Title: Meant To Be
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: T or PG-13 for implied yaoi
Pairing: AsuKira, AthrunKira

Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: this is poorly-written and I don't even know if my logic is right, but even though, I'm happy with this, so please bear with my huge self-confidence. T3T it's been so long since I've last written an AsuKira fic. I have another one in my head that I still need to write. X3

Meant To Be

If it were meant to be, then do we have a choice?

Kira asked himself so many times, has wondered for so long why he was feeling this way.

Wasn't he supposed to be happy with Lacus? Wasn't Lacus supposed to be happy with him? And weren't they supposed to live happily ever after? It was sort of a chain reaction, really. He wasn't happy with Lacus. Lacus wasn't happy if he wasn't happy. And because of that, 'happily ever after' was just a faraway dream.

Why wasn't he happy? If he were to marry Lacus, he would have everything a man would want in his wife.

But he supposed, that was the problem. He didn't want a wife.

He wanted Athrun.

And that was another problem. Athrun, just like that 'happily ever after', was also an unattainable dream. Kira has always felt so foolish for combining those two things whenever he would start to dream.

How could Kira even hope that he could live happily ever after with Athrun?

He was supposed to be with Lacus. Wasn't he supposed to be with her? Supposed to love her, live with her, die with her? After all, it was meant to be. Maybe they were really meant to be together, but that didn't mean that Kira was meant to love her like that through sickness and in health.

Did it?

What about Athrun? Wasn't Athrun supposed to be with Cagalli? If they were meant to be together, then what role did Kira play in Athrun's life? The best friend? The Best Man? If they were meant to be together, then why did Kira keep on wanting to intervene with that destiny?

Maybe Kira was meant to think that way, feel that way, while the Fates continued on with their job. He was meant to be with Lacus, was meant not to love Lacus like that, was meant to love Athrun like that, was meant to want to throw away the path already planned out for him, while Athrun was meant to be with Cagalli, was meant to love Cagalli like that, was meant to live life while never knowing about his friend's feelings for him.

Is that their destiny then?

But when Athrun walked up to him one day, pushed him against the wall and proceeded to kiss him, there was only thing Kira could think of.

Screw destiny.

- owari -