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Summary: Sakura, Tenten, Hinata, and Ino are all 16 and decide to go to a teen summer camp for the summer. There they meet an obnoxious loudmouth, a lazy genius, a prodigy (who happens to be Hinata's older cousin), and a slightly emo guy with a stick-up-his-ass. What happens at summer camp stays at summer camp- or does it? SakuSasu, NejiTen, ShikaIno, NaruHina Rating may be subject to change, depending on later chapters (I guess you could classify this as an AU fic… sorta… whatever floats your boat)

A/N: Ok, so my other fic was being stupid and I didn't like where it was going. Then this morning, I was laying in my warm bed thinking about camping, when this beauty popped into my head! Hopefully it's more exciting than my other stupid one.

Summer Camp

Chapter 1

"Trust me forehead girl! You'll love it!"

Haruno Sakura scowled down at the brochure in her tiny pale hands. She adjusted the phone on her shoulder with a sigh.

"Summer camp? Aren't we a little old for that?" Sakura heard her best friend, Yamanka Ino, sigh on the other end of the phone conversation.

"No. Can't you read? It's a teen camp! Last time I checked, we're 16- teenagers! It's for ages 14- 17. Trust me! You'll love it!"

Sakura set the brochure down and looked out the window, rubbing her forehead. "I don't know, Ino-pig…"

Ino snorted on the other line, but then continued. "Hinata and Tenten said they're going! You'll be left here all alone!"

Sakura grunted. "Ugh…"

"Hinata went there last year and said that there's tons of guys!"

Sakura sat up from her laying position on her bed. "Guys? Cute guys?" Ino laughed. She knew her best friend way to well.

"Hai. TONS of 'em! You don't want to let the three of us have all the fun, now do you?"

Sakura paused for so long that Ino was afraid she'd been hung up on… it'd happened before.

"Sakura-chan? You there?"

"It better be as fun as you say, Ino." Ino squealed.

"It will be! There's a big lake, games, camp fires every night, canoeing, hiking- you're not gonna regret this Haruno!"

"If you're sure. When do we leave?"

"Three weeks."

"Have fun, Sakura-chan!" Sakura's parents said as they kissed her forehead. Sakura smiled at her three best friends.

"We will. I'll see you in a few weeks!" Sakura's father helped her lug her suitcases into the large bus.

Sakura scrambled onto the bus, following Ino, Tenten, and Hinata. She pushed past a seated Ino and shoved her head out the window.

"Bye Kaa-san! Bye Tou-san! I love you!"

Sakura sat down next to Ino as the bus lurched forward. Hyuuga Hinata and Tenten were seated behind the girls. All four squealed with excitement.

"I'm so excited!" Ino shouted, looking about her. "Hey, where is everybody? We're practically the only ones here!"

An auburn haired girl seated several rows ahead of the group turned around. "This is just the first stop. We make about four or five total."

"Oh. Thanks," Tenten said, scratching her head.

About an hour and a half later, the bus came to it's second stop. Two groups of boys came on, followed by a lone girl with deep purple hair. She quickly sat down in the seat behind the bus driver.

"I would hate to go to camp alone," Hinata said quietly. Her friends smiled down at her.

"That's why we're here, Hinata-chan!" Sakura said, encouragingly. She attempted to stick her arm through the two seats so she could grab Hinata's hand, but her arm got caught.

"Gah! I'm stuck!" Sakura wailed as four boys came on the bus.

"Pull, Sakura-chan!" Tenten said. Sakura leaned around her seat that was on the aisle side and glared at her friend.

"What do you think I'm doing?" she hissed. The girl with buns in her hair put up her hands in defense.

"I think it's really stuck!" Sakura shouted. "Son of a-"

"Is that really the best way for a lady to talk?" a deep voice teasingly asked. Sakura huffed and closed her eyes.

"Maybe I'm not a lady," she hissed, slowly turning around. She opened her eyes and her glare softened. Her emerald eyes met up with deep onyx ones. They were the most beautiful thing Sakura had ever seen. The boy had black hair and slightly pale skin. He was toned with muscles and looked at least a head taller than Sakura.

Both the boy's friends and Sakura's friends looked at her curiously.

"Er… Sakura-chan? Dye-joh-bu desu ka?" Hinata asked.

"Wha…? Oh. Hai, I'm fine. Just stuck," Sakura turned her glare back to the seats holding her arm captive.

The boy snorted. Sakura froze. She slowly turned around. "Is there a problem?" she asked, as sweetly as possible.

The boy's three friends looked at him, wondering what his next move would be. He just crossed his arms, still looking down at the pink haired girl. "No. Just typical girl move, getting her arm stuck in a chair."

