A/N: I might have been the only one to notice, who knows really I could very well have imagined it all, but when Sam told Dean that he had never loved anyone like he loved Jesse and John loved Mary I think I saw a pang of hurt pass Dean's eyes. This could very well just be me. I think it is. Besides, if anything would happen they would've had to tell Jensen about it to get that reaction for real. Point s, I saw it and it hurt me. So, I came up with this...

Dean has his own 'Jess/ Mary' moment.

Not so original, I think, but it needs to be told. Dean has a heart of gold. It may take a lot to get in, but I think it's damn hard to be taken out. I think that he did love someone. And not like Cassie love, cause I think that Sam and Sarah clicked way better than Cassie and Dean. I think that he's too good for her, cause she didn't believe him and then she went crying back to him when she needed him...I could go on. (I have a 'romance' issue on things. Seriously, like how in the world is the Great Gatsby a love story? Daisy's a pig! And Gatsby deserved better! I'll stop now.)

So, I let my brain do some serious thinking and came up with the plot. Then, I let my fingers take over and came up with this story.

Stay With Me

By: chocolate rules

Meeting You - - - Chapter One

"Dean, there's a haunting in Glasgow. I think that you can take care of it yourself."

John Winchester was sitting in another motel room and flipping through many newspapers and making notes in his journal.

"What?" Dean said spread out on the second motel bed watching TV.

"I said that tomorrow, after we finish off this poltergeist, you're heading off to Glasgow."


"Yes, Dean. Kentucky."

"Um, ok." He replied, not really listening as he dropped his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

John looked towards his sleeping son and glanced over to the TV which was still on. He stood up and turned it off. He then headed back to his notes where he remained for the rest of the night.

Dean was thrown towards the dresser as John was nearing the expelling chant. He stood up and edged towards his discarded weapon.

John finished the spell and Dean gathered the weapons. They walked out of the house and towards the cars.

"If you take interstate 40 East for a few hours, you should reach interstate 65. Take that for two hours north. Then take the local routes to Glasgow."

"Alright. That sounds good." Dean replied, tossing the weapons bag into the trunk.

John nodded and headed to his truck.

"So where you headed Dad?"



"Yes, Dean." He replied tossing a grin to his son. He had inflicted upon his sons from an early age to learn geography. Dean had taken to it very well, and had taught Sammy how to read it.


"Well, call me once you get there. And try to be inconspicuous, Ace. That thing from Mammoth Cave could very well be known in Glasgow."

"Yes sir," Dean replied trying to hide a chuckle. They had been to Mammoth Cave three years back and he had gotten himself into quite some trouble. It had been his younger brother, Sammy, fault really. But he wasn't about to bring that up so soon.

Sammy had left for college a few months back. In any other family, that would have been a chance to celebrate. Sammy had gotten a full ride to a very prestigious school in California. However, when he announced his accepted to Stanford to their father, John Winchester had blown his roof and had sent the kid away. He had told him never to come back again.

Dean missed his kid brother and had taken to calling him on occasion, but it wasn't the same. Dean wondered whether he would ever see his kid brother again.

Dean drove down the darkened interstate. Metallica was blaring on the car speakers and the occasional passing car beeped their disapproval. He didn't mind it though since he was going on three hours sleep and had a four hour drive ahead of him.

Through a verse of Master of Puppets, Dean's cell phone rang.


"So, as I was walking towards my room, I turned my cell back on and saw your message."

"Hey Sammy-boy. I'm doing great, thanks for asking."

"You already said that in your message."

"Fine, so what happened?"

"Nothing, that's what I was calling to ask you."


"Your message"

"Full sentences, Sammy."



"So, where you guys headed to?"

"Glasgow, Kentucky. Some ghosts are pestering a school there. The basement I think, which they're renovating. Really thrilling stuff." Dean said sarcastically.

"Haha, so you're heading back to school," gloated Sammy.

"Shut up," Dean replied with fake annoyance. Truth was, he loved hearing any kind of joy come out of his kid brother.

"So, what is this like a high?"

"Nah, some elementary school."

"And what's your in? Is Dad going to take a substitute position or something?" Sam half asked. It amazed Dean that Sam could still talk about their father yet at the mere mention of Sammy to their father could cause all hells of trouble.

"Nah, he's headed to Missouri."


"Miss. Ou. Ri" Dean replied slower.

"Dad's not with you?"

"No Sammy, he's on his own hunt."

"But, I thought that he said he'd never let us do that."

