Set at towards the end of Season 8, but Janet Frasier is still alive, as is Jacob Carter.
I have re-edited the entire story: fixed errors, made mild wording changes, and removed some notes, but the story remains the same. This is a long, complicated story, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have over the years. This is still my favorite story as it approaches its 10
th anniversary.

Special thanks to my son and Mom for keeping me true to the mark and the encouraging reviews over the 33 months it took to write this story and stay on track. And, to the lovely people that created Stargate SG-1, the wonderful character and stories. May you be blessed to surprise yourself, by doing something you never dreamed you were capable of doing. –Quarkie

Flashbacks in italics.

Chapter 1

"No I swear Daniel, that's what he said…. I don't know you'll have to talk to him about that." Jack had called Daniel on the way home from the debriefing to tell him about the findings on P8Y-146, and was now thinking he should have just waited until they got to Daniel's house to talk to him. You would think by now he would know better than to try and make a 'quick' call to his second favorite scientist, but no, apparently he didn't know better because here he was still on the phone with him when he arrived home, "Well, we'll be there soon. I'm home now." He pulled his truck up along the street in front of his house, jumped out and grabbed the mail from the mailbox with the phone tucked under his chin. He put the mail under his arm and reached down to pick up the bike Anna had left in the driveway and leaned it up against the house. "Yeah, I know." He laughed as he walked in the door.

"Sam… Anna, I'm back. Let's go," he yelled as he pulled the phone away from his mouth so he didn't yell in Daniel's ear. Not that Daniel would have noticed as he was babbling on about the significance of the dialect discussed at the debriefing. "No I don't think so…" With the phone re-tucked securely under his chin he looked through the stack of mail to see if there was anything other than bills and smiled when he saw a card for Anna for her birthday from Sam's brother. "Yeah, hold on." He pulled the phone away again. "Sam…. Anna you coming? Daniel and Sarah are waiting."

He started looking around the house when neither responded. In the family room it looked like there had been a sleepover of about 20 five year old girls…. or a struggle. "Daniel, something's not right, let me call you back. He tried to call Sam's cell phone and heard it ringing in the kitchen; he found it right next to Daniel's birthday present with her purse and keys. Something imperceptible made him panic; something was very wrong.

Unarmed he made his way to the bedroom slowly checking the rooms as he went. When he got to his and Sam's bedroom he went to the closet and opened the gun safe, retrieved his gun and searched the rest of the house. He still could not find Sam or Anna, but most of the lights were on in the house and Sam's car was in the garage.

He pulled out his cell phone and called the SGC. "This is General O'Neill – I have a Code Red situation. I need a team at my house now, Colonel Samantha Carter-O'Neill and our daughter are missing. I repeat code-red-" He felt a sharp pain in his back and blacked out.


"General, he's coming to." Dr. Frasier announced when Jack opened his eyes. George Hammond made his way to the bed.

Jack woke with a start and screamed, "Sam! Anna!"

"He's awake Sir, but he's in shock. Let me give him a light sedative." Dr. Frasier took the needle from the nurse and injected it into the IV.

Jack blacked out again. A few moments later he regained consciousness, though the sedative calmed his body, his mind was working frantically.

"George. Sam and Anna?" Jack pleaded.

"Jack relax. We're going to get to the bottom of this." He looked at the Doctor puzzled by Jack's behavior. He had been concerned since he received Jack's message, a team was dispatched immediately to Jack's house and they found him lying on the floor. "Now tell me what happened."

Pain shot through Jack's back, up to his head and he screamed. Dr. Fraiser was about to kick them all out when Jack calmed down. The pain subsided enough to explain, "I came home to get Sam and Anna, we were supposed to be at Daniel and Sarah's house for dinner. I was talking to Daniel on the phone." He gritted his teeth through more pain and then continued. "When I walked in there was evidence of a struggle. I searched the house and called in the code red and then I think something hit me from behind." Jack squeezed his eyes shut, cried out in pain and slipped back into an unconscious state.

In the shadows Sam and Daniel looked at one another bewildered.

"Sarah?" he asked in a whisper.

"Anna?" she asked in an equally quieted and perplexed whisper.