Okay, I'm going to attempt a 9/11 attack story. Only this takes place when Suze is 19. So that means Jesse is 23. Please don't flame if you don't think it's appropriate, but I really wanted to write this. Anyways... Here goes: (by the way, I don't own the series in which the characters are based off of, or really the background of the plot, either. Though this attack is more or less like United Flight 93 and the heroes who brought it off course.)

Jesse is taking me to New York City for our three-year anniversary. No, we're not married, much to my chagrin. We're still steady boyfriend/girlfriend, despite a few fights here and there. But that's normal.

Anyways, it was summer. NYC's gonna be a muggy place when we get there. But I can show him around. He's never been there before, and I can give him the real NYC tour. Not those gay trolley tours or whatever they give. No, he'll see the NYC the residents know. The best vendor to get a 'dog, the best Chinese restaurant to go to(which is not in Chinatown), and even where to get cheap Broadway tickets(which are, surprisingly, legitimate).

And I can even take him to Gina's. He's met her before of course... well, he's seen her, but she never saw him. I'll have to fix that, though. Because... well... who wouldn't want to look at him?

I can tell Jesse's been saving up for this. He got us a hotel in Time's Square. Which I thought was incredibly stupid because those hotel rooms are like, $150-$200 a night, and they're about HALF the size of a standard hotel room. I mean, you sit on the toilet in a hotel room bathroom there and your knees touch the wall facing it!

I would have told him this had I know he was planning it. But no, he just came to pick me up for a date Friday night and told em we were going to New York tomorrow. I was thrilled and touched, of course, but he TOTALLY got gypped on the prices. I could've cut the expenses of the trip in half, practically, with a few well placed calls and well-written letters... But I just bit back my tongue and didn't say anything. Well... I didn't bite back my tongue... I sort of shoved it into Jesse's mouth and didn't speak because it was sort of physically impossible at the moment.

But then David, now sixteen, came out and broke us apart accidentally, of course. He was off on date(can you believe it?) with Shannon, his girlfriend of almost a year now.

He was totally embarrassed to catch us playing tonsil hockey at the door step, and was blushing and everything, his ears going REALLY red.

"Uh... sorry, Suze. I, uh... didn't mean to-"

"It's okay, David," I said, "Jesse would've pulled back a few moments later, I'm pretty sure."

Jesse, instead of taking umbrage at this, nodded. "You're quite right Susannah. It's not proper before marriage."

I rolled my eyes. I could hear a lecture coming...

"I let it get too far anyways." Jesse looked sort of ashamed. It kinda made me feel bad that I was not helping at all to try and keep our physical contact modest. But I was also glad that there wasn't a lecture.

David was still standing there.

"Well, I suppose you ought to know that I've already asked Susannah to accompany me to New York," said Jesse to David.

He smiled and nodded. "You two have fun." He winked. Eek! He actually winked!

David got into the kid's car, it was pretty much his now since I had my own car, but Dopey still didn't have one yet... he used it sometimes, but usually took a ride with one of his college friends if he needed to get somewhere. Talk about a leech!

"Wait a minute... did EVERYONE else but me know about this?"

Jesse feigned innocence. "Whatever do you mean Susannah?"

I just laughed. "Come on, let's go to the beach."

We spent a nice few hours there, making out sporadically, and getting soaked from the waves.

Jesse brought me home pretty early for a date night, and told me I ought to pack and get some sleep, and that our plane was leaving at eight the next morning.

So here I was, sitting in a chair at the airport next to Jesse, waiting for our plane to arrive. Jesse was reading some new medical text and I was sitting there bored out of my mind. I could tell this plane ride was gonna be boring.

The plane arrived on time, Flight United 94. Jesse and I boarded the plane, along with about twenty other people. There weren't many people taking a flight to New York at eight in the morning, it seemed like. Not today, anyways.

Jesse and I took our seats, I had the window seat, Jesse had insisted. While we waited for the plane to take off, I noticed how stiff Jesse was. I took his hand and smiled encouragingly to him. He smiled back at me warmly, still a bit stiff.

It took FOREVER for the plane to take off. The plane scheduled to fly before us had a problem with its engine or something so we didn't even take off until an hour later. But after that, we took off smoothly. It was totally ideal flying conditions. I looked out the window and smiled at the clouds whizzing past us.

About ten minutes later, Jesse excused himself to use the bathroom. He squeezed my hand tightly, giving me a peck on the lips before going. He's so sweet, isn't he?

