Color my Naruto

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Rainbow Brite, 'cuz if I did, this would have already happened in the billion and one episodes of filler in Naruto.

Ryu: Alright, don't even start. I just got this idea for a fun little story, so I'm writing it. I'll get back to serious stuff soon, promise.

Gaara: Yeah, right…

Ryu: Shhhh! They'll throw stuff at me again! Hides behind him

Gaara: Hey! Don't hide behind me!

Chapter 1: You mean, you're REAL!

It was a boring summer day in Konoha. Clouds drifted overhead, birds sang, and the world was quiet. Too quiet for some people's taste.

"GAHHHHHH! It's BORING!" cried a voice attached to a mass of blonde hair, big blue eyes and whisker marks. Uzumaki Naruto sat up from his position on the grass and looked around at the other seven faces around him. Uchiha Sasuke was lying there, looking sleepy, with his eyes closed. Yamanaka Ino sat up and nodded her agreement. Tenten and Gaara were both napping, Gaara using his gourd to lean against. Tenten was using Gaara's stomach as a pillow, and, even more astonishing, Gaara didn't seem to mind at all. Hyuuga Neji was draped on his stomach over a rock, looking hot, sticky, and shooting glares at Rock Lee, who was attempting to get him to do jumping jacks with him. Aburame Shino just gazed up, and pretended that the others didn't exist. That's why he was the first one to see the sight. He sat up and stared, sure that his eyes were playing tricks on him in the heat.

Naruto and Ino were chatting on about what they could do when Shino's startled voice broke in. "Hey, guys. What's that?"

The strangeness of his voice even woke up the napping. Tenten, still comfy on Gaara's stomach, rubbed her eyes. "What's up?"

Shino pointed to the sky, and everyone looked up.

"That's weird."

"It's a solid rainbow."

"I thought rainbows were see-thru."

"Um, guys? Doesn't it look like it's coming this way?"

Ino turned to Tenten. "Hey, doesn't that remind you of that old kid's show, Rainbow Brite?"

"Yeah, it does."

Ino leaned in to her. "I know for a fact that at least three of the guys here watched it as a kid too."

Tenten covered her mouth quickly. "You're kidding!"


The two of them giggled for a second, then stopped abruptly when the guys looked at them.

The eight of them stood, watching, as the strange rainbow weaved its way toward them. Suddenly, it landed directly in front of them, and a small, blonde girl riding a large white horse with a rainbow mane and tail, stepped off the rainbow.

"Hi. I'm Rainbow Brite!" she said in a cheery, light voice.

Ino broke the silence first. "You…you mean…"

Eight voices were heard in unison. "You're REAL!"

End Chapter 1

Ryu: Yeah, yeah. Short chapter. The next on will be longer. Promise.