Chapter 1

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It was silent in the Teen Titan's common room. Deadly silent. A solitary figure sat in the midst of it. Periodically a rustle of a yellow brown page pierced the quiet as she turned the page. It was bliss to the lavender-haired teen. She could not have asked more than this peaceful silence. It was a perfect calm before the storm, one that is so delicate, and yet so strong at the same time. She felt as if she were on a cloud, where no one could bother her, where no one could-

The door swished open, revealing a short green boy that was talking loudly to a large half-human, half-robot.

"And so the guy says, 'But why is it yellow?'" the green changeling finished his corny, lame joke, and burst out in fits of laughter. The metal man just looked at him with a concerned look on his face. "Dude, Beast Boy. That is SO not funny," he said, walking over to the kitchen. Beast Boy made a face. "It is TOO, Cyborg! You're just too stupid to get it!" He stuck his tongue at the teen. "I bet Raven would get it." He walked over to Raven, who had heard the whole conversation (unfortunately) but had not shown any signs of it.

"Hey Rae, I have a joke for you that Cyborg is too stupid to get. You wanna hear it!" Beast Boy's eyes lit up, but were soon downcast when Raven replied, "No." He scowled. "Fine. You know what? I don't even WANT to tell you anymore." He turned around, arms folded. He peeked over his shoulder to see if she had taken the bait. She turned the page.

"Oh come ON, Rae! PLEEAASEEE!" He turned around and got down on his knees, begging. Raven looked up briefly from her book at his sad, pleading face before returning her eyes to the book before her. "NO."

Just then, Robin and Starfire, the other two members of the team, came in, side by side. "Hey guys, what's up?" Robin greeted them cheerfully. Starfire grinned and zoomed around, hugging everyone. "Shall I begin in the making of the breakfast?" she giggled. Everyone froze. Even Raven looked up from her book in horror.

"NO!" everyone yelled simultaneously. The alien looked hurt for a moment. Robin noticed this, and took action. "I mean, we wouldn't want you to use up what energy you have left cooking for us, when most of it was drained in the fight we had with Cinderblock yesterday," Robin said, quickly saving the rest of them. "We would feel horrible if you did." Star brightened. "Oh, joyous!" she said. " My friends return the feeling of compassion to me!" She pulled Robin with her over to Cyborg, who was getting ready to cook breakfast.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Beast Boy yelled after seeing what Cyborg was about to cook. "NOT THE MEAT! YOU KILLED THOSE ANIMALS!" he screamed as Cy turned on the stove and plopped the bacon onto the frying pan. It started to sizzle and Beast Boy turned into a bull, ready to charge him. He pawed the ground and reared up, running at the meat-eater.

Starting to get agitated by the noise, Raven got up and was about to leave the room when something caught her eye. A charging green bull.

Cy wrestled with animal and managed to get it off of him. He held the animal in his two hands away from him, and took a step back. He managed to raise the bull up and behind him and threw him as far as a 500-pound animal would go.

All the way Beast Boy turned into random animals, from bull to chicken to hippo to crow, and then he faced the inevitable and hit the nearest target- Raven. Trying to grab onto something for balance, Beast Boy (still in crow form) started scraping with its talons Raven's book. He inadvertently ripped most of the pages out and tore some in half. By this time, Raven was red in the face, as well as the eyes. The thin line that always portrayed her mouth had turned into a menacing grimace, with absolute murder in her eyes. The light bulb above her shattered, but she didn't seem to notice.

Of course, Beast Boy by now was back to his normal form, staring at her blood-shot eyes and book. "Raven, I-I-I'm-m s-so sor-r-r-" But he never got to finish, because Raven lunged at him and tackled the boy to the ground. Objects everywhere started splitting in two or flying into the wall. Robin and the rest of the titans could only stand back, and watch in horror as she attacked him.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! I HADN'T FINISHED THAT BOOK, AND IT WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! UNLESS YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED IN THE END, I SUGGEST YOU START PRAYING!" With a growl, Raven started wrestling with the changeling, both struggling to gain power over the other. But by now almost everything in the room was either broken or smashed against a wall. No one care what was broken or thrown against the side of the room- they were too engrossed in what was happening with their fellow teammates. No one cared; that is, until one of the objects happened to be Starfire.

