Ino shoved past numerous students, occasionally forcing her way past anyone who was foolish enough to stand in her way. She pasued when she saw Sasuke, before running towards him, "Sasuke!" Sasuke stopped, turning to his ex-girlfriend. "Sasuke, we need to talk." Ino said seriously.

"Make it short."

"It's about Sakura."

"Shorter then."

Ino sighed, "It's been ages since we broke up, at least compared to the usual gap between girls. It's well known you don't break up with a girl unless you have another in mind."

Memories, sharp as daggers
Pierce into the flesh of today
Suicide of love took away all that matters
And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart

"Your point?"

"People talk. They think Sakura's that girl, and they know you two aren't dating. So, they think she's sleeping with you without dating you."

"Once again, your point?"

"Sasuke! I went through this shit when we started going out, it was only my friendship with Temari and Tenten that saved me. Sakura may be stronger than me, but doesn't mean people are going to give her more space. Even with Temari and Tenten, along with Gaara and that new guy, Sakura's going to be tormented."

"She's been through worse."

"I know. This is nothing compared to what you put her through. She still doesn't deserve it."

"You didn't exactly hold back."

"This isn't about me! And it isn't about you either! This is about Sakura. The rumors about her and Gaara were bad enough, she could be in serious danger because of these rumors!" Sasuke bristled at this. "If you have even an ounce of pity, you get a new girlfriend. ANYONE." Ino turned her back on Sasuke and stomped off.

When she disappeared, Sasuke smirked, "She makes it sound so simple. For once, I don't want a girlfriend, and my ex-girlfriend is making me get one for her old rival." Sasuke shook his head in disbelief, and started listing girls he wouldn't mind dating.

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)

.:After School:.

Sakura sat on a bench, waiting for Ino and Tenten to come and get her for the party. She peeked around the wall and saw Neji standing with Tenten, holding each other's hands. Tenten said something flirtatious, and Neji blushed awkwardly. Sakura giggled lightly, turning back to allow the couple their privacy. She smiled to herself when Neji walked past her later, unaware of her presence. Tenten tried to sneak up behind Sakura and surprise her, but Sakura turned around at just the wrong time.

Tenten laughed good-naturedly and turned as Ino ran towards them. "Hey Ino, we going to your house before the party?"

"Sure thing." Ino smiled and turned to Sakura, "Your parents okay with that?"

"They're dead." Sakura turned away from the two girls, not wanting to show them her lack of a heart in this matter.

"Oh," Ino and Tenten replied weakly in unison. There was an awkward silence after that, one that wasn't unusual considering their budding friendship. An image of Sakura's mom popped into her head, and a single tear ran gently down Sakura's cheek before she shook it off. She gave Ino and Tenten a grin which surprised them, before all three of the girls smiled together as they went to Ino's house. Sakura was blissfully unaware of the devious plot Tenten and Ino had in plan...

With the warmth of your arms you saved me,
Oh, I'm killing loneliness with you
I'm killing loneliness that turned my heart into a tomb
I'm killing loneliness

.:Ino's House:.

"What the- NO!" Sakura backed up in fear.

"Come on Sakura, everyone's doing it," Ino replied, sugar dripping off her voice.

"Besides," Tenten purred, "guys think it's hot."

"I don't care if God himself gets a boner off it, I'M NOT DOING IT!"

"Well," both of the girls had dangerous glints in their eyes, "we don't mind forcing you."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sakura screamed as Ino and Tenten pounced on her, pinning her to the ground. "Hold her down!" Ino cried and then Tenten grabbed Sakura's shoulder and kept her firmly rooted to the ground. "You aren't gonna get away with this!" Sakura cried, which Tenten and Ino ignored.

And that was how they forced Sakura into a sexy outfit (What'd y'all think it was? ;P). Sakura was in black leather pants with rhinestone studs down each leg. Her navel was completely exposed with the black halter-top Ino forced on her, and it was cut off only about an inch below her bust. There were numerous bangles on each wrist, and large hoop earrings that practically reached Sakura's shoulders. Ino had pulled Sakura's hair up and had somehow found pink hair extensions to make Sakura's hair look longer. Tenten had supplied a black choker, which had a cat-bell on it to look like a collar. She also brought Sakura the black high-heels that were noticeably loud against the hard wood floor. "Guys, this isn't me."

Nailed to the cross, together
As solitude begs us to stay

Sakura looked at both Tenten and Ino, who were dressed in similar fashions. "It isn't us either," Tenten admitted sheepishly, "but it is hot, and that's all that matters for a party. You can dress normally again at school." Sakura laughed, all three of them knowing Sakura wouldn't be forced into this more than once.

