Shatter: Chapter 6

Rating : R
Warning : Language. MalexMale kiss.
Pairing: DADR (Dwicky and Dib)
Summary: Dwicky has been gone for 6 long years and returns to a world broken by war. There is no more technology, no more order, only the vicious struggles of humans in the fight for survival.

Tiny dancers of flame leapt and crackled in a small campfire cradled by a little circle of piled river stones. It was night, the stars sparkling down with defiant brilliance. Insects and the beasts of the night gently sang their love of the dark. Dib sat hunched over on a rather large stone. He stared into the small fire, occasionally ripping off a slice of wood with his knife from a pile of sticks at his feet. His expression was odd, a mix of anger and… something else. Dwicky sat across from the boy, avoiding his gaze. He felt incredibly awkward as the dark brown eyes would occasionally rise to meet his own with chilling intensity. The man had buttoned up his shirt a while ago, and placed his tie in its rightful place. Something about the little 'ordeal' in the woods made Dwicky terribly modest. The silence hung heavy in the air, only making things unbearably awkward.

"Do you think he'll come after us?" Dwicky broke the silence, hands fiddling with his tie.

"No. You saw how helpless he was without his shit…" Dib sliced off a chunk of wood and tossed it into the fire.

"He almost strangled you." Dwicky's eyes moved to watch the wood tremble onto itself as the fire consumed it.

"I was… distracted." Dib grumbled off to the side, not wanting to look the man in the eyes.

"Well… Distracted or not, he could have killed you."

"He isn't going to come looking for me, Dwicky. It has been like this for years." Dib sighed, his tone laced with irritation. "Of course, like you'd know…"

"That's not very fair, Dib." Dwicky stuck out a lip.

"Not very fair?" Dark, narrow eyes shot up. "Do you want to talk about fair, Dwicky?"

"You're not going to ever forgive me, are you?" Dwicky's shoulders slumped back a little. "I thought that maybe you had, just a little… because of--"

"Let's not talk about that!" Dib jerked as his blade bit into his hand a little, a tiny swell of blood lining the small cut. "Fuck." He hissed and brought his hand to his mouth, sucking the pain away.

"Dib. We really should talk about it. It is kind of important…" Dwicky moved a hand back to rub his neck nervously as he glanced across the fire. "Are you just going to ignore it?"

"Ugh. You and your 'talk'." Dib rolled his eyes and pulled his hand away from his mouth. "You want to talk? Fine." Dib leaned back a little and his chest puffed out a bit. "Let's talk then. You want to talk about how I forced my old skool counselor against a tree and then proceeded to roughly make out with him while he fondled and groped my ass?"

Dwicky coughed nervously. "Sounds kind of… odd… when you put it that way."

"Could I have said it any other way?" A brow rose behind a glint of glasses.

"No. I suppose not." Dwicky nervously swallowed and looked away. "But, well, you kind of…" Dwicky clicked his tongue against his teeth and squint an eye as he tried to find the proper way to word everything, "… pulled me into it. Or, shoved, rather."

Dib lowered his gaze to his blade, watching the soft reflective glow of the fire along its surface. "Did I?" He reached into the depths of his jack and pulled out a cig, soon lighting it and pulling the sweet smoke into his lungs. "Or did you?"

Dwicky raised a suspicious brow. "You're referring to…"

"Yes." Dib glanced up at the heavens as he blew a cloud of smoke into the night. "Do you have a thing for little boys?"

"Dib." Dwicky coughed into his hand. "I was merely doing my job. I was playing along."

"The taste of your tongue says otherwise…" Dib licked his lips.

"You're not exactly a kid anymore." Hands tightened and twisted the poor abused tie.

"Oh? I'm not?" Dib smirked as he took a drag. "If things were," Dib paused and closed his eyes a moment, "like they were, then you'd have some very concerned government officials on your hands." Brown eyes snapped open to glare at nervous blue. "I suppose you should be glad your tongue was the only thing you put inside of me." A grin tugged at the boy's lips.

"Are you just trying to make me uncomfortable?" Dwicky raised a brow.

"Dwicky. A 'normal' grown man would've pushed me away." Dib spat.

"And a 'normal' teenager wouldn't have pinned me against a tree and made out with me." Dwicky shot back. "You made the first move, Dib."

"I--" Dib awkwardly paused, his cigarette hanging on his slightly gaping lip.