"Yeah, well that was when I was fifteen and we got caught trying to sneak into that closed arcade."

"Yeah, something unsupernatural. That really got Dad moving."

"Hehe, yeah. Well, kid I think it's getting past your bedtime and all little geek boys should be in bed this late of night."

"Haha, Dean." He could hear Dean snickering and the loud Metallica playing in the background. "Call me once you get there?" Sam asked, it scared him every time that Dean went on a mission. He always feared for his brother, even if he was older and more experienced.

"Wouldn't want you wetting your bed otherwise," teased Dean.

"Again, that was one time and I had too much juice. And it was you who kept pouring the thing into my cup, so it wasn't my fault."

"It's called control, Sammy. Maybe they'll teach it to you there in that big fancy school of yours." And his tone was still playful, which Sam took to mean that Dean wasn't mad at this.

"Yeah, whatever. Good night."

"Night, squirt." Dean said and he flipped his cell shut before Sam could retaliate.

Dean made his way towards the Glasgow Elementary School. Glasgow's a pretty big town, and Dean found himself kind of lost. He found himself instead by a diner. He was lost and hungry and decided to go in and ask for directions.

Dean headed over to the counter and sat down. A nice elderly woman came to him and took his order. When she returned with his coffee and donuts, he asked her how to get to the school. She replied that she herself had never really headed over to the school, she had no children and hadn't grown up there so there was no reason for her to know.

"You'll want to ask Caroline there, she's in that booth," she said pointing out a beautiful woman in a light blue summer dress sitting alone in one of the few occupied booths. "She'll know for sure." The waitress told him.

"Thanks," replied Dean as he gathered his meal and headed over to this beauty which he had seemed to miss when he had entered. He didn't even bother asking why she would know, but at a time like this, something so minimal didn't likely matter.

Dean stood by her booth and she looked up to him. The biggest brown eyes he had ever seen locked with his. Instantly, Dean's breath caught in his lungs. He could feel his heart continue to beat and it pounded all the way up to his ears so that there was nothing else he could hear. She smiled at him, a warm toothy smile and he smiled back.

"Hi," he heard her say over the pounding.

"Hey," he said, cool as ever. "Do you mind?" Dean said, head nudging towards the seat in front of her.

"No, go ahead. I'm leaving soon anyways," she said. Her voice made its velvety path straight into him, ceasing the pounding and slight buzz that rested in his ears.

"No, I don't mean to bother you or anything," Dean said quickly as he slid in.

"No bother," she said sipping her coffee. Then she looked back up to him, locking eyes once more. "I have to be heading out towards work soon."

"That's a real shame,"

"No, I love my work. I head out there early and I think it's very rewarding." She said and he couldn't help but nod to her. She sounded so committed that he couldn't care if she was a dog walker.

So, Dean sat there and talked with her about her work for a few minutes. It turned out that she was a first grade teacher at the Elementary school, so he stated how he needed to get there. When she asked him what it was he needed to do there, it didn't come out commanding or accusationary and he almost told her the truth. Instead, he told her that he would be helping out in the basement of the school. She remembered hearing that it was being renovated but that there had been problems. He told her that was what he was there to fix and she agreed to let him drive her to work since he had made her miss her bus.

The entire ride there, Dean learned so much about her. First off, though the waitress at the diner had called her Caroline, she preferred to be called Amy, in memory of her mother. She had stopped dead at his car and had stared. Then she turned and begged for it to be his. When he pulled out the keys and opened the passenger door for her she nearly squealed with glee.

They made it to the school, she headed to her room and Dean headed over to the administration office, he followed the arrows. They agreed to met again for lunch during recess where she would be in her room eating her own lunch after the kids had theirs. Dean convinced the principal about his actions and headed down to the basement for some minor reading – of the research and ghostly kind of course. The hours flew with anticipation and soon Dean headed to her room for the promised meal.

Amy had ordered them pizza and Dean knew for sure that he was in love. He learned about all the kinds of things she did growing up in Glasgow and edited his own childhood for her.

The bell rang signaling the end of recess and she was ushering him out. He slipped his cell number into her hand and headed to his car.

Dean found a motel not ten minutes away from the school. It was decent and fit in with the rest of the town.

Amy called him as he was heading out the shower. She had already left him three messages and he couldn't help but smile at himself. In the first message, "Hello? Um, hey remember Amy from this morning and lunch? Of course you do, God. Well, humph, I'll call you later Bye." And wasn't that just beautiful. In the second message, she had hung up and not said a thing, but his cell had picked up her number. In the third message she sounded a little frustrated; "Argh, pick up already, I absolutely suck with machines!"

