Cant think of one

By: Lauren aka simpleplangrl6

It was a another peaceful day in feudal era. "SIT!" well almost peaceful.

" I cant believe that Inuyasha, saying that to me." complained a very angry Kagome as she walked away from a frustrated half-demon.

" You really need to learn to control your temper Inuyasha. You had no right to yell at Kagome like that." stated Miroku. " Shut it Monk. I know I shouldn't have yelled at her just for being late, but I couldn't help it." explained Inuyasha .

" You need to learn to treat women with respect." Miroku said. " You shouldn't be talking Miroku your no better your self." said Sango. " Why Sango, what ever do you mean?" Miroku asked innocently. Just then Sango felt something on her lower back. SMACK " that's what I mean you pervert." answered an annoyed Sango.

"Inuyasha you jerk! You made Kagome mad again!" cried a fumed Shippo. " Be quiet runt. I'll let Kagome cool off and I'll apologize to her when she comes back." Inuyasha said.

( with Kagome)

" Hopefully this walk will calm me down." Kagome hoped. Suddenly she heard a rustle in the bush. " Who's there?" cried a scared Kagome. 'oh no! how could I've been so stupid, I forgot my bow and arrows!' mentally scolding her self.

" Well,well, well. What do we have here." said more then asked as Bankotsu, leader of the band of seven, came out behind the bushes. Kagome suddenly started to panick.

" What do you want." asked a very scared Kagome. " Oh nothing really, except your Jewel Shards." answered Bankotsu. " Well to bad I don't have them with me!" yelled Kagome.

" Well damn then I came here for nothing. Unless I could just have you." Bankotsu replied with a smirk. " What? Why do you want me?" Asked Kagome as she blushed. " First of all you can see jewel shards. Second, I just think your a beautiful girl." He answered with his famous sexy smirk . That last statement caused Kagome to blush even more. " And what if I refuse." she asked. " Then I'll kill you and your beloved friends. So what's it going to be?" Bankotsu said. His hand gripping his banryuu tightly.

I'm going to stop there, sorry if its not very good its my first one. So please review and maybe give me some ideas.