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Title from Lionel Richie's song by the same name.

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Stay With Me

By: chocolate rules

Chapter Five --- I Call It Love

Dean spent more time than he had ever been comfortable with in way too close of quarters with his father, John, and his father's friend, Joshua. They were both hounding him, running him through drills and allowing him only to go to the simple, amateur worthy hunts.

They had spent a weekend at Pastor Jim's, as Dean knew that they would. The pastor had been very understanding this time through. Dean was almost willing to go through a confession of sorts with Jim about Amy. He wondered what someone else, someone besides himself, would think of the 'affair'.

He wondered if the man thought it okay to love.

Dean wasn't very religious. As a young child, when his mother had still been alive, she had been very spiritual and committed not only to her family, but to the community and church. Dean had always seen his mother as a Wonder Woman of sorts. There wasn't anything that she couldn't do.

Angels, she had said, would always been around. Angels would protect him.

But she had been wrong.

For the last eighteen years, Dean had been dead set on how wrong his mother had been. There was just no justification to such a deep and great devotion.

All that time, he had been resigned to the fact that bad things happened all around. This life, this hunter's journey that he traveled through, was proof that no matter who you were or where you were, bad things would get you.

And that was just a fact of life.

There had yet to be anything that Dean could consider "good" enough to prove that there was something out there greater than him. Sure, he had his father and his little brother, and his killer car - but at what cost?

Nothing ever seemed right in the world. No real good vs. evil balance.

But, then he'd met Amy.

It had been such a random encounter too. Dean hadn't gone to Glasgow looking for trouble. He wanted to get there, do his job, protect the innocents, and then get the hell out of Dodge. Heck, if he happened across a fine pair of legs, then that was that.

But, Amy was different.

Dean couldn't put his hand on it. He hated not knowing what it was that had driven him to this girl. Sure, she had a great taste in music and a brilliant eye for cool cars - but was that enough to say that he loved her.

Because he had said it. And he had meant it. And there was no way to take something like that back.

She had meant it too.

In all the weeks that he had to listen to his father and Josh bitch about any little thing that he did wrong or slow through "training" he just couldn't help but remember those last few words she'd told him.

It wasn't like Dean had never told someone that he loved them. He loved Sammy. He loved his father. He loved the Impala. And he even loved Pastor Jim and Caleb (Josh was pissing him off a little bit too much at the moment to admit that he even liked the man) like two (three) great uncles.

But this was different. This was, well, a girl.

And what a girl!

Dean had called her three days after he and Josh had made it to Pastor Jim's. His father had been waiting for them there, obviously, and had immediately taken Dean through an overnight survival course at the mountain side near to Blue Earth. There had been no cell phone connection there, effectively cutting Dean off of Sam, Amy, and anyone who may be able to save him from the Winchester fury.

Amy had sounded so happy to hear from him. Dean could also have seen her smile if he closed his eyes and listen only to her voice.

God, he missed her.

He had never thought that he could miss someone so much. Except Sammy. Obviously. But then, Sammy was Sammy and the kid was always just a phone call and a few hours' drive away.

Amy was - just so much more.

Currently, Dean was in the Impala following behind his father's black truck. Joshua was in the passenger seat - because no they didn't trust him. Go figure - and flipping through a file.

They were headed to Bardstown, Kentucky following up on one of the most famous haunting stories in the state. It had already been a month since Dean had last seen Amy. And the closer they drove to Kentucky, the more he saw signs for Louisville, the more that he fidgeted at the thought of Amy.

Maybe he could slip away, if only for a moment.


The damn old cat had sneaked up on him. The old cemetery behind the even older jail had always been known to be haunted, by this damn cat of all things. The cat had always appeared to the parishioners and had always remained 'friendly' enough.

But then that guy had died a week ago, from clawing through his chest at his heart. Looked like cat's claws, just saying.

The trio had gotten to the cemetery and in no time had seen the cat. It hadn't attacked, merely watching them as they tried to follow it. It wasn't really a job for three hunters, but Josh was still healing from their last hunt - which had been a yeti and Dean hadn't been allowed to go.