"Dib. I don't like how you keep making me out to be the bad guy." Dwicky sighed and frowned over at the boy. "Have you ever thought that you wanted it---" Dwicky paused and coughed, "too?" He straightened a little, giving Dib a weak, encouraging smile. "You were a lonely kid who just wanted someone to believe you…" He reached back to nervously rub his neck. "Kind of reminds me of a younger me… A much younger me." Another nervous cough.

"Maybe…" Dib distracted himself with his knife again. "Maybe I did develop a bit of a… crush… for the first person who I thought believed me." He rubbed the side of his arm. "And…" Suddenly, he glared over at Dwicky, not liking the emotions the conversation was stirring. "I was desperate, okay?"

"I can understand why you'd be." Dwicky kept his soft smile. "Err… You didn't have many friends and--"

"Any. I didn't have any." Dib bitterly interrupted and corrected the man.

"Any… But as I was saying." Dwicky coughed. "Sometimes, when people are so alone, they'll grasp out at the first sign of acceptance. And sometimes it can develop to… romantic feelings." He suddenly felt incredibly awkward, as if explaining the act of baby-making.

"And what about you, Mister Dwicky?" Dib studied the man's expression, his eyes thoughtful.

"Me? Well…" His hands settled themselves on his knees as he shifted. "I guess it is a mix of several things."

"Several things?" Though the boy's voice was inquisitive, a small smirk revealed otherwise.

"I'm not perfect, Dib. I'm human, just like you." Dwicky sighed, as if bearing a heavy burden. "I have—ah. Well." The poor man struggled with his words. "I have desires, as I'm sure you can understand."

"Hmm… Desires." Dib's voice was dull as he took a drag. "Desires for little boys?"

"One." Color flushed Dwicky's face.

Dib raised a brow at that, suspicion rising. "So what happens when that little boy grows up?" Dib licked his lips and pulled the cig away from his mouth, tapping the ashes onto the stones below. "What happens when the sweet, supple little boy grows into a man?" Eyes narrowed down at the fire. "What happens when that little boy changes into something else? Someone else?"

"He can't change who he is…" Dwicky watched with worried eyes.

"But the world can." Dib glanced up, catching the man's eyes with his own, locking him in a glare.

"Dib…" Dwicky started.

The boy suddenly stood, moving over to Dwicky, staring down at him. "Shut up. You fucking hurt me, Dwicky. And I'm not going to easily forgive you, you know that." He suddenly reached out and grabbed the man by the collar, violently lifting him up. Dwicky made a noise and grabbed at the boy's wrist. "But I'm not going to let you leave me ever again." He turned his head to take a drag of his cig before he roughly pulled the man into a hard kiss.

"Mrff!" Dwicky was taken by complete surprise as the boy's tongue invaded his mouth.

"Dib? Is that you?" There was a snap of twigs and the parting of branches from the forest beside them.

"What?" Dib grunted as he suddenly dropped Dwicky, straightening himself and licking away a thin string of saliva. He turned in the direction of the voice, taking a puff of his cig. His free hand moved to set gently on the handle of his blade, which he had tucked away some time before.

Dwicky grunted as he fell back and flailed out his arms to catch his balance. He landed awkwardly, one leg halfway in the air, propped up over the rock he had been sitting on. He blew a small cloud of smoke from the kiss, eyes glancing over to the stranger.

"I got some news." A tall, lanky teenager with dark cocoa skin walked over to them. Thick, grungy black dreads hung loose and wild. He wore a dirty, worn wife beater, ripped old carpenter jeans, and a pair of black, heavy duty boots. "I thought you might be interested."

"And it couldn't wait until tomorrow?" Dib raised a suspicious brow.

"Couldn't wait." The boy smirked, folding his arms and leaning his weight to the side.

"Well, stop fucking around, M. Out with it." Dib grunted and waved his hand in annoyance.

"There have been rumors coming in from the south." M. licked his lips. "People are organizing."

"And why the fuck would I care?" Dib growled, the presence of the other boy only worsening his mood.

"They say one of the leaders is related to you." Brown eyes gazed over at Dwicky, who had righted himself. "Who is that?"

"Related--?" Dib mumbled to himself before glancing over at Dwicky, raising a brow. "Mister Dwicky… Our old skool counselor." Dwicky smiled and gave a little wave at his 'introduction'.