I could tell he was uneasy. He grew up in a time when there weren't even automobiles! I couldn't blame him that he was a bit nervous to be flying in a plane. Then again, I'm sure he knows the entire inner working of this contraption, as well how much fuel it takes and how much it burns in a minute.

He soaks up too much information, I tell you. If I could get him some romance novels to read, I'd be all set. Not that he isn't romantic already. But any guy could use some touching up on that subject, I think.

He walked up the aisle towards the bathroom, which was near the cockpit. I kept on watching the clouds.


I turned to see a girl about twelve years old sitting next to me. At first I thought she was dead, but she hadn't an aura. No, she boarded the plane with her mother.

"Um, hi."

"I'm Julie. I'll be thirteen next month."

She sure didn't mind talking to strangers, did she?

"Uh... congratulations?"

"Yeah, I know. I'm SO excited to be a teenager. My mom says I can date boys after I'm thirteen."

Gee. I didn't start dating boys till I was sixteen. Though that was partly my fault, being the freakish girl who talks to walls. But I turned out all right, didn't I?

"So. What's your name?" Julie asked.

"Susannah Simon. Suze for short."

"Nice to meet you, Suze. How old are you?"


"How cool! So you must be in college!"

"Yeah. I am."

"That's so interesting," breathed Julie. "So is that guy you're sitting with your boyfriend?"

"He is."

"He's cute."

"I think so, too," I said. Talking to this girl isn't that bad. She was a little annoying at first, but I think I'm warming up to her.

"What's his name?"

"Jesse de Silva. He's twenty-three."

I knew she was going to ask his age, so I just decided to add that to his name.

"Why are you guys going to New York?"

"Jesse's taking me there for our three-year anniversary."

"Three years! Wow! Doesn't it ever get boring?"

I thought of all the ghosts we mediated together, and the making-out in-between.

"Nope. It's a new experience every day."

"That must have meant he was twenty and you were like, sixteen when you started going out!"

"Well, yeah."

"That's so much older! Your mom actually let you?"

"Jesse's VERY old-fashioned. You could say he was born in the 1800's by the way he acts."

I had to grin at that. I'm good. I'm SO good.

"I see you waste no time to talk about me."

I looked up to see Jesse's face, grinning playfully at me.

"Not even a moment, Jesse! Oh woe, I cannot bear to part with you for even five minutes!" I brought my hand up to my forehead theater style. Julie was giggling, and Jesse was smiling.

He took my hands in his. "I would never dream of leaving you for that long!" said he in the same passionate voice.

And then he could not hold his laughter in any longer, so we were all bursting in fits of giggles. When it died down, I introduced Jesse to Julie.

Even though he was standing in the small aisle of the plane, he bowed to her, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. "My pleasure, fair Julie."

She was blushing, giggling. Jesse eyes, me and winked. "Don't fall for it, Julie. That's how he reeled me in, and now I'm stuck."

Jesse laughed and released Julie's hand. "May I have my seat, Lady Julie?" asked Jesse.

"Oh yes, of course!" Before Julie climbed out of her seat, she whispered, "I didn't think to take the 1800's comment seriously!"

I laughed. Jesse sat down and Julie sat back in her seat a couple of aisles away. "She's quite smitten with you," I said.

Jesse laughed. "It's such a pity I'm taken."

I rolled my eyes. I started thinking of a song my mother always used to play in our New York apartment, and I had to smile. Without realizing it, I started singing the lyrics.

"Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today...I want to be a part of it - New York, New York..."

Jesse looked at me and laughed. "How appropriate."

I just grinned. "That song brings back New York memories galore."

.:In the Back of the Plane:.

(A/N: I tried to write this in Arabic, but WordPerfect won't support it.)

"We've got to do this now!"

"Patience, Fatih. We must do this perfectly."

"Why not now, though? We want to please Allah now, Qutb."

"Now now, Ghazi, we shall please him in good time."

"How can you be so calm, Adham?"

"It's just a facade, believe me."

The four Arabic men sat with their feet twitching, sweating bullets.

The plan was to be executed in just ten short minutes. After years of planning, and of postponing, they would finally do it. There was no doubt of that in their minds. They just hoped the people weren't as perceptive as the people in their failing brother's plan.

And that was all they could do. Hope. Hope that the people wouldn't overthrow them, hope nothing would happen that wasn't part of the plan.

And that, really, was their downfall. There were too many gaping holes in their plan.

Okay guys, this is the prologue. The rest of this is in the next chapter.