature!" Sam cried out and swung at his brother again this time hitting him.

"Yeah whatever." Dean said unconsciously rubbing his arm, "But the ladies love it. Now speaking of ladies, I'll catch you later."

"Where are you going?" Sam asked then followed Dean's line of sight the two girls on the picnic blanket, "I thought you were said they were freaks." He couldn't help but say.

Dean turned back to him and waggled his eyebrows suggestively, "They are. But the freaks are always wild in bed Sammy. And they look like fun." Dean said standing up and rubbing the sand off his legs, "How about you go chat up those sweet old café ladies again?"

"What?" Sam asked trying to keep his voice unreadable. How the hell did Dean know he had gotten two of the numbers from the old café workers!

"Contrary to popular belief I'm not stupid as stupid as I look Sammy. Now if you'll excuse me." Dean said and made his way over to the two girls.

Sam stared at his brother slack jawed. Okay, that right there was creepy. Maybe he wasn't the only psychic in the family. Still Dean, as annoying as he could be, was still his family. They would find their father sooner or later, but until then it was him and Dean against the world. And Sam couldn't have been happier about it.

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His brother's screams pierced through his heart like jagged glass. Sam clenched his eyes shut tightly against a sound he never should have to hear. Ever. Dean's screams were blood curdling and Sam fought against his bonds, to try and get to his brother, but like every time he had done so for the last few days his struggles came to no avail.

"Stop it! Please stop it!" Sam bit out. He couldn't take it anymore. This was all his fault! They never should have taken this job but he had insisted. Stupid Sam! Very fucking stupid!

A laugh that was so evil it shouldn't have belonged to the human who owned it answered his pathetic attempt to stop his brother's pain.

"Stop? Now why would I do that when Deannie here is having so much fun." Their captor asked his voice cruel and playful at the same time, "Deannie you don't want this to stop do you?" he quizzed the now silent Winchester.

Dean glared at his captor and if looks could kill the man in front of him would be six feet under already. However his captor didn't seem to think that Dean's lack of response was amusing and he backhanded Dean across the face. Hard. The sound of flesh hitting flesh was heard as Dean's head whipped to the side with so much force he swore he had whiplash. Little birds and stars danced in front of his eyes and black coated the edge of his vision. He wanted to pass out right then and there, escape this too real nightmare, but he knew he couldn't. If he passed out his captor would get bored very quickly and would move onto Sam. He wouldn't, couldn't, let that happen. Panting to stay conscious Dean shook his head both to stay awake and to give his captor an answer.

"See Sammy. I told you Deannie didn't want to stop the fun." The man sneered at the youngest Winchester, "Don't interrupt again. Now where were we?" he asked Dean in a singsong voice, "Oh that's right." He smiled and turned his back on Sam again so he was fully facing the older hunter again.