Always Does the Raven Soar

There was a soft flash of light, and Raven found herself in the throne room, with all of the heroes surrounding her. With difficulty she explained what happened, and one by one they left until she was alone with her friends. For a long time they stood in silence. Tears ran down Raven's face, mixing with the blood until she could take no more. She dashed forward and embraced them all, hugging them tightly and never wanting to let go.

"I'm so happy you're all back," she smiled. She noticed that Beast Boy was standing apart from them all. She let go, and Robin, Starfire and Cyborg grinned and left the room.

"Well good job Rae, you did it," Beast Boy smiled. "Nice new look," he added.

"Oh just shut up," she said and ran towards him, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, brushing his lips. Even though he tasted blood, Beast Boy didn't let go, he embraced her and kissed her back. And for a few minutes Raven was completely happy, and never wanted to let go, she just wanted to melt in Beast Boy's arms. Finally and slowly, they separated.

"We should go," Beast Boy smiled.

"Yeah, I'm hungry… maybe some tofu dogs?" Raven smiled back.

They both laughed and headed out of the throne room. Raven teleported them back home, and that night, after Raven had bathed and cleaned herself, they feasted.

Beast Boy made tofu dogs, Cyborg did some barbecuing, and Starfire even made a Tamaranian… delicacy, which basically meant its tentacles were still jiggling after it had been "cooked". Raven didn't care though, she ate all of the things her friends made, she was just so happy that they were safe and Shadow was dead. Nobody would ever have to suffer at his hands again, although she did wonder if Slade and the others escaped.

The sun was setting, and Raven walked out of the Tower and sat on the ground, watching the sun paint the sky all hues of the rainbow, and she smiled. There were footsteps behind her and she turned to see Beast Boy.

"Oh, hey," Raven said as her friend took a seat next to her.

"What's up?" Beast Boy asked, playing with a stick.

"Nothing, just watching the sunset. It's beautiful…"

"Yeah, you are," Beast Boy was looking right at her now. Raven blushed. (A/N: OK totally corny but deal with it lol)

"How about a flight, we'll be back before dark," Raven suggested.

"Sounds great," Beast Boy answered. Raven took his hand and lifted them up, and they flew high into the sky without a thought except of each other. Raven took them high into the colorful sky, right in front of the sun, and with the sun as their witness they embraced each other in the air, kissing until darkness fell.

Always does the Raven soar.


A/N: OK there it is: the end… this was my first fanfic so I hope everyone enjoys. Thanks so much to Sweetnevermore and EmiieRoxs… I couldn't have done this w/out you guys! SoR