"STAR!" Robin yelled, eyes wide with terror as she was levitated, kicking and screaming. She was hurled across the room by the black energy around her, shrieking for help. "IF THIS IS AN EARTHLY CUSTOM, I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!" she screamed above all of the noise. Then she hit the wall with a sickening crunch, and slid down to the floor, unconscious.

"STOP IT RAVEN! YOU'RE HURTING STAR!" Cy shouted, bringing everything to a screeching halt as Robin ran over to the alien princess.

Raven looked up. Oh my god, she thought to herself as she tried to get everything under control. She levitated everything back to their normal place, sealing cracks and putting broken pieces back together. She rushed over to where the rest of the titans were caring for Starfire as soon as she was done with this.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Raven almost lost control of her emotions again as she saw her beat up friend groaning, eyes closed. "Star, are you ok?"

"No, she's not, thanks to you and your stupid powers," Robin angrily shot back, glaring at her.

"You really need to get control. Sometimes I really wish you didn't have your powers," Beast Boy added icily. Raven felt as if someone had stabbed her in the heart. The visible remorse for hurting Starfire on her face soon faded away into hurt.

"Then you and I have something in common after all." Although it wasn't quite noticeable, all of the titans heard the slight cracking in her voice as she said it. And Beast Boy immediately looked regretful.

"Raven, I didn't-" She got up and turned around, stopping him in mid sentence. And then she walked to the doors and down the hallway to her room without a word. Robin looked at Beast Boy. "Nice going. Now you have two things to apologize for."


Serenity filled the sweet, lilac-scented air as the lavender candle began to burn. Raven blew out the match and watched the smoke aimlessly drift around the room. After scrutinizing it for a few seconds, she disposed of the match in a nearby garbage can. The girl turned her attention towards the candle. The fire burned brightly against the darkness of her gloomy room. The scent it emitted was soothing, calming to Raven's nerves. A simple fragrance can relax anyone, she thought. Even if a certain green someone had just RUINED your book when you hadn't finished it. Even though she didn't directly think it aloud, she was remembering what he had said to her. She felt rage continuously build up as she thought about the incident that had taken place just a few minutes ago. Ugh, I can't believe the NERVE of that idiot! Now he can't watch where he's going! I mean, it's not like he even-

Her mug on a nearby table shattered. She sighed as she stood up and walked over the closet, where the dustpan was. As she swept up the mess, she thought about what she had been telling herself. It's not really his fault, a small voice deep inside of Raven said. It was an accident. She shook her head of the thought. Accident my foot, she replied. That was on purpose, no matter how much you try to deny it. He lives to annoy me. The girl got up and threw the remains of the cup away. Raven sighed. What she should do she couldn't decide. She finally sat down cross-legged and started meditating, slowly bobbing up and down slightly to the steady rhythm of her voice.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos… Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos… Azarath, Metri-AHH!" Raven fell out of the air, landing hard on her butt. The sudden, quick knock that had come out of nowhere had startled her. "WHAT!" she angrily yelled to the person standing outside the door. The door fell down with a huge BANG as Raven's eyes turned a blazing red. There in the hallway stood a very meek looking Beast Boy, eyes wide and jaw open.

"Umm, is this a bad time? Hehe..." Beast Boy attempted a small, weak smile. Raven's eyes returned to their normal lavender color, but the anger in her eyes as she saw the changeling was blatant. The door was engulfed in black and slammed back into the doorway. Beast Boy could hear her continue to meditate shortly after.

Should I knock again? a part of him asked. She might get mad…He scratched his head. Hey, remember what you came here for? said another part of him. You can't apologize to Raven if she can't hear you through the door. Beast Boy grimaced. He's got a point, Beast Boy thought. I've got to do this. With that, he somewhat reluctantly raised his hand and knocked again, this time softer.

Raven was infuriated at Beast Boy. How dare that idiot come here and disturb her at a very crucial time? Ok, so it wasn't that crucial, but still, he shouldn't have been bothering her! Especially since he had just committed what was a mortal sin (in Raven's point of view)! She drew in a deep breath and exhaled. Relax, she told herself. Focus on the candle… Focus on the quiet… Focus on serenity…Focus on-

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Raven cursed under her breath and growled furiously. She got up and wrenched the door open.

