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Fifty years later

Three familiar old couples, sitting around a Scrabble board, watched as the figures of Paige, Coop and Patty heart-orbed out before turning back to their game. While Leo decided what word he could make out of his letters, Piper got up and left the room. The others watched her, but also watched as Leo got his triple score anyway when he was able to spell out "Xanadu".

While everyone groaned at him for including an Olivia Newton-John movie from the 1970's and Phoebe decided on her next play, Piper returned, carrying the Book of Shadows. Immediately her sisters looked worried. "Is there a demon the kids need help fighting?" asked Paige.

Piper shook her head. "No, the kids are doing just fine, much better than we ever did, in fact. It's just that after seeing young Paige and young Coop, even seeing Mom again, I think we should write down everything that has happened since you, Paige, and you, Coop, were the ones doing the visiting, along with everything else we want to pass down to future generations, so we can pass the Book of Shadows down to them, like it was passed down to us."

Leo nodded. "You guys have told our kids and our grandkids the stories over and over again. They know them almost as well as you do. But it's a good idea to have them written down for our grandkids' kids and their kids."

Paige nodded, then turned to her other sister. "Phoebe," she suggested, "since you're the one who started this whole thing by finding the Book of Shadows, why don't you go first?"

Phoebe nodded and began looking through the Book for a blank page, her hand caressing the Book when she found certain pages that meant a lot to her. When she finally found a blank page, Coop picked up the pen he'd been using to keep score and passed it to her.

"Why don't you read as you write?" Henry suggested. "That way we can all hear what you're writing and none of you will duplicate what you write," and everyone thought that was a great idea.

So as Phoebe wrote, she also spoke: "So much happened after the Angel of Destiny rewarded us for a job well done. So much was gained, so much was lost, but it was all worth it," and everyone nodded in contented agreement.

Looking up to smile at Coop, Phoebe returned to her writing. "After Coop gave up his powers as a cupid, I was finally able to have the big huge church wedding that I always wanted. I patterned my dress after the one I wore as the Goddess of Love and that's what I felt like when the minister pronounced us man and wife. I knew that I could finally stop looking for love," and Coop reached out to squeeze her hand. She smiled at him, then continued. "Thanks to that love, I was finally able to have the special little girl who I thought I would never have. Patty is indeed the joy of my life, but then so is her younger sister Prue and their younger sister Penny, the other two little girls that Coop's and my love created. They have grown to be beautiful, loving women with careers of their own, families of their own and powers of their own. Because they are three sisters descended from Melinda Warren, they can also harness the Power of Three. I never dreamed that I would be the mother of the next set of Charmed Ones, but I am. And because despite being mortal, Coop was able to pass his cupid powers to his daughters, Patricia, Prudence and Penelope care for innocents and take care of them much more than my sisters and I ever did, as will their daughters after them," and the others all had to agree with that.

"Talk about our jobs," Coop suggested.

Phoebe grinned and began to write again, still reading her words as she did: "I continued to work at the Bay Mirror, giving out advice, until it was time to retire, but I soon shared my office and my byline with a very special co-worker. Shortly after our marriage, the old banners that used to read 'Ask Phoebe', instead read 'Ladies, Ask Phoebe!--Guys, Ask Coop!' All of Coop's experiences as a cupid helped me give even better advice on love, and even helped me write my best-seller 'Finding Love'." and everyone clapped as she signed "Phoebe Halliwell" beneath her words with a flourish.

Paige couldn't help it. She grabbed the pen from her sister and began to write, also reading aloud: "Thanks to Coop's love, Phoebe indeed became an expert on finding love, helping all of our children find their own true loves. That kept her busy during the demon truce, just as the Angel of Destiny knew it would. For me, life without demons opened up new avenues for me and Henry. Henry continued to look after his parolees, including one who ended up being our daughter-in-law! Henry eventually became a captain before retiring and still made time to help me with Henry Jr. and our twins, Charlotte and Cassandra, named after Melinda Warren's mother and granddaughter. Since I was made full-whitelighter by the Angel of Destiny, all three are all half-whitelighters with powers similar to what I had before the Big Battle that Never Was, and use them to do all they can to help their cousins, the next set of Charmed Ones, just like Piper's kids do. Hank, Char and Cass learned how to do that from me, because I was able to help the next generation of witches come into their own, something I enjoyed doing and found completely fulfilling," and everyone clapped as she proudly signed: "Paige Matthews-Mitchell," adding a triquetra after her name.

This time it was Piper who grabbed the pen from her sister and began to write, also reading aloud. "Paige was able to pass on all she learned as a whitelighter and as a Charmed One, not just to her children or mine or Phoebe's, but also to other future witches and whitelighters. When the demon truce was finally over, the next generation of Halliwells didn't have to fight them alone, so they all have more than enough time for their own lives, including their careers and their families," and everyone agreed with that, too.

Piper continued. "While the truce was in place, I was finally able to go back to my roots and cook things other than potions, finally opening up 'Piper's', the restaurant I always wanted to have, while continuing to run P3."

"Talk about Leo!" cried Paige.

"And Wyatt," added Henry with a smile.

"And Chris and Bianca," and Coop grinned at Phoebe.

Piper nodded and continued to write, still reading aloud as she did. "Since the Angel of Destiny finally gave Leo an identity in this time period, he was able to go back to school and become a doctor, so he could continue to heal people as has always been his destiny. By the time we were ready to retire, he was the head of surgery at San Francisco General, but by that time we both had help. Melinda has taken over running Piper's and Wyatt is now a doctor, using both his knowledge and his powers to continue his father's destiny of healing, while Chris took over running P3. He was the first of the next generation that found love--he is very happily married to his one true love. Bianca is not a Phoenix. When she came back to our time to try to bring Chris back to Wyatt in the future, she scared her mother so much, that her mother ran away with Young Bianca, so Bianca was never initiated into the Phoenix cult and never received her powers. Instead she is a cop, playing the same role with the next generation that Darryl played with us, although much closer than Darryl ever was!"

"Amen!" agreed Phoebe as she and Coop remembered what it was like to help bring those two together.

Smiling, Piper finished the entry: "Although we've had our struggles and our heartaches, we are a family of survivors—Charmed forever."

"AMEN!" declared the others, as she proudly signed, "Piper Halliwell-Wyatt" with a flourish and then closed the Book.

Suddenly the front door flew open and all nine of the next generation of Halliwells and their spouses, along with a whole crowd of grandkids ran into the room. The grandkids each ran to hug their grandparents, while their parents stood in the doorway and proudly, lovingly watched.

One little granddaughter ran in last, one with raven-black hair that fell to her shoulders, electric-blue eyes and a mole in just the right spot, dressed in a bright red dress. Seeing her brother and sister and cousins hugging Piper and Leo, she hugged her dad instead.

Chris looked down and smiled, "You left the door open, Prue!" so the youngest Halliwell turned back towards the foyer and waved her arm.

The front door of the Manor magically closed.


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