Broken Blossom

This is my fanfic I got after having writing block. This will be Ita/Saku or Ita/Saku/Sasu

Broken Blossom

They were standing right outside Konoha viewing everything in and near it. The two men were wearing black robes with red clouds on it. Yes, they were from the Akatsuki. They were surveying the village for anything that might take their interest. While they were running one of them was cursing.

"Itachi, why don't you get that fixed" the blue stranger mocked him.

Shut up Kisame, you know that I have every medic possible!" yelled Itachi.

"Why not Tsunade, the Hokage of this village, she is known as a great healer," Asked Kisame.

"Ya right, as if she would heal two S-ranked criminals wanted in every village," Replied Itachi.

"Why not do the next best thing. This village does it too," Kisame told Itachi.

"What would that be?" Questioned Itachi

"Get the Hokage's apprentice Sakura Haruno. She's rumored to be better than the Hokage herself"

Kisame said.

"Who is she close to or near?" Asked Itachi

"Hmmm……. Let's see…… The kyubii, your littler brother, the rest of the rookie nine including Gai's team and the sand siblings." Kisame said.

"My brother….. interesting, she gives him hope… looks like it" Itachi thought about what he can do, "Kisame, tomorrow we find her a do a little observation" Itachi said activating the sharingan.

"Too late to find her since she's right there" Kisame pointed and Itachi used his sharingan.

'hmm… looks like my brother pushed her away. This will be interesting, I was beginning to get bored' thought Itachi.

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