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Ryu: Yay! Chapter 3! Any guesses about the three guys who watched the show? You know, thinking about it, in Chapter 2, when Canary said she wanted someone like her, she picked you right?

Gaara: Yeah…

Ryu: Doesn't that just make you wonder about her?

Etna: Yeah, good point…

Count D: That's minorly frightening.

Gaara: Hey! Don't forget about the info session.

Ryu: Oh, yeah! Ok, for all you younglings…Geez, saying that makes me feel old.

Gaara: It's ok. None of them really know how old you are, I think.

Ryu: True. Anyway, for those of you who DIDN'T grow up with Rainbow Brite, here's a quick rundown. Rainbow Brite lives in Rainbow Land. She and the Color Kids bring color to the world using color stars called Star Sprinkles. Each Color Kid represents one of the colors of the rainbow. They dress in their color, and their hair is that color too. For colors that aren't of the rainbow, they mix Star Sprinkles. There are five girls, two guys. The outfits the Naruto characters are wearing is the closest thing to what that Color Kid wears. (BTW, the choosing of which character went with each kid was completely random. Don't kill me!) Anyway, for more info, read some Rainbow Brite fanfiction. I think there's a couple.

Gaara: There. Now you can rest easy.

Ryu: Please. You know that someone is gonna hunt me down and kill me for putting (name of character) in (name of color and outfit). Fill in the blanks. There's plenty. I can already hear the Neji people chanting: 'Kill Ryu! Kill Ryu!'

Gaara: That reminds me. You forgot the rainbow colored boots that Neji is wearing. You know, the ones that go to the knee.

Ryu: You had to mention that, didn't you? Now they WILL kill me!

Gaara: Don't worry. They can't get by my sand.

Ryu: You've never met a Neji fangirl, have you?

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Chapter 3: Alone with Questions

They went downstairs one at a time sliding down the rainbow pole. When the last person got downstairs, they all sat down, except Rainbow. Rainbow walked over to the door and let in eight sprites, one for each of the colors, and a white one with rainbow arms and legs. They looked at the newcomers, then dove behind their respective friends.

"These are the color sprites. They work in the mines, collecting color for the Star Sprinkles. In order from the top of the rainbow to me, they are: Red – Romeo, Orange – Mango, Yellow – Spark, Green – Lucky, Blue – Champ, Indigo – Hammy, Violet – IQ, and Rainbow – Twink." Rainbow pulled each sprite out as she said it's name. "Well, that's it. The sprites are in the mines early, so you won't usually see them." Twink whispered something to Rainbow. "Oh, right. Your jobs. It's pretty simple. Rainbow here," she pointed to Neji. The rest of the group tried not to laugh. "He tells you where to color up, and the rest of you do it. That simple."

She and the colorful kids walked out the door. The Konoha group, and Sand, ran out after them, and got outside just in time to see the group taking off on a rainbow. Rainbow and the kids waved. Sasuke ran after them, yelling.

"Wait a minute! We never agreed to this!" But they were gone.

The rainbow sprite came over. "That doesn't matter. You have to now, or else the world will become devoid of color. You can't let that happen."

The group looked around themselves and sighed. "I guess we have no choice," said Neji. "Hey, wait a minute. How do I know where needs color? She never told me!"

Twink took his hand. "Don't worry Rainbow. I'll show you."

Twink squeaked as his feet left the floor. In a split-second he was face-to-face with Neji.

"It's NEJI. Not Rainbow, not Brite, not anything but NEJI. Call me anything else, and I'll chakra cook you and feed you to Akamaru, got it?" Neji growled.

The little sprite nodded vigorously. "Got it Rai-, I mean, Neji."


He let go of the sprite, which dove out of arm's reach rather quickly. Then Twink motioned for everyone to follow him. He led them to the center of the tower. There stood eight what looked like computers, in a way. There was one for each color, and one rainbow one.

"The rainbow one is for you," Twink said to Neji. "This shows where the color is needed in the world." He moved over to the seven other computers. "These are for the rest of you. This is called the color console. It keeps the colors here in bright shape, and slows down the fading of color on our planets. It also can be used as a distress signal, letting Rai-, I mean, Neji here, know of danger in Rainbow Land." Neji growled low. Twink heard it and ran out the door, calling back behind him, "Well, that's it. Have fun!"

Just after he left, Ino thought of something. "Hey, can you do the rainbow flyer? If you can, we're in decent shape."

Neji looked down at the belt. He hesitantly reached down and pressed the star. A short section of rainbow popped out and settled in front of the group. Ino was already on the move.

"Ok, perfect. Now, Star Sprinkles, Star Sprinkles," she muttered to herself, wandering around the room. Finding the bags, she passed them out to everyone. Tenten grabbed a few in each hand, noticing the shape, size, and weight were about the same as her usual practice throwing stars. Ino was still bustling about, now tapping keys on the Color Console. Everyone looked at her strangely. Catching their eyes, she rounded on them. "What? We're stuck here, and we are just going to have to do this. If we don't, who will?"

