"I can't stay here Hermione! And you and everyone else should know that!" Harry was

on a role now.

Hermione was about to break down and cry but for Harry's sack and as well as her sanity she stayed quit in fear that even if she could

she would loose her lunch just the same.

She knew that Harry needed to leave London for he defeated the dark lord and some stray death eaters threatened to kill all he loved.

He was leaving for America with a new look thanks to some spells along with a attitude charm so he would act like a fucking

prat and be almost as smart as her but no guts!

The name was as annoying s his new attitude. He was leaving and that meant the wizzarding world too.

She told him she loved him and that was the last thing she said to him for over ten years.

He toke one step towards his new life as a watcher and as Wesley.