Disclaimer: I do not own Chicken Little or any other characters. They are all belong to Disney


This story takes place a year after the debut of Chicken Little's movie. Abby and chicken have been dating since then and decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Chapter 1. Should I kiss her?

Runt: Are you ever going to kiss Abby? I mean, its been like what, a year. Just kiss her already!

CL: Now why should I kiss her again? I already kissed her when the aliens were in Oakey Oaks.

Runt: because you totally know you want to! Besides, you only kissed her because you thought you were going to die so it doesn't count.

CL: It so does count! We'll kiss when we are ready…besides… I don't think Abby wants us to kiss yet.

Runt: Whatever…

Chapter 2.I hope he kisses me!

Abby: Oh Fish, I hope Chicken Little kisses me. After all it is our one year anniversary

Fish: blub blub blub blub

Abby: That would be so romantic of him if he did. I mean, that kiss he gave me a year ago was nice, but sort of didn't count.


Abby: He's coming over my house today, so im crossing my fingers that he kisses me.

Fish: Blubbidy blub blubbbbbb blub

Chapter 3. the way home

RINGGGGGGG! The school bell rang as the signal for all kids to go home. Chicken and Abby are and chicken are holding hands as they walk to Abby's house.

Abby: My parents won't be home until 5:00, if that's OK.

CL: uhhhh… I guess that's OK.

Abby: Is something wrong?

CL: uhhh… everything is fine (everything is actually not fine and chicken is a nervous wreck.)

Abby: ummm… OK. Well anyway, we'll do our homework first then we can do DDR. I know dance dance is your favorite thing to do.

CL: ( the sound of DDR made him lose his nervousness and cheer up.) OK, cool!

Abby: I knew you would like that!

Abby and Chicken Little held hands the rest of the way to her house.

Chapter 4. Suspense

Abby and Chicken quickly finished their homework. Abby turned on the PS2 and plugged in the mats. They danced for an hour to some great tunes until this one song came up. The footwork you needed for this song was absolutely impossible but the couple decided to take a whack at it. The fumbled with all the steps and was getting very tired. Abby suddenly tripped over her own left foot falling down to the floor bringing Chicken Little along with her. They were facing each other and started to laugh while still laying down. Suddenly Chicken got that feeling when you are in love and his heart raced with emotions. He felt the sudden urge that he wanted to kiss her long and well. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to him self. Abby also felt the feeling of love.she stretched her head to his and then…

To be continued…