"Oh yeah," Sakura reached over for Ino's phone and dialed Lee's house.

Lee picked up the phone, "This is the youtful residense of the youthful Gai! This is his youthful apprentice Lee speaking!"

"Lee... don't answer the phone like that again." Sakura sweatdropped.

"Ah! My lovely lotus blossom Sakura! To what do I have the pleasure of your call?"

Sakura laughed, "Well, I'm going to a party tonight, wanna come?"

"Oh, my dearest Sakura! I humbly apologize, I have training tonight. I will do 1,000 push-ups, and then I will run 400 laps around the tack, and then-"

"Okay then, bye!" Sakura cut off Lee before she just hung up frustration. Yes, they were close friends, but Lee was still annoying.

Disappear in the night, forever
And denounce the power of death over our souls and secret words are sent to start a war

"Lee? Is that the new guy?" Ino asked, remembering Sai.

"New guy?" Sakura thought for a sceond then her mind clicked, "Oh God no. I wouldn't ask Sai to a party if he was the last guy on Earth. He's a total jerk... and it's his fault I'm-" Sakura cut herself off quickly. Ino and Tenten started at her quizzicaly, "Nevermind. Shall we get going then?" Tenten and Ino looked at each other, before nodding in agreement.

They walked out into the front yard just as Neji pulled up in his car. Sakura didn't know enough about cars to put a name to it, but she knew it had to be expensive. Shikamaru was riding shotgun, and looked like he was sleeping. Tenten opened the passenger's door and yelled, "Yo! Lazy-butt! Wake up!" Shikamaru looked at Tenten in annoyance, "I'm riding with Neji, Shikamaru, so get out!" Shikamaru glared at Tenten before closing his eyes.

"Uh oh," Ino grabbed Sakura and pulled her back, "I recognize that look." Sakura glanced at Tenten and saw her eyes were literally on fire as she growled. Sakura blinked , and Tenten still looked very angry, but fireless. I must have imagined it...

In a second, Shikamaru flew towards them and landed on the ground... headfirst. In his seat was Tenten, looking very adorable as she smiled at her boyfriend. "You should listen when a lady asks you to do something!" Neji called out to the still upside-down Shikamaru.

"What are you going on about? There aren't any ladies here," Shikamaru gumbled. Sakura and Ino both gave Shikamaru death-glares before kicking dirt into his face and stomping into that back seats.

"I am so riding in the trunk," Shikamaru grumbled, glad to be away from the angry (and very scary) women.

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)
With the warmth of your arms you saved me,
I'm killing loneliness with you

.:The Party:.

"Th-this is a party!?" Sakura stared in disbelief at the large amount of teens crowding the rooms and stairs, leaving very little room to walk. Tenten and Ino shrugged non-chalantly while Shikemaru and Neji just crossed their arms. Sakura shook her head in disbelief before manuvering through the people to try and reach the punch bowl.

"Oh.. sorry... OW! That's my foot!... Excuse me... let me through, OH!" The last part was then Sakura tripped over someone's foot and landed... in a cute guy's arms. "I am so sorry!" She shook as she looked up at the senior, her face a bright red.

"Chill," the guy gave her an encouraging smile, "A lot of younger students crash these parties, no one's gonna get upset at you." Sakura smiled and the guy stuck out his hand, "I'm Yuhi. I'll be your escort for the evening," he said formally with a mock bow.

Sakura giggled, "Sakura," she stated, shaking Yuhi's hand, "I'm actually here with some friends."

"I know. I saw you come in." Yuhi gave her a smile suggesting he'd been watching her since. Sakura blushed again, and Yuhi laughed. "You're cute when you blush," he commented, making Sakura blush harder. "This is fun! I wonder how red I can make you..."

Sakura glared up at him, "You're definately enjoying this too much." She said stiffly, which Yuhi seemed to find even funnier. "Stop it!" She blushed in embarassment and anger.

I'm killing loneliness that turned my heart into a tomb
I'm killing loneliness

Surprisingly, Yuhi did stop, "Alright. I'm sorry, I was just teasing you. Seriously though, you want some help getting to the food and drinks?" Sakura had barely even nodded when she suddenly felt herself being lifted up and placed on Yuhi's shoulders. "It's faster this way," he informed Sakura, smiling at her returning blush. Sakura turned back, hoping to get some support from her friends, but Tenten and Neji were too busy making out to notice Sakura, Shikamaru was sleeping, and Ino just grinned and gave Sakura a thumbs up. "Ready?" Sakura nodded and Yuhi started walking through the crowds.

A couple of people laughed at Yuhi, and he just laughed with them. Sakura got the feeling that Yuhi was a very light-hearted person, his girlfriend was probably a very lucky girl. When they reached the table, Yuhi set Sakura down and gave another bow, "You have been traveling with Yuhi services, we understand you have many choices, are are glad you chose us!"