The rumors were that the cat was the spirit of an old witch that had been killed during the Witch Trial (and wasn't that supposed to be in Salem?). John said that if it had been a Witch, she would have gotten away.

So, not only did Dean learn that there really were witches, but apparently, they could be pretty powerful. Oh, and John knew a few. Go figure. After calling them up and double checking his assumptions, John concluded that it must be a manifestation of a different sort. Like a spirit guide.

Turned out that the damn thing was attacking grave robbers. They noticed this their third night in town, when they had had to save the fool from the feline.

Dean hadn't been bothered at all to have the cops involved in that, because grave robbers, that's just plain freaky.

And then Josh had heard wind of a haunted cemetery in Glasgow and Dean knew that the shit was about to hit the fan - or something.


"Hey, Amy."

He heard a deep sleepy sigh.


"No, your fairy God-Prince! I've called to rescue you!"

"God-Prince?" she asked, he could hear the wonder in her voice. As clueless as Sam she was when she was sleepy.

"Well, don't expect me as a fairy God-Mother! Jeesh, you'd think that I did enough for you already."

He heard her laugh softly.

"Rescue me from what?"

"The dullness that is your night, figured you'd be awake grading papers or something teachery like that."

"Teachery? Oh, Dean-"

He laughed.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Where are you, babe? I miss you! I'm so freaking bored around here now!"

Tell me about it, he thought.

"Around. Job's all over the place. How's, um, how's your class?"

Amy laughed. Dean was never really interested in anything like that. Sure, he had heard her talk about her day and her students and all of that, but that had been different. He had been able to see her enjoyment in those topics. Had even managed to actually listen to what she had been saying.

Hearing it over the telephone would just be dull.

"Same old stuff. We had a field trip over at the museum. Not much to see there, really. Just an excuse to get out."

"That's , uh, that's great babe," he said, trying to make it sound like he really did think that it was great. But really, a museum, eh.

"I'm sure you would be tickled pink!"

Dean scoffed. He loved how easy it was to talk to her, even when they were talking about nothing.

"So, what's the mystery man up to today?"

He rolled his eyes, but she wouldn't be able to catch him on it, ha! No one was in the hotel room at the moment and Dean had just stepped out of the shower. He had been rummaging through his clothes for something livable to change into when he had felt the urge to talk with her.

Really, they were about to head over to her hometown, Glasgow. Dean wasn't sure whether to tell her or not. He knew that he wanted to see her, but would he be able to get away? John was pretty observant, not to mention overly over protective of his sons. It didn't matter that Dean was already twenty-two, he still had to check in and follow orders and protocol. Didn't even matter that Sammy was miles and states away, he was still followed and informants told of his deeds and whereabouts in a regular basis; not to mention he still had to check in and follow certain protocols - just to Pastor Jim and Dean normally instead of his father.

"Resting up. Just, uh, finished up a job."

"Sounds a lot more interesting than my day."

"But, you don't even know what I did. What if I was like handling horse shit on a race course or -"

"Walking around the streets dressed as an old lady, or ooh soliciting sex in a bathroom!"

"What!?" he asked, completely thrown out of the loop.

Amy snickered.

"News much, Dean? Babe, Gotta keep up with the times you know."

They kept talking nonsense for a minute or two more before Dean heard a key jingle in the doorknob.

"Hey, babe. I'll talk with you later. I've got to get dressed now."

"I, I thought you were resting up today?"

"Well, I can't walk around naked"

"Never bothered you before," she teased.

Again, he was glad she couldn't see him rolling his eyes.

"Real cute. You weren't one to protest, either! I'll call you back up soon as I can. Bye."

"Bye, love you!"

Before he even got to reply, the line died out and in came Joshua.

"Lose some clothes there kid?" he teased.

"Ha freaking ha."

"Well, get you skimpy ass dressed, we've got some ways to go yet."

Dean groaned. He was mentally tallying up how pissed off Josh could make him, just to make sure that he gave his father that back in full. Skimpy ass.

"Where's Dad?" asked Dean hopping out of the bed.

Josh set the dinner on the table. Or lunch, since they had all slept through the evening. Or breakfast really.

