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:All Kairi's POV:

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Sinners Sanctuary

Ohh Kiss

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One more night

Don't give me a lie again.

It's all my fault

That's all I hear- It's a sin.

So one more night

Breathing Blasphemy

Its one more night

A sinner's sanctuary.

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I never knew I could truly feel this helpless

Locked away in who knows where.

Just some room.

All I could think to do was bring my knees to my chest and curl up into a ball.

Lean against the corner.

My corner.

Sora left me… And I had just came looking for him.

I'm so stupid.

So fucking stupid.

It was dark and cold.

All I could see was a bed

Maybe a dresser,

But I have a feeling my mind is just lying to me.

I wish I could get some sleep.

My bodies telling me to just close my eyes

But something in my mind is keeping me awake.

I don't know what it is.

Someone's coming…

Down from somewhere

I just can't tell

My heart is racing but my mind seems numb.

The door.

Then someone.

A tall someone.

Someone I didn't know.

The large cloak he wore concealed his face.

But I knew who it was now.


That man.

The one who had coaxed me into darkness.

I watched him.

Just watched.

Looking up at him with wide pools of curiosity.

He didn't acknowledge me.

Didn't even take the time to look down.

But soon I caught myself watching him more intently.

Memorizing him.

He was taking the large cloak off.

Exposing himself to me

And I still just sat there.

He tossed the black trench coat aside and ran his fingers through his jagged cherry spikes.

A white tank top.

Dark jeans.

That's all he was wearing.

He moved to sit on the end of the bed,

His eyes finally darting over to my corner.

To me.

"You should get some rest."

His voice was smooth, playful, untamed.

Something I had yet to encounter.

Something I had not known existed until now.

I simply continued my starring

Trying to identify whether this was fear or curiosity I was feeling.

"C'mon… I'm not going to hurt you…"

That voice again.

Trying to get me to feel better…


There was nothing I had to lose.

I hesitantly stood.

Walking forward and taking a light seat next to him.

Not quite close to him…


I didn't trust him enough yet.

He eyed me with a small smile

And I continued glaring at the ground.

The tattoos beneath his eyes soon drew me to him and I glanced up.

"What do you want from me?"

I hadn't noticed I was trembling.

Not until I tried to ask a simple question.

How truly afraid I was…

"I want nothing from you."

"Then why the hell am I here!"

I was crying.

And I hadn't even known it.

Not until I felt slender fingers smooth over my skin,

Slowly wiping them away.

"Kairi… I…"

"How do you even know my name…"

I whispered.

Cutting the man off and shying from his touch.

He watched me.

Looked at me.

Studied me.

Analyzed my tears.

My actions.

My feelings.

"I'm sorry… But please, try and get some sleep…"

He hadn't even bothered to answer my question…

And he left.

Left me alone on his bed.


Why was he sorry?

I breathed in a shallow breath.

The mans touch, whose name I did not yet know, still lingered against my flesh.

I lay down.

Closed my eyes.

And desperately tried to calm my mind.

So I listened.

To the ripple of my own heart beat and I wondered who he was.

I wondered if I was ever going to get back home.

And I wondered if I really wanted to.

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