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Harry Potter And The House Of Morvyn

"Welcome my faithful death eaters. What news do you bring me?"

"Master, that pitiful order of Dumbledore's was waiting for us at Longbottom Manor. We were unable to get the boy before he escaped."

"You have failed me Avery. Crucio!".

Miles away, in the wizarding prison of Azkaban, Harry Potter, the now infamous Boy-Who-Went-Dark sat bolt upright as his newest vision ended. He had been getting visions nearly every night since his incarceration began in the summer after his fourth year. You see, Harry Potter had been arrested for the murder of Cedric Diggory, and for the uses of the unforgivable curses. He had already been suspected of murdering the other Hogwarts champion when he had returned from Voldemort's resurrection ceremony. But after the dark lord had broken the wards of Privet Drive using Harry's blood and the "Golden Boy Of Gryffindor" had used unforgivables to defend himself the entire wizarding world had abandoned him to Azkaban. Even those he cared about most had left his side, Dumbledore for the greater good, Ron for his jealousy, Hermoine for the "logic" behind the orders arguments against his innocence. Sirius and Remus had refused to even meet with him, and neither had shown up at Harry's supposedly fair trial. Ginny had been on his side at first, but it seemed that she too had eventually been swayed by the others. Their betrayal hurt him deeply, but it gave him purpose, and he wasn't thinking of revenge. What would break them more completely than anything else would be proof of his devotion to the light and proof of their own betrayals, tonight it would begin.

After the dementors had left to join the dark lord, aurors had taken over the guarding duties of the prison, they had let slip that Minister Fudge was stopping by to personally snap Harry's wand, which he had kept as a trophy, before he was executed for crimes against wizarding kind. This was his best chance for an escape, and after he had reached his magical maturity in the past summer, it was possible. Surprisingly, the monotony of prison had helped Harry, utilizing his link with the dark lord, he could enter the dark wizard's mind, and essentially train. Harry knew all he needed to, and more, when it came to all his old school subjects, he would be a master dueler when he reclaimed his wand, and he had spent nearly a month absorbing the Slytherin qualities needed to be a decent politician. Harry Potter had trained himself to be a true force to be reckoned with. His musings were cut short as the pompous man and his assistant stopped in front of his cell's door.

"Well Potter, it all ends tonight doesn't it?" the minister began with a hint of glee.

"No Fudge, It is only the beginning." Harry spoke, before thrusting out his hand and blasting the pair back into the adjacent wall. Stepping forward, he bent over and plucked his wand from the ministers hand before heading for the surface of the prison. He had met little resistance from the lackluster ministry recruits until one apparently alerted the auror office that an escape was underway. Harry spotted the royal blue robes of the aurors apparating in, meaning that the order would not be far behind. A jet of red light flew over his head as Harry put two guards into full body binds, spinning, he sent a dark severing curse at another, catching the man just above the knees and separating both legs from the rest of his body. A killing curse flew by him and struck another auror, causing Harry to pause, These must be new recruits, deciding not to invite more bloodshed, Harry bolted towards the gates and ran straight into Nymphadora Tonks, member of the order and cousin of his godfather Sirius Black. Harry quickly scrambled out of her grasp, and ignoring her cries, he apparate to the one place he knew would keep him safe, Gringotts Wizarding bank. He almost got away before a desperate hand grabbed his ankle.

He landed in a private conference room in the bowels of the bank, if you could call it a conference room, it was more of a dungeon with a large table in the center, where wizards who attempted to enter the bank through methods other than the front doors would attempt to explain themselves. Knowing that the goblins would take their time getting down to interrogate him, he turned towards the pink haired auror, who surprisingly, had her wand pointed at the floor rather than his heart.

"I'm not going back to prison"

"I don't want you to.". Her reply shocked Harry into silence, nobody believed him! It must be some kind of trick.

"Did Dumbledore send you to fool me?" he asked her while just brushing her outer thoughts with his legitimacy.

"No, I believe you. There was no way that you did murder Cedric, and the use of the unforgivables was justified.". Harry sensed no lies but was still shocked at her explanation about the unforgivable curses. Seeing his shocked look, she continued, "The war is going poorly Harry, the aurors can use the unforgivables now, but that isn't really helping that much, especially with Dumbledore acting against that particular law.".

Harry snorted at the last part of her statement, risking losing a war because of your morals was so perfectly Dumbledore. He was about to reply when a goblin opened the door and took a seat at the other end of the table.

"Griphook, absolutely lovely to see you again." Harry said to the goblin. Griphook's face only held a look of pure shock for a moment before he replied.

"Well Hello again Mr. Potter, I am truly happy that you do not seem to hold the prejudices that the rest of your world does. Now, what brings you to Gringotts?".

"I just escaped from Azkaban Prison with this "lovely" lady and I need a blood inheritance test, access to my vaults and most importantly, asylum from the ministry until I find a place to stay.".

"I think we can accommodate that Mr. Potter, will you and this young woman please follow me to director Ragnok's offices.". The trio walked through a pair of solid gold doors into the directors office, where Harry and Tonks both took seats in front of a vicious looking goblin, who both assumed to be Ragnok.