"I wouldn't know. I wasn't crazy like some people." M. smirked and looked back at Dib.

"Shut the fuck up." Dib growled, his free hand pressing fingertips on the handle of his blade.

"Not a very nice thing to say to someone who came all the way out here to keep you updated on current events." The dark skinned boy frowned, feigning hurt. "I'm sorry I interrupted you and your boyfriend…"

"He isn't my boyfriend!" Dib snapped angrily, and took a step forward, his fists clenched.

"I'm pretty sure I saw some lip—No… tongue action when I came over here." M. let his expression melt to a smirk. "Looked like you two were about to go at--"

Dib's fist suddenly slammed against M.'s face, hard and full of anger. The cocoa boy grunted and stumbled in surprise, a hand rising to feel the blood on his lip before he narrowed his eyes and pulled forward to return the blow with a punch of his own. Dib skidded back a bit as the fist caught his jaw, and he swayed, nearly stumbling off balance. He straightened and lashed back to slam another fist to M.'s face, who faltered slightly, but returned the motion with a swift punch to Dib's face. The two pushed away from each other, panting with rage. Dib leaned to spit blood off to the side as M. wiped his lip off on the back of his hand. Dark eyes locked, silently challenging each other.

"I don't care." Dib growled gently, breaking the silence. "I don't care if people are organizing, or rebuilding or whatever the FUCK they are doing."

"You seemed pretty obsessed with 'saving'," M. raised quoting fingers, "everyone back then, Dib."

"Obviously my intentions were proven to be pointless." Dib spat. "What the fuck is the point of trying to help if you can't even save people from themselves?"

"Well, maybe if you weren't so insane and obsessed with aliens…" The darker boy rolled his eyes.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Dib screamed, one hand in the depths of his jacket, gripping the handle of his knife. "Just leave…"

"You should think about what I told you, Dib… You've been alone too long." Dark eyes meet Dwicky's and he shook his head in amused disbelief.

"And you think I wasn't alone even when my family was around?" Anger surged through Dib, and his body twitched with it.

"What a selfish thing to say." M. looked disgusted. "At least your sister could fucking stand to be around you at Skool. She tolerated you more than anyone else did." He shrugged and turned to leave.

Dib just watched the boy disappear into the woods before he turned and kicked a burning log from the fire, tiny embers sparking forth in a little mock explosion. "FUCK!" In his state of mind, it was the only thing he could say.

"Dib?" Dwicky's voice gently spoke up.

"What?" The teenager growled with vicious intensity.

"Maybe you should find them." The man's voice was low, quiet, as if sound would harm the angered boy.

"Why? They left me." Dib snorted and plopped himself down on the stone he had been perched on before.

"Sometimes people make mistakes." Dwicky paused and took a breath. "Especially when something as traumatic as," he blinked at the evidence of a world recovering from a terrible war, it was all around him, "this, happens."

"I don't need them." The boy quietly replied and tapped a few fingers on his lips, dabbing at the lingering blood in his saliva.

"No one wants to be alone." Dwicky watched dib from where he had been sitting earlier, hands neatly folded thoughtfully in his lap.

"I'm not alone." Dib rubbed the blood between thumb and finger, watching it with half interest before his eyes snapped up to meet Dwicky's. "Am I?"

The response startled the man and a hand reached up to his tie, giving it a nervous tug. "I suppose not… But they are still your family."

"Whatever." Dib rolled his eyes. "You're not going to stop bugging me until I find them, are you?" Dwicky merely shrugged and Dib sighed. "Fine. I'll find them and it'll be a wonderful, magical family reunion." He growled bitterly. "Then maybe you'll realize just how stupid it is."

"All I ask is that you try." Dwicky smiled gently. "If things are really that bad, then…"

"Then I run off with you and live happily ever after in gay homo love?" Dib raised a brow.

"Uhh.." The man's eyes widened and he seemed at a temporary loss of words.

"I was joking." Dib smirked, wiping his bloody fingertips off on his boot. "Things will just go back to normal. Except…" He trailed off into silence, staring at the fire in thought, or perhaps lack there of.

"Except?" Dwicky regained his ability to speak.

"Except you'll be there." Dark, angry eyes glanced over at the man. "I'm not letting you go." His tone made it seem like a threat, and Dwicky was unsure of how to feel about it.