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Elliot sat alone in his living room. His sofa throw draped over his shoulders and the tv on mute. The light from the online college commercial, was the only source of light in his cold lonely home. He sighed lightly, and turned it off, leaving him empty. He thought over and over about Olivia. The way her eyes shone when she looked up at him. The way she would always finger comb her hair when she was thinking hard. The way she could comfort a child so easily. All of that seemed to go out the window, as his rage overtook him. He slammed his hand on the coffee table, shattering the glass a little.

"Shit," Elliot groaned. He leaned back, and rubbed his temples.

"What the hell is going on in my life?" He muttered.

Meanwhile in the SVU squad room

"So where are you again?" Fin asked Kathleen over the phone.

"At the Mall with Lizzie and Dickie," Kathleen answered.

"Isn't it too late for that?" Fin asked.

"It's never to late to go shopping," Kathleen answered again. Fin rolled his eyes at her remark.

"Have you told Maureen about the plan?" Fin asked.

"I asked Munch to tell her," Kathleen answered.

Fin turned around and looked at his partner playing the video games in the squad room.

"Munch, did you tell Maureen?" Fin asked his partner.

"Um-humm," Munch answered. Fin Hit him in the back of the head.

"YEAH SURE! Now leave me alone," Munch begged Fin.

"Apparantley he did," Fin answered.

"Okay, great," Kathleen said Hanging up the phone.

"Are you sure you did?" Fin asked Munch.

"Umm-hmm," Munch asked.

Casey's house

"Okay, what do you want to do now?" Olivia asked.

"I rented a Video, The pizza should be here in a second," Casey answered.

"Which video did you rent?" Warner asked.

"Ummm... Grease," Casey answered.

"I never was a fan of musicals, but I think Grease was okay," Olivia said.

"Same Here," Melinda said.

"I loved musicals when I was a little girl," Casey said.

"You? I could have never guessed," Warner said laughing.

"Seriously," Olivia said laughing along with her. Casey rolled her eyes, and got up to put some trash away.

The doorbell rang, and Olivia went to go get it.

"Pizza's here," She rang. Casey and Melinda went to the kitchen to get plates, while Olivia grabbed the money from the counter to pay for the pizza, and answered the door.

"Hey Maureen," Olivia chimed.

"Hey Liv," Maureen smiled back.

"So, how ya doing?" Olivia asked.

"Good, I work as a pizza deliverer on the weekends," Maureen said.

"That's great. We'll um, here's your money," Olivia said handing Maureen her money.

"And here's your Pizza, extra cheese, light sauce, mushrooms on one side. Thank you," Maureen said.

"Thanks Maur. See you later, tell your dad I say hello," Olivia said.

"Will do," Maureen said and left for the delivery car.

"See ya," Maureen said waving. Olivia waved back.

"Okay lets eat," Casey said walking out of the kitchen, handing her and Melinda a plate.

They grabbed their slice, and Casey put the DVD in the player. Their girls-only sleepover had begun.


"Hey daddy," Maureen said stepping into the house.

"Hey Maureen. Don't you have work today?" Elliot asked.

"My Shift is over today," Maureen said sitting down. She noticed the glass on the ground from the coffee table.

"Daddy what the hell happened?" Maureen asked.

"Nothing, it's okay," Elliot said grabbing a soda for his eldest daughter.

"Daddy, something is wrong, what happened?" Maureen asked her father.

Elliot rested his head into his hands, and took a deep breath.

"Olivia transferred," Elliot said.

"To where?" Maureen asked confused.

"Out of the city, she didn't even tell me," Elliot said.

"Out of the city? When did she transfer?" Maureen asked.

"She left Manhattan this afternoon," Elliot said quietly.

"Wait a minute, what do you mean?" Maureen asked.

"I know that you guys love her, and are taking this hard, but she's gone," Elliot said trying to comfort his daugther.

"Gone, gone where?" Maureen asked again stuttering, trying to get her head straight.

"I don't know, but she left the city. Listen it's okay if your hurt, but-," Elliot got cut off.

"No, no," Maureen said shaking and getting up.

"It's okay Maureen," Elliot said.

"No, Olivia couldn't have left," Maureen said facing the window and shaking her head.

"Maureen I miss her too," Elliot said.

"No. Dad, she's not gone," Maureen said.

"No that's not possible, she left me a note, everyone knows, she's gone," Elliot said.

"Well that's not possible because I just delivered her a Pizza," Maureen said.

Elliot gave his daughter a puzzled look, much like the one she's been giving him.

"Daddy, she's at Casey's."

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