Sasuke couldn't take it anymore. "Great! Don't worry everyone, we don't need Rainbow Brite, we have Rainbow Ino!"

Ino turned slowly. "What was that, Sasuke?" Acid dripped from her voice.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, he was too absorbed in his own little tirade, so he failed to notice the acid. "Hey, Neji, maybe you and Ino should switch jobs. She seems to be just fine leading this fucking group acid trip!" He turned his back to Ino.

Big mistake.


Sasuke turned to Ino, who had another Star Sprinkle in her hand, ready. His back to the others, they saw what she had done. A patch of his hair was bright indigo. Naruto couldn't help himself. He laughed out loud.

That started it.

Sasuke whipped around and smacked Naruto right in the side of the head with an orange Star Sprinkle, turning that section of his hair orange. Naruto countered with a blue Sprinkle, but missed and hit Gaara in the chest, changing part of his outfit blue. Neji was trying to hit Ino with a white Sprinkle, missed and shot Lee right in the face, bleaching all color out of his eyebrows. Lee tossed two violet, missed his target, and hit Shino. Shino, amazingly, took this rather badly. He started flinging red at random people. Gaara used his sand to fire off yellow at anything that turned towards him. Neji, Ino and Sasuke were squaring off, being hit by each other and everyone else's colors. Tenten, still unscathed, just sat back and laughed. Gaara, noticing this, pulled a hook shot, turning one of Tenten's buns yellow. She turned towards him, and fired off a green. Gaara dodged it, laughing. (Yes, LAUGHING) All bets were off now. Star Sprinkles flew through the air. Finally, they had exhausted the small supply of Sprinkles they had found. They fell into a pile, laughing. Everyone was laughing, looking around, and laughing even harder. They finally stood up and took stock of the "damage".

Ino's hair was streaked with green, violet, orange and white. Her indigo outfit was now patched with every color. One eyebrow was red, the other still blonde.

Shino's outfit was patched mostly with violet, a little yellow, and one patch of indigo. His hair was violet in front, yellow on one side, and green on the other.

Lee's eyebrows were still white, as was the front of his hair. The back of his head was green. His violet outfit had become a riot of what almost seemed to be tye-dyed colors.

Gaara's usually red hair was now green, violet, indigo and blue. Most of his outfit was still yellow, but for a couple of red patches and the single blue patch in the front.

Neji's long hair was now mostly indigo and orange. His rainbow outfit was patch-worked with all colors, including white.

Sasuke's hair was indigo, white, and blue. His outfit was actually odd. One leg of his pants was green, the other yellow, stemming from when he had stepped between Tenten and Gaara, trying to dodge a red Sprinkle. The red had hit one arm. The rest of his outfit remained orange.

Naruto was worst of all. He was all colors, hair and outfit.

Tenten wasn't too bad. She'd dodged most things, so her outfit was still mostly green. One bun was yellow, while the other was half-indigo, half-red.

After calming down, they set about finding more sprinkles. Then began the process of re-coloring themselves and their outfits.

Gaara's red hair, easy.

They figured out Ino and Naruto's blonde pretty quick.

Neji, Lee, Shino and Sasuke's black was simple.

The outfits were a snap.

Unfortunatly, they played and played, mixed and matched, but they couldn't get brown. Tenten's hair buns ran the gamut from mossy green to black, from bluish-gray to even pink, but they couldn't get brown. Finally, Tenten had given up.

"Just leave it. I'll just color it green for right now." She did, then concentrated, deepening the color to a very deep green. "Maybe I'll just change it up every now and then." She smiled, then pulled her hair into pigtails, intending on making them back to her normal buns. Gaara stopped her.

"Leave it like that," he said. "It's cute." He smiled.

She smiled back. "Alright."

The group huddled around the Color Console. "Alright, let's check the color in Rainbow Land, first. Everyone, check your areas."

They sat down, and after a few moments, the rapid tapping of keys was heard. Soon, voices called out.

"Red Region, check," said Shino.

"Orange Meadows, in order." Sasuke.

"Yellow Plains, fine." Gaara.

"Green Grange, green as could be." Tenten smiled.

"Blue Zone, perfect." Naruto.

"Indigo Acres, wonderful." Ino.

"Violet Valley, great." Lee.

"Alright, let's check the world," Neji said.

Tapping ensued. Suddenly, an alarm sounded.

"Looks like, Earth, America, Michigan, Upper Peninsula," said Tenten. "Down on green, violet, red, blue, and, well, all of them apparently."

Everyone looked at Neji. "Well, now what?"

Neji looked at them, then shrugged. "We go."

End Chapter 3.

Ryu: Well, there it is! Chapter 3! I know that it's not as funny as Chapter 2, but I'm sure it'll get better.

Gaara: I don't see how it can get better. It's already bad enough! I'm in yellow, Tenten's hair is now green, and we're actually getting into this!

Ryu: Exactly! That's why it's good. Now it'll get better!

Gaara: I don't wanna hear it!