Sakura's face burned with rage. Ino, Tenten, and Hinata slowly scooted back. The arrogant boy's friends did the same.

"Excuse me?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"Teme, ya might want to SHUT UP now!" a blonde boy whispered to his friend. This just caused the boy to smirk even wider.

"Calm down, Pinky. No need to blow a gasket." The boy laughed again as Sakura struggled to pull her arm free. She was afraid she was going to pull it out of it's socket.

"Try lifting it up," the blonde boy in an orange outfit suggested. Sakura smiled weakly at him, then glared at his friend who started to pass her. The onyx eyed boy must've intended to pat her shoulder, but tripped and his hand ended up brushing against her rather large chest.

Ino gasped.

"Oh no he didn't!" Tenten whispered.

Hinata hid behind Tenten.

The boy's friends were speechless.

Sakura slowly lifted her gaze to the boy, who now was smirking. "What are you? A 'D'?"

Sakura's eyebrow began to twitch. Following the blonde boy's advice, she shoved her arm up with all her might. It popped up and ended up smacking the black haired boy right in the face.

Everyone howled with laughter as the boy fell backwards with an 'oof!' He glared at his friends as he rubbed his jaw.

Sakura smirked at the boy. "Oops," she said, trying to sound innocent.

"Neji…?" Hinata asked, staring at the coffee color haired boy standing in the group. He smiled a little and bowed slightly.

"Konichiwa, Hinata."

"I thought you weren't going to camp this year!"

"I wasn't. But I figured I'd go one last year, since I wont fit in the age limit next year."

"Same with me," Tenten said, not able to take her eyes off of the boy.

"How do you know her?" the blonde boy asked Neji.

"We're cousins," Neji said. He looked right at Tenten. "So you're 17, too? What's your name?"

Tenten blushed and smiled softly. "I'm Tenten. This is Ino and Sakura. And you already know Hinata." Each girl smiled when her name was said.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto!" the blonde boy shouted. His friends sweat dropped. "This is Shikamaru and Neji. Teme over there is Sasuke." Naruto gestured to the dark haired boy laying in the seat across from Sakura. She smiled sweetly at the other boys and scowled at Sasuke.

"Hm. 'Teme'… I like it," Sakura said, a devilish grin adorned on her face.

"Well, we should go sit down. See you later!" Naruto said, grinning at Hinata. She blushed and looked like she was going to faint.

"You said your name was Shikamaru, right?" Ino asked the boy with a brown pony tail.


"Hi! I'm Ino! And I'm single!" Ino winked at the boy. Shikamaru just rolled his eyes.

"Troublesome woman…" he muttered as he walked past the girls, following Neji and Naruto.

"Later Pinky," Sasuke said, standing up. He winked, causing Sakura to scowl.

"Later Teme," Sakura mocked. She stuck her tongue out at his back, then humphed back into her seat. Her friends giggled.

"That guy Shikamaru is so cute!" Ino whispered, looking back at him.

"Hinata-chan, you didn't tell me you had a cousin! A very cute cousin, I might add!" Tenten giggled, turning around and peeking at Neji, who blushed.

"I- I thought that Naruto b-boy was kinda cute," Hinata whispered. Her friends squealed and all looked over at him, who was talking so animatedly he didn't even notice. Sakura noticed all her friends turn to her.

"I think you'd be cute with that Sasuke guy," Ino said, smiling.

"WHAT? HOW CAN I BE CUTE WITH HIM WHEN I HATE HIM!" Sakura shouted a little louder than necessary. The four boys looked from the girls to Sasuke then to Sakura and started laughing. Sasuke blushed while Sakura glared.

"Some summer this turned out to be!" she muttered, slouching in her seat.

"Calm down, Sakura-chan," Tenten said. "There's gonna be plenty of guys at camp!" Her friends giggled, and Sakura couldn't help but do it too.

Soon the four got into an excited conversation about how much they'd been working out so they'd look good in their bikinis. All the while not noticing four teenage boys listening as well.

"Sounds like this summer won't be so bad after all!" Naruto said to his friends. Sasuke nodded, not able to take his eyes off of the pink haired girl.

He wondered if her hair was naturally pink. He wondered how old she was. He wondered where she was from. He wondered what her interests and dreams were. He basically just wondered about her in general. Something about this girl intrigued Sasuke. And it wasn't just her looks, sure, she was good looking, but there was something else. Her sassy, spunky, sticks-up-for-herself and speaks-her-mind personality and cute attitude.

Sasuke leaned back in his seat, grinning. Naruto was right. This is gonna be one heck of a summer!

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