Sakura laughed and turned to the table, remembering what Ino said about spiked punch. "Uh, is any of this not spiked?

Yuhi looked thoughtfully at the food and drinks, "The tapwater isn't spiked," he offered. Sakura thought about throwing caution to the wind and taking some sips of punch and cookies anyway, but then she remembered the baby. Alchohol was a big no-no with pregnancy. Yuhi noticed her silence and grinned, "Tough to find a girl at these parties who doesn't want to be drunk. I feel like I found a rare treasure! Of course, maybe I did." Sakura blushed again and Yuhi laughed, "Sorry, sorry. I know you said not to tease you, but it's just too fun. Maybe I'll need to take some medication to stop me." Sakura laughed with Yuhi, enjoying his company.

"Oh, this is pathetic." Sakura and Yuhi both turned to see a beautiful senior girl glaring at Yuhi with her arm's crossed opver her unusually large breasts. A couple of guys were staring at her hungrily, but she ignored them as she spat at Yuhi, "Flirting with a plain sophmore just to make me jealous so we can get back together."

Yuhi sighed, "Dia, I broke up with you. Why would I be trying to get back together with you?" Sakura looked suspiciously at Yuhi, and back to Dia.

"Oh please, you are head over heels in love with me, you're just getting her on the rebound so that I'll ask you instead of the other way around." Dia gave Yuhi a seductive smirk and swung her hips as she walked up to Yuhi and pressed her body against his, "But now I'm asking. Would you like to give us another shot?"

Yuhi sighed and stepped away from Dia, "You're very pretty Dia. You're downright sexy. You'll have no problem finding someone who wants you as much as you want them. And as for Sakura, I happen to find her very cute and was hoping to spend the whole party with her, not you."

Dia glared at Yuhi indignintly and stormed off. Sakura looked at Yuhi meekly, "D-did you mean that?"

I'm killing loneliness that turned my heart into a tomb
I'm killing loneliness

Yuhi turned to Sakura and smiled sheepishly, "Well, I wanted to spend the whole night with you and tell you after that, but yeah." Yuhi scratched his head, a blush now on his face, "I broke up with Dia a couple of weeks ago, and she's been hung up on it. But I promise, I'm not dating you to make her jealous. I'm over her. In fact, I was over her before we broke up. I mean," Yuhi thought for a second, "Dia's gorgeous and everything, but she isn't my type."

"What is your type?" Sakura asked curiously, her green eyes wide.

Yuhi blushed again, "Someone playful. Someone I can tease and make blush. Someone who will laugh at my lame jokes. Someone I can have a conversation with without snogging. Truth be told, Dia seemed sex-obsessed. I want a girlfriend with a personality." Yuhi grinned with Sakura, who blushed again, "Someone like you. I know we just met, but maybe we could go out sometime. Like, catch a movie or something like that." Yuhi looked at Sakura like a pleading puppy, and Sakura laughed. She only needed a moment to think about it. After all, a date wasn't a commitment, it was a chance to get to know him before agreeing to anything. And she did have fun hanging out with Yuhi. Plus, he was really cute. His light brown hair was short, and his bangs just blarely swept over his blue eyes, and he had a winning smile and a lean form. Sakura smiled and told him yes. Yuhi ginnned, "You won't regret it Sakura. I promise we'll have a great time!"

Sakura suddenly felt herslf go green, Damn it , not now! Sakura shoved past people and ran into the bathroom, tossing up her lunch. "You have horrible timing," she mumbled to her child, and she felt someone rubbing her back.

Sakura looked up to see Yuhi, "Don't do that again. I thought you were running away from me!" Sakura gave Yuhi a smile before standing up.

"Sorry, I've had some nausea for a while, I thought it was over. Guess not," Sakura lied smoothly. Yuhi smiled sympatheticaly before flushing the toilet. Sakura walked out of the bathroom door and looked for her friends. She saw Tenten and Neji side by side, Tenten apprently had too much to drink since she fell asleep with her cheeks a bright red. Sakura turned and saw Shikamaru in the same place he was before, still sleeping. The only difference was someone put make-up all over him while he was in his slumber. Sakura smiled and looked around for Ino. Her brow furrowed, Ino was no where in sight. "Sorry Yuhi, I can't find one of my friends." Sakura stood on her tip-toes to see if Ino was somewhere in the crowd, but no blondes were in the crowd.