"He got a call –

"He left for a job?" asked Dean, not able to keep the worry/annoyance (because he's too old to whine) out of his voice.

Josh glared at him, and then continued as if he hadn't been interrupted.

" - from Jim checking in. He figured that he'd tell Jim about the ol' cat and maybe get something about Glasgow. He's just parked down the lot a ways."

Dean looked at the door, slightly skeptical. It wouldn't be the first time that his father had slipped out on him. He hated to admit it, but the man moved at the drop of a pin.

"Oh, well that's good."

Joshua scoffed as he sat down at one of the chairs by the table and began to eat.

"Quite being so doubtful, Deano," the older hunter mumbled just as Dean headed back for the bathroom, clothes in hand.

Stepping back out a few minutes later, Dean tried to not give his father a guilty look. He knew that Joshua wouldn't say anything about his questioning the man, but with the close quarters they'd all lived in it wasn't too hard for his dad to figure out when he was thinking something.

After eating, they started packing up to head out.

"What'd Jim say?" Joshua asked when they were tossing there things into the vehicles.

"Mentioned something that might be in Virginia. Said that was more lethal than whatever else is here. We can come back after that job's done."

Josh nodded, slamming the Impala's trunk shut.

Dean looked away from both men, leaving only John to chide Josh about abusing the car. His thoughts went out to Amy. Now, in Virginia, he'd be further away from her. But his secret would be safer.

He wasn't sure which way to be happier.

"Dean!" John called out from the opened door of his truck.

Flipping around, Dean was slightly startled by the dual aggravated looks he received.

"Yes sir?"

"I said let's get going. Less there's something more important?"

John's tone was condescending. Dean knew that his father considered few things as more important than hunting.

"No sir," Dean answered, opening the Impala's driver side door and entering his vehicle.

Joshua and John shared a look before both men entered their respective vehicles. Soon, the two cars had pulled out and were heading toward Roanoke.


Roanoke had proved to be tricky. It was pretty barren. Joshua had mentioned something to his father about being surprised that any activity had been found there anyway.

They had proven to be too late in their seven hour drive there. Something had definitely happened, but they couldn't be sure of what.

Dean was certain that he'd heard the name before, but it didn't ring a bell as to what.

His mind was fully on a lonely girl in Kentucky.

Since he had spoken with her, he couldn't stop thinking about her. Hearing her voice but not being able to see her was almost torturous.

So that was that, he had to see her.

As they headed for the next town over, seeking a room for the night, Dean started to think about how he was going to be able to get away from the two man.

He waited until they'd fallen asleep, each in their own bed and having tossed him to the couch. Dean laid awake thinking for awhile before moving.

He thought back to what he could remember about the only woman that had had a real impact on his life. His mother.

Man, she'd been great. He had loved her so much and he would do just about anything to be able to have her with him now.

Surely, she'd understand what he was feeling.

But, to have such a woman like his mother had been, his father had had to accept the fact that he'd found love. The one.

How could he deny his own children what he had found?

"He can't," Dean whispered to himself.

He and his brother had been true products of a loving relationship. There hadn't been a moment in his young life that he'd doubted that. Whenever they had been near each other, they had radiated of the comforting, safety that their love had provided him.

He had never been able to feel like that since.

Until, maybe Amy.

And who was a simple man like John Winchester to stop something stronger and fiercer and more prominent like love?

Before he'd even centered on an answer, Dean slipped out from under the covers and off of the couch and was out the door without a glance back.


It was a few hours before he even reached Glasgow, but as soon as he did he knew something wasn't right.

Dean rushed over to where Amy would be at this early in the morning, school. But, one he got there, he realized that school wasn't in session that day.

Dean drove over to where Amy lived, hoping that she'd be there. He couldn't think of why school would be closed, it wasn't a holiday and it certainly wasn't a bad weather day.

So something must have happened.

The one time that Dean could remember that one of the schools he had gone to had closed out of the blue had been because of an accident in one of the science labs. A few kids had gotten pretty hurt, if he remembered right.

Dean felt a tightness in his chest. But he shook it off, because surely his Amy would be okay.

But, once he reached her house it was a different story.