"WHAT!" she screamed at the green boy. "WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU INTERRUPT ME TWICE IN MY ROOM, WHILE I'M MEDITATING, RIGHT AFTER YOU RUIN ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS!" Raven's eyes burned a fiery crimson once more as Beast Boy tried to put on a nervous smile. Even though her remark hadn't included it, they both knew that she was mostly mad about the remark about her powers.

"Maybe I should come back later…?" Raven's started to take deep, shuddering breaths, and a deep growl came from the back of her throat. Beast Boy saw it coming. His weak smile slowly turned into grimace of horror as he realized what was going to happen. He turned as if in slow motion and tried to run, but to no avail. Raven's powers engulfed his body and slammed him against the wall. The black energy twisted him around in the air until the green changeling felt sick.

"LEAVE," Raven said menacingly. "NOW." She put him down and he ran as fast as he could the other way. After he had run down the hall to the doorway, he stopped and turned around.

"I wasn't lying when I said wish you never had your stupid powers. Or your stupid emotions for that matter." He looked at her with a little anger in his eyes as he gave her the look of pity that she despised so much. Then he turned and walked out the door.

Raven burst into her room, a single tear making its way down her left cheek. I hate these stupid, stupid powers! Her thoughts did not express nearly as much hate as she felt for her "gift" right then. I can't even read my stupid book because he ruined it, she thought between suppressed sobs. She walked as steadily as she could over to her bookshelf and grabbed a random book. She sat down on her bed and opened the cover to the title page.

"The Book of Azarathanian Spells," she whispered, reading the name out loud. She hadn't touched this book in years. Why would she need to? Most of the spells were for stupid pranks or tricks. Occasionally you would find a serious spell or two in there, but it was mostly just for the average kid seeking revenge. She wiped away the trails of tears on her cheeks with one hand, turning the page with the other.

The book brought back so many memories for her, when she was still on Azarath. Spells that she used, spells that her few friends used, and unfortunately, spells that her enemies had used on her. She remembered the time she was forced to sing Mary had a Little Lamb eighteen times in a row because of one spell. She smiled as she remembered the day she got that person back, too. Having your enemy eat all of the flowers and slugs in your next-door neighbor's treasured garden is wonderful revenge. She sighed contentedly as she turned the page.

But the next spell quickly wiped the smile off of her face as she greedily took in the words. Could this spell be the one that she had been waiting for for all of her life?

The Power Transferring Spell

This spell allows the caster to transfer his or her powers into another thing. A statue or person is advised.

What you will need:

1. a twig from a willow tree

2. 4 drops of the tears of the caster

3. a large bowl for the ingredients

4. the shells of six freshly cracked normal chicken eggs

5. a regular strand of the caster's hair

6. a statue or a person in which to transfer your powers

7. 1 tsp of magic Azarathanian dust

7. the Azarathanian spell below:

Ninceh Parelahe Conte... Singeh Tuluges Arrammeto Porreh... Soulls Derte Castemus RISSEH! Transterous Novvuti!

Arrange the eggshells into a circle, with the twig on the left hand side, while chanting spell. Drop the tears into the first four eggshells you see, and place the hair in the center of the circle. Sprinkle magic dust into the bowl. Everything will start to glow. Wait one minute, say spell again, and your powers will transfer into the statue.

The page went on, but this was all she needed. With a cry of joy she quickly left her room and started to gather what she needed. But the decision to stop reading there was a bad one, however. If she had read on, she would have noticed these warnings:


1. Do not attempt unless you have slept for three days straight and meditated for one day straight. This spell requires a lot of concentration and energy and if you have not done the above things (and you continue with the spell), it may result in serious draining of energy or even death.

2. If you transfer your powers into a person with their own powers, his or her powers will be transferred into you.

3. Do not move during the process. If one of you moves, part of your power will not be transferred, and thus will be lost forever.

