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Beast Boy awoke, hearing the light beeping of medical monitors. It took him a moment to realize where he was. When he did, he immediately sat up, looking around. The other titans, who were gathered around what he guessed was Raven, noticed.

"What the hell happened, B?" Cyborg asked as he walked over to him.

"How is she?" he asked, ignoring the question for the moment.

"She's... alive. Now what happened?"

Beast Boy explained everything about the book as fast as he could, not leaving out one tiny detail. Cyborg gasped as he told him about the possesion and stabbing Raven. A small tear fell down BB's cheek when he finished. Cyborg patted him on the back and allowed him to see Raven. BB gasped upon seeing her. She was hooked up to what seemed like every machine they had. He took her hand. It was paler than usual and felt very fragile. It was then that he noticed that his own clothes were stained in her dried blood.

"How... how long has it been?"

"6 hours."

He looked down at Raven. She looked so horribly sick, but she also looked peaceful. Like a sleeping angel. He frowned.

"Is she gonna be okay, Cy?"

"I can't promise anything, B."

Tears fell down Beast Boy's face which he couldn't control. Cyborg patted him on the back, frowning.

"We'll leave you alone for a while."

The three left, leaving Beast Boy alone with Raven. He sat there for hours., not letting go of her helpless hand for a second. Starfire brought him dinner after what seemed like years. He poked at the tofu mindlessly, not dropping Raven's hand.

"Are you alright, friend?" She asked him, frowning.

"Of course not, Star. How could I be?"

She frowned again. "I'm sure she will heal soon, friend Beast Boy."

He smiled gratefully for the support. She smiled in return, leaving him again. Beast Boy stayed like this for two days, leaving only twice for bathroom breaks. After what seemed like an eternity, he noticed Raven stirring. He gasped.


She slowly opened her eyes.

"Huh? Where... where am I?"

"Raven! You're okay!"

He threw his arms around her, pulling her into a big hug.

"Beast Boy... wait... what happened?"

"You got stabbed, Raven. By me."

"The book,"she mumbled.

"Yes. What was that, Rae?"

"I think I figured it out. All that stuff you did for me... it was from the book, wasn't it?"


"The book wasn't just a book, Beast Boy. It changed to the pleasure of the reader. It was alive, and it knew you were following it like a manual. It decided to have a little fun, change the ending, and well... possess you."


"That's not it. It possessed me too."


"Didn't you notice? My powers weren't out of control. I did so many things I never would've done: cry so much, for example, and nothing blew up."

"Of course I noticed. I just figured you got control or something."

"No, Beast Boy. I had to the respond the way the girl in the book did. The way the book wanted me to."

"So, that wasn't you?"

"Not all of it."

"So, you don't really like me. You still hate me."

"I never hated you, Beast Boy."

"But you don't like me... the way I like you."

He frowned at her. She gave him a weak smile.

"If I didn't, you never would've gotten the book in the first place. Beast Boy, I am much more experienced with magic like the kind the book had than you are. The book could only do what I let it."

"You mean... you really do... love me?"

She smiled weakly again.

"Yes, I do."

He grinned widely, leaning forward and placing a quick kiss on her lips.

"Thank the lord!" He exclaimed, causing Raven to laugh, resulting in a hacking cough.

"Are you okay?"
Raven nodded, shutting her eyes.

"Rest. I'll wait for you."

She smiled again, keeping her eyes shut. After a couple minutes, Beast Boy could tell by her slowed breathing that she was asleep. He watched her sleep so beautifully. When she woke again, he was still there, holding her hand.

"Thank you... for staying."

"Of course, got nothing better to do."

For the next couple of weeks, Raven was confined to bedrest, waiting until she gathered enough strength to heal herself. Beast Boy never left her side. He reading to her, telling her jokes, or just talking. Finally, she mustered the strength to heal herself. It took hours. Beast Boy stayed in the room, watching her float in the air surrounded by her black energy. When it was over, she fell to the bed, exhausted. The next day, Raven had her energy back. She was fully healed and very happy. She and Beast Boy spent the day together, not leaving each other's company. That night, BB walked Raven to her room.

"Rae, do you seriously love me?"

"Yes. It pains me to admit it, but yes. Do you really love me, Beast Boy?"

"Yes. And it far from pains me to admit it."

"Well," Raven thought,"I guess miracles really do happen!"

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