"Oh God," he sighed as he mindlessly parked the car across the street. There wasn't any space closer to the house as it was.

Dean walked over to the small crowd standing just off the side of the street. He could make out a few of Amy's kids there, teary-eyed and sad looking. They clung onto the arms or legs of their parents, some shielding their eyes from the sight before them.

Dean too wanted to shield his eyes. He wanted to blink away the sight before him. It just couldn't be.

"What happened?" he asked no one in particular as he stood just out of the group.

A young woman, Amy's age, looked over at him. He recognized her, but he couldn't remember her name.

"Dean?" she asked, unsure as she turned all the way towards him.

Dean was startled, how did this woman know his name.

And then it hit him.


She smiled softly, nodding mindlessly as she walked over to him.

"How'd you hear?" she asked.

Dean shook his head, looking over at the burnt remains of what had been Amy's house.

"I didn't. I," Dean looked away, biting his lip as he saw a pair of firefighters carrying out a black bag.

"Oh my God!" Jane gasped, the tears flowing from her eyes, once again staining the streaks that had been left on her face.

Dean took a deep breath. This was all a dream. A bad dream. Nightmare. This couldn't be real.

Amy. His Amy. Dead.

"Amy, no," Jane gasped, starting to crumple to her knees.

Dean caught her, almost needing something solid in his arms to keep himself out of the same position. He held tightly to Amy's best friend, a million thoughts passing through his head.

She was supposed to be safe. He had stayed away, kept going away, because he was convinced that she'd be safe.

"I can't believe it," Dean gasped, tilting his head to rest his chin on Janie's soft blond hair, so much like Amy's.

"How'd you…Why are you here?"

Dean snorted, not believing anything before him.

"I wanted to surprise her."

Janie looked up to him, her tears doubling at the mere thought.

"Oh, God, Dean. I'm so sorry."

Dean looked at the ambulance as it soundlessly drove away. No need to rush when there was no hope from the person inside.

He wasn't too certain on how long he had stood there. Another friend had gotten Janie away from him and he'd gone back to the Impala, leaning on her hood. The tears slightly streamed down his face as he stared back at the charcoaled wood.

His attention shifted as his pocket began to shake and a familiar tone filled the still air around him. Dean realized it was his cell phone ringing and after having ignored it for the past hours, he automatically flipped it open and answered.

"Dean," he said in way of a reply.

He half listened as his father started on about the his childish manner of leaving and answered truthfully when he was asked where he was.

"You took that hunt alone?" John asked, the anger clear in his voice.

"No Dad. I came for something else," he answered, but chose not to elaborate. "I, uh I think I found IT Dad," he said a second later, cutting into whatever his father had been saying.

"Found what?"

"The thing that killed Mom," Dean said, trying to keep the tears from his voice.

Maybe it was the mention of his mother, or maybe he wasn't as good at hiding his emotions as he thought, but when John spoke again it was gentler and softer, though still strong and firm.

"Are you sure?"

Dean sniffed.

"House burned, Am- lady st stuck on the roof, unexplainable fire. It all fits," Dean said, running his hand over his face, wiping off the last of the tears.

"And the kid?"

"Kid? What kid?" Dean asked, sliding off the Impala's hood to turn away and lean on her roof.

"The kid that this thing was after. Why it killed the mother."

Dean frowned.

"She wasn't a mother. She was," Dean stopped before he could finish his sentence.

How was he supposed to answer that. His lover? He felt too much for her to have been just a lover. His girl? He hadn't seen enough of her to feel like he could take that kind of claim to her. His soul mate?


"1349 Ezra Boulevard," Dean answered, speaking Amy's address allowed for the first time. But, the manner he had said it, ratting it of as if just another address needed for their job, made it all feel so final.

Dean flipped the cell shut, ignoring his father's voice on the other end. He tossed it in the opened car window, onto the passenger seat just as it begun ringing again.

He closed his eyes, remembered the last time that he had seen her. He'd just heard her voice days before, she couldn't just be gone like that.

She couldn't be dead. She couldn't. Amy Ruiz, dead. No. That just couldn't be.

But she was.

The End.

(There's an epilogue!)