They talked for a few minutes and agreed to meet that night. While he thought he'd meet her out to eat, she asked him where he was staying. At around 8 that night, Dean opened his door to find her in a casual jeans and T-shirt with three cartons of Chinese. On the back of her blue shirt was an old tour schedule for Pink Floyd and Dean could have sworn he had died and gone to heaven.

It took only two days to get rid of the disturbance at the school, but it took way longer for Dean to leave. Everyday, he would go eat lunch with her and then at night she would show up at his room. The fourth night he spent in Glasgow, she slept there and Dean couldn't honestly think of a better place for her to be.

That night, it had rained as she had arrived and she had jumped into the shower, tossing the take out to his as she whizzed on by him into the bathroom. Halfway through an egg roll and he hears her yell out to him for something to wear. He gets his bag and looks for the smallest shirt he can find. It's a medium red AC/DC concert shirt and he hasn't worn it in ages. He also grabs a pair of sweatpants and walks over to the bathroom.

"Where do you want these?" he asks at the closed door.

"Come in, no looking, and leave it like on the sink or on the toilet and get out," she yelled back. He did just that, did sneak a look, but he wasn't caught so he made it out safely.

Amy had brought along with her one of her favorite all time movies. The night before they were discussing their favorite childhood movies and she was almost crippled at his response at all violent and 'R' rated fics. She decided that he needed to watch the Sound of Music or she'd never speak to him again, ever. So he gave in. It wasn't half bad; the whole idea of the noun falling for the military guy was kind of hot. Oh and the kids singing, Amy's favorite part –You had to love that, Dean! ­ - was good to. The best part was that she took to watching it in the comfort of his arms as they lied together on the bed.

Next, she put in the original Fantasia and would you know, she fell asleep not ten minutes in. Dean watched the enter film, but he couldn't keep his eyes off Amy. This was quite possibly the first, and only, time that a girl had actually fallen asleep on his bed. He had never just slept with someone, except Sammy and wouldn't you know it. It was oddly heart warming to turn off the TV at ten o'clock and slip them both beneath the covers.

It was even more comforting to be awoken by sweet kisses all over his neck and face for no other reason than to be giving kisses.

On the sixth night, Sam called him very worried. And damnit, he had forgotten to call him the last three nights. Amy was in the shower, she had now taken to falling asleep there every night.

"'ello?" Dean said with a voice deep with sleep.

"Are you okay?"

""ey Sammy," Dean said plopping his head back down on the pillow.

"What happened?"

"With what?"

"Glasgow. What happened there? Are you hurt?"

"Naw, I'm done that."

"Oh, well then why haven't you called me?"

"Dude, you sound like a wife. Chill." Dean said with a smirk that he knew Sam could hear.

"Haha," and he could just see him rolling his eyes. "What happened?"

"I've uh…" Dean looked over to the door where he could hear the shower still running as it masked Amy's horrible singing voice. "…been busy."

"So, you're going to let you're kid brother freak out like a million miles away, where he can't do anything to help you if need be might I add, so you could chase some tail. You have no consideration!" and yep he was angry. But, Dean was in such bliss that he really didn't mind it at all.

"Listen, hun. It's not like that. Don't get your panties all in a bunch." Said Dean and he could hear the shower turn off now and Amy slip out of the shower. "I happen to be taking a few days off, thank you."

"Off? Doing what? And since when does Dad allow days off. I thought that 'Demons didn't rest and there was no reason for us to either.'" Quoted Sam and Dean could really smack him right now, but then there's that bliss and the kid's real lucky that he doesn't just get in his car, drive said million miles and do just that.

Amy slips out of the bathroom; towel rapped around her hair and lowers herself down besides him. Dean takes her into his arms again and damn that kid is lucky.

"Well, seeing as he has no idea, I figure that it'll work out in my favor." Dean replies. So there kiddo, you're not the only one that can ditch the man; even if it's just for a few days and a lovely lady.

"Why couldn't you have acted like this when it mattered?" Sam asked and damnit there's venom in his voice. Okay, Sammy, I get it. I'll call you next time before you have to get all pissy and anal and have a heart attack.

"And when was that?" same venom now in his voice. Amy looks up to meet his face but he's staring at the ceiling. He hates ceilings and for good reason. Dean knows damn well when that was. Granted, the kid wasn't always around and had no idea how often he had stood up to the man for him. He got sent to bed early for a reason!