4. IMPORTANT: Do not attempt the spell if you do not know the Azarathanian language. The spell is meant only for beings that understand it fully, and if said carelessly the spell will reverse and explode everything within a ten-mile radius, leaving you (if you are still alive) still with your powers.

Raven raced out of her room and flew to the kitchen. She opened the door, praying that there were six eggs left. She was in luck. There were seven, and she whispered a silent thanks to the gods above. She then, levitating the eggs in the air, looked in all of the cupboards until she found a large bowl covered with dust. She quickly rinsed it and walked as fast as she could back to her room.

Once there, she set the items down carefully on her bed and tiptoed over to the window, as if it would break if she were any louder. She gently opened it, letting the cool night breeze wash over her for a second or two. She closed her eyes, grateful for the wind. But that wasn't what she came here for. Her eyes snapped open, ready to get what she needed. With her powers, she made the branch of a willow tree, just a quarter mile away from the tower (but still visible from Raven's room), break off. It was slowly levitated up to her window as she tapped her foot impatiently. When it finally reached her, she grabbed it and shut the window.

She set it down on the bed and looked at the list once more. My hair? she thought. Ok... She raised an eyebrow, but closed her eyes and felt for a single strand of her hair. She found one, and jerked it hard and fast. She cursed under her breath. "Ow," she muttered as she set it down. Four drops of her tears? No problem. She got a plastic cup to catch the tears in, and thought about the things she thought would make her cry. Her friends dying... One tear. Trigon returning... Another tear. Beast Boy insulting her harshly... 6 tears.

WHOA, back up, she told herself. Where did THAT come from! She heard Knowledge sigh in her mind. We'll talk about this later, she said. Now do that spell. Raven shrugged mentally and got to work. Now, where did I put that magic dust? She mentally berated herself for not noting where she put it. She scratched her head. Suddenly she remembered.

"Of course," she said, rolling her eyes at her stupidity. "My night table." She walked over and pulled open the drawer. Inside was a little bottle with plain looking sand in it. A piece of paper was taped to the top of the cork stopping the dust from falling out. DO NOT TOUCH, it read in messy handwriting. She ripped the note off and measured out a tsp. (A/N: Don't ask ME how she knew what was 1 tsp.) She smiled as she pushed the cork back in and put it back in her night table.

She sat on the ground, facing the door as she grabbed the bowl. She set it between her and the door and took a deep breath. She levitated a statue to the front of the door in front of the bowl. And she started chanting the spell.


Beast Boy stepped out of the doorway into the common room. Suddenly he felt guilty. He remembered the hurt look in Raven's eyes when he made his stupid comments. He slapped himself on the forehead. He knew he had to go back.

He confidently turned around and rushed through the doors. The quicker I do this, the quicker it's over, he thought as he hurried towards her door. Facing the door, he took a deep breath and knocked.

In the middle of the spell, Raven heard someone knock. She ignored it and kept chanting. Suddenly, there was a sudden sharp pain in her chest. She screamed in pain but braced herself and kept chanting. I'm almost done, she thought. Just a few more words!

Beast Boy knocked again. No answer. Then he heard Raven scream, and he panicked. "Raven, are you ok? I'm coming in!" he said as he shoved open the door, just to see Raven's eyes glowing, and an eerie light shooting out of her chest.

"AUGH!" he screamed as he tripped over the statue, crushing it into a million pieces. He stood up, just to be hit by the beam of blue light coming out of Raven's chest. He couldn't pull away. It was as if the light was pulling him in, making him feel stronger. He felt relaxed by the nice, calming blue. He smiled dreamily as he watched the pretty colors.

It wasn't until the color of the light changed that Beast Boy came to his senses. The light went through the rainbow's colors, but as soon as he realized that something weird was happening, he jumped out of the way of the next colors, yellow, green, blue, etc. The light flew into the wall, making it shimmer. Then, suddenly the light stopped. Raven fell to the ground with a thud. Beast Boy ran into the doorway. "Raven, are you oka-" he tried to say, but all of a sudden, a green light shot out of Beast Boy, this time shooting into Raven. He was shocked. He didn't know what to do. He just stood there, until the light stopped. And everything was silent.

And then, with a quiet thud, Beast Boy fell to the ground, unconscious.


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