Terra's Life Story By: RockN Elemental

Hey, this is MY life story from my point of view and how it all started goes a little like this.

I was five years old and my older brother, Brion, was playing tag with me. I bet you're asking who are you? Who is he? How does this involve me? Like all I have my connection to you. Me, I'm a simple girl who did one thing wrong that destroyed more than one life, but mainly I destroyed mine and…his. I didn't mean to I swear! But he was so attached I had to do something. Sorry this is a little into the future for you so, like I was saying me and my brother were playing tag until my father had one of our butlers come and get Brion. Before he left I said to him "Be careful Brion, I don't…"
He cut me off telling me "Tara it's alright. I will never, ever leave you. You will always be my first priority. I promise, forever here for you."

I was confused, but I smiled. I was about to ask what he meant, but "Sir? You are coming aren't you? Or shall I tell your father that you will have to 'reschedule'?" our butler inquired. He must've known that I was, because he told me "He won't hurt to you unless he can get through me."

"Brion you're my brother and I don't want you hurt so please, just, be on your guard."

"Alright, I'm coming," He told our butler boldly, then whispered to me, "Go to your room."

"Okay," I replied, watching him go. As I headed to my room I felt like I was being watched, I turned and saw no one, so I shrugged it off. I skipped away to my room. Still being worried about him, I left to go look for him. I heard his voice and saw an open door, and saw him there talking with my father. I listened in without being caught.
"Father what do you mean by second perfect warrior?" Brion questioned.

"I need her to go, and get meta-human powers, for your family and your country," My father answered.

"Super powers! You must be joking! Where would she acquire them?" Brion screamed this.

My father said, barely above a whisper, "Brion calm down, she is getting powers like yours, the geo-mancing ability. We need her to be a part of the armed forces…"

"FATHER!" Brion interrupted, "She's only five,"

I cut him off with a gasp. When I looked up, Brion was looking back. My eyes were as big as dinner plates. I turned and ran, Brion hot on my trail. "Tara, come back here! I need to talk to you!" I slowed just because he was my brother. Tears running down my face.

He caught up, and put his hand on my shoulder, while his other hand held him up on his knee. I looked up at him and he smiled down on me, I just wanted to run, but he sighed and said, "Girl, you run too fast," and he chuckled.

I said, "Where is this place?"

"No, you shouldn't. Not to impress him."

"I'm not trying to impress him, just get more time with you."

"Alright, but only if I go with you. Okay? I won't let you go alone."



So, we went to get powers, but when I did it hurt and I wanted to cry but let out a scream instead. Brion asked what was happening. He got no reply only the sound of the machines humming to a stop he ran over to me and asked if I was alright. I lifted my hand and touched his as I said I was fine. When I did this he was hit by an extreme shock and this shocked him and made him ask what was going on. They ran some test and got the hypothesis that I gave him youth until I was two years younger than him. Seventeen to be exact.

We went home and when we trained together something bad happened, no body got hurt but, I moved a mountain and I caused a rockslide and the next thing I know my father is telling me I should leave the country, because as a princess, I was to dangerous to be kept around. Brion even agreed. So, I ran away, I packed up with not spoilable foods, water, and money. Essentials are all I packed and then I ran. For three years I ran around Europe.

When I was eight I ran to Africa and met a boy. He was green. His name was Garfield Logan. He was my best friend, and when we met we literally ran into each other. I wished that he would take me home like I was some lost puppy. He said "Hi! I'm Gar! What's your name? Do you want be friends? You're pretty. Gorgeous really. Hey, you wanna play tag?"

I must've had a weird look on because he said "Oh, right who wants to play with the creepy green kid, with a name like Garfield Logan? Sorry if I bother…"

I cut him off with a giggle "You're funny. My name is Tara Markov, or rather Terra. Yes, I would love to play tag with you, and I AM NOT gorgeous let alone pretty. And a) You are so not creepy and b) being green to me is really cool! Oh, and c) I have super powers so I understand if you…"

Cut off yet again "Cool! I have powers too it was an accident. I was trying to save my mom from a snake and ended up getting bit myself, so my dad's emergency work put animal DNA in my system so…now I have powers that let me turn into any animal. But hey, I like it." He turned into a cat and jumped into my arms, snuggling into me. His head pushing up on my neck. I giggled again, and he reverted back to human form, while in my arms. So, now we stood face to face only inches apart, holding hands and he said in a lovingly voice, "You think I'm funny?"

I whispered "You are funny. And, my powers are like yours. Genetically enhanced and well my father made me get them, slightly."

He said after pulling away from me slightly still holding my hands "Hey, you're that princess my parents are always talking about. Aren't you? OH, NO! MY PARENTS! Come on!" He took my hand and we ran to his house. His parents seemed nice enough.

"Well, hello Garfield. We didn't think we would see you so soon. Seeing as your curfew is 7:00 so we can… well hello. Who's your friend Garfield?"

"Mom, dad I'd like you to meet Tara. She has powers like me, and she's the princess you've been talking about and she is really pretty even though she says she isn't and she is so cool we ran into each other and she said she would play tag with me but, we never really did play and…"

"Son, I can see you're interested in her, but you don't have to ramble to make me see that." I giggled at what Mrs. Logan said.

Gar then whispered to his dad "I really like her, dad. I think she's the one." I blushed and his father chuckled.

His mother must have heard because she looked at me and told me "It's okay, he's always thought girls had cooties, until now. It's okay to blush."

"I think you should stay with us, I mean you obviously don't have a place to stay," his father declared. "Besides you could teach Garfield some valuable lessons." Gar looked at me and smiled a bright smile.

"I would be honored to stay with you, Mr. and Mrs. Logan." We smiled and stared at each other for awhile until his father asked him to follow him. I made sure that they were gone, then I spun around and squealed and his mother laughed. I stopped automatically, and turned to face her. I was sure my face was a cherry tomato.

She laughed once more and said "It's your first too? Gar is so excited. I can tell he has never smiled that big for that long. And it's in my instinct to know. He is so adorable, and you make him that way."

"You made him that way. He is after all your son. What are they talking about?"

"You, how to kiss, love, places to kiss, like a setting sun beach, ways to kiss, why I feel the way I do about his father. Pretty much what I have to teach you."

I blushed. Yet excitedly asked "Kiss? Kiss me? No way! He wouldn't do that. Would he?"