"Whatever, forget I said anything. I'm just glad to hear you're fine. Though, I'm guessing you haven't called him either so he's probably really pissed. Call him now; he shouldn't have to disown both sons in one year."

"That's not how it is Sammy," starts Dean.

"Don't matter know. You told me all you could about him through the years and I'll never understand the man. I've got a class now, call me later."

"Sure, later squirt."

"Dude, I'm taller than you know. Stop calling me that!"

"And miss pissing you off, never."

"Bye Deano." And he hangs up before Dean can say anything.

Dean's smiling now and he flips his own phone shut. He tosses it onto the nightstand, deciding that he'll call Dad once Amy goes off to work. He looks down at her now. She's in between smiling at him and questioning the call.

"Who was that?" she asks and she knows that she doesn't really know anything about this young man beneath her, but they've defiantly clicked.

"The love of my life," he half jokes and winks at her. She laughs that whole body shaking laugh of hers and he melts into it.

"Who's Sammy?" she asks again as she settles herself by the beat of his heart.

"My kid brother," he answers and with the new gleam in his eyes that she smiled along with him.

"Where is he?" she asked, they had never spoken about their families. Funny, how they walked about their childhood but both skipped them out.

"He's a college boy now" he said pride feeling his voice. He smiled that million dollar smile, one she had only ever seen after the first night that she had spent there.

"You must all be so proud," she said kissing his chin. Somehow, this made him a little sad. He looked at her now and there was some hurt mixed in with that beautiful gleam.

"I am," he rasped out.

He proceeded then to usher her to get ready and into the car and she knew that the subject matter was closed.

Outside of the school, Dean pulled out his cell and slowly dialed his father's number. He knew that the second his father picked up, he'd ask him what took him so long and Dean would tell him he had finished in two days like John said it would take. Then he'd be pissed and ask him what the hell he'd been doing and he'd never be able to tell him. After Mary, John seemed to look at all women as two things, fragile and distractions. The fragile ones needed to be saved and the distractive ones needed to be avoided. He had informed Dean of this at thirteen during a very unpleasant 'talk' and Dean really wished that some memories could be washed away. So he called and it didn't go so pretty.

"Dad?" he asked the raspy voice that had picked up.

"Dean?" and now it sounded pissed. Dean cringed slightly. Well, it wasn't like Sammy would be calling him any time soon.

"Hey Dad, you okay?"

"Where the fuck have you been?"


"Still? What happened?"

"Nothing, it was a simple job."

"Then what the hell are you still doing there?" and wow he can go from worried to commanding really fast.

"Nothing, sir."

"That's just fabulous Dean," and it sure as hell didn't sound like it. "Well, so nice of you to call. Vacations over, get your ass to Jim's, I'll be there in a day or two."

"Now?" Dean almost whined.

After about the age of twelve, going to Pastor Jim's meant that Dean was in for a hell of a training session. Sammy had joined him four years later, before it had been fun for them to go and play in the river some mile walk from the church and climb the trees that Dad had said were too big for them and would yell at them when they got caught. Afterwards going there was ironically close to hell, at least when Dad was around. If John left them there then Jim was really neat and would entertain them the entire time. He'd go and buy them all kinds of good candies and such. This would not be one of those times.

"Is there a problem with that?" Dean wished he could say 'yes'. Wished he could tell his father about Amy without having to fear that he'd get that damn lecture again. Or worse yet, his father would find a way that he'd never see her again. At least, if he didn't mention it, then he'd still have a chance to see her again.

"No sir, no problem. I'll head out tonight."


"Yes sir, I have just one more thing to do and then I can go."

"What?" John asks coldly. Hmm, how do you say that you need to tell your girl that you've got to go and that you'll try and be back in a few months? Oh yeah, that's right, you don't.

"Trust me, okay. I'll leave tonight."

"Alright then," answered John reluctantly. He hung up and Dean sighed relief.

He called Amy during lunch and quickly told her that he had to leave. He explained that he was needed to keep working and then he told her that he'd try and see her soon. She sounded upset, but she did know that he traveled for a living. She had asked him to take her one day on a journey, but he had never really answered her.

He drove away as the sky darkened. He had her number and she said she'd call him every night. Dean had said that he'd be waiting for it, but he knew how these things worked. Soon she'd forget about him and move on to another. If she did remember him, then it'd be a passing memory.

Dean didn't get close to many. Very few saw more than the smirk or beyond his handsome exterior. He knew there would never be another Amy, hoped that he could come back to her but learned never to expect much happiness from the life he led.


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