Killing loneliness

"Maybe she went to the bedrooms?" Yuhi suggested with a shrug as he looked around for Ino, since she was the only one Sakura came in with that he couldn't see. Sakura thought about it for the second, she knew from the rumors that Ino wasted no time reaching that level with her boyfriend, but she wasn't the type of girl to do it with anyone. Sakura shook her head and decided to checked upstairs, Yuhi following her.

Sakura glanced around and saw a lot of people making out but no Ino. Then, Sakura paused, apparently someone was in a fight of sorts, and she though she heard Ino. She dashed into a bedroom, not bothering to knock. She saw a dark-haired senior had Ino pinned to the bed, and apparently Ino was drunk. She'd mumble "No..." and squirm a little, but was too weakened to do much more. "Ino!" Sakura ran up to the guy and started trying to pull him off her friend. The guy mumbled something and shoved Sakura away.

"Get off her you sicko!" Sakura ran at him againing, hitting his back. Where's Yuhi? Sakura turned and saw a crowd of people at the door, watching the show. Yuhi was too far back to get through. The guy pushed away again and stuck his hand down Ino's pants. Sakura screamed and tried to go at him again, but found one of his drunken friends had grabbed her arm and started rubbing her ass. "Back off!" she shouted, slapping him as hard as she could. He didn't seem to notice, however, and he crushed his lips onto her's.

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness (Killing loneliness)

"Hey, stop it!" Sakura heard Yuhi cry out to the man, who didn't even hear him. Sakura struggled, but the guy's superior strength was too much for her to handle. I'm so useless. Ino's being raped, I'm being molested, and I can't do a thing about it! Sakura let a single tear slide down her cheek before she felt someone pull the man off her. She saw a large guy, about her age, angrily throw the man to the ground before rushing to Ino's captor. Sakura only stood in shock, the guy was very over-weight, and his hair suck out. He had some kind of swirls painted on his face. His large scarf dragged behind him as he dragged the guy off Ino effortlessly, and threw him against the wall. "Are you okay!" Yuhi ran up to Sakura, who was still numb from shock. He wiped the tear off Sakura's face and gave her encourageing smile. Sakura gave him a smile too, and next thng she knew, she was in his embrace.

Sakura never knew how warm a hug from a guy could be. Yuhi stepped away from Sakura quickly, a blush on his face, "Sorry, too fast, too fast." Sakura looked up at him, blushing as well.

"Uh, you're her friend, right?" Sakura turned and saw the guy who saved her and Ino, with the blonde slung over his shoulder. She was sputtering some nonsense, and probably seemed mentally damaged. Sakura nodded, "Is she gonna be alright?" The guy looked worriedly at Ino.

"What the Hell's going on?" Sakura turned to see Shikamaru in the doorway, who probably just woke and didn't look in a mirror since he still had all the lipstick and blush on. "Ha ha, Shshshshikamaru's a girl!" Ino laughed idioticly as she slumped against the guy.

Shikamaru looked at Sakura, "How much did Ino drink?" Sakura shrugged, not wanting to tell him it wasn't all drunken rambling. She looked up and saw Yuhi smiling, and trying to keep himself from laughing.

"You know this girl Shikamaru?" Sakura looked at the guy, who seemed to know Shikamaru very well already.

Shikamaru yawned, "Yeah Chouji. What happened?"

Chouji scratched his head and pointed to Sakura, who told the story. "Sounds just like her, that idiot. She could never hold her liquor. Neither could Tenten for that matter." Shikamaru added with a sigh before introducing Chouji and Sakura, "Chouji, this is Sakura and some guy she met. Sakura and... uh... whoever you are, this is Chouji."

"Shikamaru and I have been friends ever since we were little," Chouji smiled, "I've been going to a private school, but my old man's letting come to High School with you guys."

"Well, this is Yuhi, guys. Yuhi, this is Shikamaru, and the drunk blonde is Ino. Yuhi's been keeping me company." Sakura smiled at Yuhi.

"Yep, I'm her babysitter, and I do a pretty good job," Yuhi laughed."Though I'm not cleaning her diapers," he teased, nudging Sakura. Sakura smiled. "Oh, and Shikamaru. You may wanna wash your face if you don't want to set an image."

"Wha?" Sakura handed Shikamaru a mirror, a smile on her face. Shikamaru stared expressionlessly at the mirror, "Someone's gonna pay for this."

With the warmth of your arms you saved me.

AN: I know you're all gonna kill me for putting Yuhi in here, but trust me: Sakusasu is still the main couple. I just thought Sakura needed a non-creepy guy to be coupled with. So, Yuhi's here n.n And no, I'm not gonna make Yuhi be a total jerk or aything like that, he really does like Sakura and isn't gonna overstep his bounds. Oh, and if you want to know all the couples for the story, just ask in the review. I'll probably tell ya in the next AN if you're patient though :D