"Greetings Mr. Potter, you will find that we goblins do not hold you guilty of any crimes, so we will of course be willing to provide you with assistance. Now, if I could just have some of your blood for the inheritance ritual we can begin.". Harry dripped some blood from his finger onto the parchment provided and looked on as some names appeared.

Blood Heir:




Magical Heir:


Harry looked on in wonder and the names stopped appearing, Ragnok looked just as surprised as Harry, "It seems that you will not be needing our help after all. The Morvyn family is very old and powerful, in fact, now that you as the heir have been recognized, they should be along shortly.". He was, in fact, correct. Mere minutes later eight wizards wearing silver gray robes burst into the room, and at the sight of Harry, all lowered themselves onto one knee, completely silent until one, with red stripes on the arms of his robes spoke.

"My lord, we have awaited this day for a long time."

"I'm sorry, but what exactly is so special about this particular day?" Harry asked with interest.

"Today, our, or rather your lands reappeared in this realm, meaning that an heir had finally become aware of his or her inheritance. I can explain more when we get to what you will hopefully take as your new home." the man answered, still on one knee.

"Well, I just broke out of prison, so any home would be nice." Harry chuckled.

Tonks, who noticed the expression on the men's faces quickly stepped in to hopefully save the all important first impression, "He was wrongly imprisoned by a corrupt government.".

"Then they will pay." one of the men replied, before he rose and began walking with Harry towards the entrance hall of the bank. "Just tap your ring with your wand and it will act as a portkey." the man instructed. Harry did as he was told, and touched the correct singlet ring that Ragnok had presented him with, as he was currently head of the Potters, Gryffindors and Morvyns. With the familiar suction feeling, he was gone.

Albus Dumbledore stood in the ministers office, digesting what he was hearing, Harry Potter, his former favorite student, had not only escaped from Azkaban but had smashed his way out, Albus did not know how his former student had the power to do those things but he did know that he had kidnapped Tonks, possibly for a ritual or revenge. But how to tell the school? Term started the next day, and since Remus was a teacher and Sirius was living with him, the feast would be the opportune time. Finally having made up his mind Albus left, still unsure whether to be proud of his former student, or afraid for the wizarding world.

Harry and Tonks arrived in a large throne room, well, minus the whole throne up on a high pedestal thing. This room had the throne itself, a large ornate chair, that seemed to glow with a light of its own, behind a large curved crystal table. Tonks made to run over to the large chair but was cut off by one of the guards, "Only Lord Morvyn may sit in that chair." he said harshly.

"And I think it would be safe to assume that I am Lord Morvyn." Harry said in a tired yet amused voice.

"Yes you are Lord Morvyn, ruler of Atlantis." the guard replied.

"Wait! What do you mean Atlantis, the whole island sank!" Tonks nearly yelled.

"No, it simply was removed from this realm when civil war erupted and the ruling line went into hiding, now that an heir has been found we have returned, as strong and powerful as before.".

"So, now that I'm ready to accept the fact that I rule Atlantis, you have returned?" Harry asked.

"Yes, and you have much to learn. We will begin tonight.". Harry spent the rest of the night learning the etiquette he would need to be the ruler of his new lands. Most importantly, he learned politics, or he tried to learn, thankfully, his advisors were skilled enough to make up for his shortcomings. For now, they would keep the identity of Lord Morvyn a secret from the rest of the world.

The next day was the start of the Hogwarts term, Harry should have been entering his seventh year, he would however, be making a quick appearance at the welcoming feast. It would perhaps top his second year entrance with the flying car.

Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, the Head boy and girl of Hogwarts took their seats at the Gryffindor table, Hermoine thinking about classes and Ron about quiddich, both quickly stopped their thinking however as Dumbledore rose to begin the feast announcements.

"Welcome everyone to another term at Hogwarts! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready to begin refilling your brains with new and exciting information. First years will take not that the forbidden forest is off limits to all students, and that the ever expanding list of banned items can be found on the door to Mr. Filch's office.

Now on a much more serious note, I am extremely saddened to have to announce that Harry Potter has broken out of Azkaban Prison." once the screams of fear and rage had died down he continued, "As a result, there will be aurors posted at the entrances to the grounds incase Mr. Potter decides to make an appearance.", there were more screams at the mention of Harry's name.

"Oh come on people, its not like that murdering traitor can hear you!" Ron yelled to the entire hall.

"Can't I Ron?" a voice answered almost immediately from the entrance to the hall. Everyone's eyes turned towards the speaker, and there between the open doors stood Harry Potter, holding the sword of Gryffindor. "Sorry Headmaster, just dropping by to pick up some things that belong to me.", Harry held out his hand and the sorting hat zoomed into it, "Now that I have them I'll just be moving along.".

"I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that Harry." Dumbledore said firmly, while he and the rest of the teachers, Remus included, raised their wands.

"You will not be able to stop me." Harry replied, while drawing his wand and placing the now shrunken sword and hat into his robes. "So, until we meet again Dumbledoreā€¦" Harry said again, leaving the sentence hanging as he port keyed out of the school, which erupted into chaos as soon as he was gone.

-Morvyn means lives by the sea (or thats at least what the sourceI got it from says), I thought it was fitting for the ruler of an island nation.

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