Alright, since my other series ideas for IR are coming along, and Potion Commotion is too, I decided to get a little side-tracked and post a few drabbles/oneshots focusing around the characters of Infinite Ryvius. Whether it be hetero, homo, character reflections or whatsit, it shall be posted here!


Sleepy eyes shot open to the pain slithering down his shoulder.

It was always like this in the brisk morning.

A groaning head lolled over to look at his right shoulder. The sea-green eyed boy knew that beneath his pajama top lay the pin prick scars left by a bullet from a needlegun. Uncoordinated fingers gently went under the collar to touch the skin. He winced when they made contact.

Ever since his silent parting with Ikumi, it had always hurt. Everywhere. Especially in his heart.

Everytime the very thought of Ikumi lazily drifted through his train of thought, a jolt of pain would prick his scar and memories would flood back like a silent black and white film.

The look in his eyes.
His swanky stance, fists clenched by his hips.

His eyes… so cold, as if they lost all human genes and were replaced by those of a cold-blooded leader.

Killing to set free.

Ignorance becoming natural.

Sleepy green eyes pried themselves from looking at the scars, dragging upward to the ceiling, the colours of the early dawn flooding across them. They singed his eyes from the very sight, making him crying out in pain when another spark of pain stabbed his shoulder.

Would it always be like this?

Would he, Kouji Aiba, always see Ikumi in everything that existed?

The colours on the ceiling, flaming reds and soft oranges, mixed with a flamboyant yellow hue…

It reminded him of Ikumi. His eyes sparking alive when he shot him so long ago.


The devil.

I need to protect the ones I hold close.

No, a Saint.


Ikumi Oze…both a Saint and the Devil at the same time, alternating masks and hiding the true person beneath. Never to show the true weak human being to anyone but himself.

A small, satisfied smirk graced parched lips. As crazy as it sounded, it suited him.

It suited Ikumi just fine.