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Sinners Sanctuary

Ohh Kiss

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His eyes circled me

And I could feel every pulsating movement he made

My heart pounded

My eyes fluttered

And his hands danced down across my shoulder and chest

He knew how to touch

How to drive me crazy

And I couldn't understand

How he knew

How he knew just how to make me moan

And he didn't even have to take my clothes off

His pretty Christmas eyes watched me with such intensity

I felt I might melt

One more glare

And I'd be a puddle on the floor…

He could play with me all he wanted then…


His voice is soft and gentle as it flitters across my neck

And I can barley control myself




And he touched me again

I couldn't help but take his lips in mine and force him to love me

Force him to want me

I don't remember how

But I slung my leg around him and he had my hands pinned above my head

Chapped lips stroking down the fabric of this heavy dress

Do it now Axel

And I heard his voice like he was screaming, even though it was a simple whisper in my ear

"You're beautiful."

I felt tears leak from my eyes

And I didn't know whether it was love

Or want

Or hate

Or passion

But he kissed them away and I choked, finally spitting out the only word that came to mind


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Did ya like it? –kersnort- I hope so! Its just a teaser, next chapter will be better but I just want to catch up on updates before my parents go ballistic on me for grades. Ack, -dies- love me X3 REVIEW for the review master cause you know she adores you.