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"My lord," a man said as he approached Harry "The Ministry forces are nearing the courtyard.".

"Order the remainder of our reserves into the street, we must slow them down enough for our forces across the island to reach us here." Harry replied, the man nodded and ran outside to carry out his king's orders. "It is starting to look like you may get into the fight after all." Harry stated mildly to Sirius as he turned to watch his men run off towards the fighting.

The two men wandered down the stairs in the front of Harry's palace, both to collect their thoughts and for Harry to meet the men that would soon start returning to the palace form their positions across the island. Meanwhile, in a building along the courtyard Kingsley decided that the time had come to make their move, he and his eleven men rushed out of the house and separated the four guards by the palace from Harry and Sirius.

Harry stood facing two men, while Sirius prepared to duel Kingsley and yet another auror. They both knew that no help would be coming anytime soon, the four guards that had been stationed by the doors were busy defending their position from the remaining aurors.

Harry found himself assaulted immediately by the two men , he was forced to dodge and block more often that he could fire a spell back, which were blocked or avoided with ease by the professionals that had attacked him. A reductor curse flew over his shoulder as Harry threw back his arm and brandished a whip of flame, which struck a strong shield that both aurors struggled to power. Harry struck again and the yellow shield spell sparked and shuddered, a third strike brought it down, but a stunner from one of the men prevented Harry from attacking again. Rolling to avoid the spell, Harry summoned a large piece of the courtyard that had been shattered by a spell, and sent it flying at one of the unsuspecting men assaulting him. The auror never saw it coming, and crumpled to the ground lifeless, blood seeping from his skull.

"You bastard." The other man snarled before launching a cutting curse directly at Harry's throat. The curse was deflected easily, striking a nearby building. Harry dodged the man's next spell and swept his want upwards sending the auror sprawling, it was ended with a quick stunner.

Harry turned to see Sirius and Kingsley still fighting fiercely near the front stairs, the rest of his guards were holding their own and the tide was seemingly turning as reinforcements arrived.

Back in England, Dumbledore sat in his office pondering the happenings in the war thus far when his fireplace erupted into flame and Arthur Weasley's head came through. "Headmaster there are death eaters in Atlantis."

"How do you know this Arthur?" Dumbledore asked quickly.

"They high jacked a portkey, killing the Ministry men guarding it. Fudge has it covered up for now." Arthur answered.

"We cannot allow them to complete whatever mission they have, get us one of those portkeys and meet me at Grimmauld Place, I will gather what order members I can." Dumbledore ordered before rushing out of his office.

Harry pressed his way through the fight, trying to reach Sirius and organize the defense. He was almost there when out of an alleyway there came a massive explosion, opening the courtyard for aurors and hit wizards who had been flanking the main defensive line for some time now. They were intercepted by more men in silver robes, and the courtyard became a battlefield.

Dumbledore arrived in Atlantis with Deadalus Diggle, Sturgis Podmore, Elphias Dodge and Broderick Bode who were the only order members that could immediately be spared from guarding the major points in England. They could hear the fighting up ahead but could not get through it until Podmore ducked into an alley and began leading the group through the urban maze that was Atlantis.

Harry threw spells left and right as aurors attacked him, seemingly wanting the glory of taking down the king of Atlantis. Sirius had broken contact with Kingsley, neither he nor Harry knew where the black auror had gotten to. The fight was swirling around the pair as they stood at the top of the steps, and off in the distance Dumbledore was making his way onto the courtyard, blasting the defenders of Atlantis away from himself and his companions. Harry was shaken away from the scene when a hand closed on his shoulder.

"I thought that you could use some help." Neville said, adjusting his own silver robes.

"How did you know about all of this?" Harry asked, stunning another auror who had started to climb up the steps.

"I have my ways Harry." Neville answered mysteriously before jumping headfirst into the fight at the base of the steps.

Harry smiled to himself briefly before returning to the battle, and to the small group that was making their way towards him. 'So Dumbledore is going to try and get me before the Ministry' Harry thought darkly as he saw the old man blast one last defender away, clearing the way for his group to confront Harry, Neville and Sirius.

"Sirius?" Bode croaked, surprised to see a member of the order fighting on Harry's side.

"I've made my choice Broderick, I'm sure you understand." Sirius said, answering the unspoken question posed by his former order comrade. Bode nodded before the two began exchanging curses, with Podmore jumping into the fight.

"Neville, I had hoped that you would remain out of this fight." Dumbledore remarked, a sorrowful look etched across his face.

"I am right where I am supposed to be professor." Neville replied, looking more confident that Harry had ever seen him. Dumbledore looked unconvinced, but moved aside for Deadalus Diggle to duel the young man.

This left Dodge and Dumbledore looking up at Harry from the bottom stair, and it wasn't long before the curses were flying from their wands at an incredible rate. Harry was forced to continuously deflect the spells, moving his wand back and forth so fast it was a blur. Sparks shot out of the tip of his wand as a severing charm from Dodge was reflected to Dumbledore, who slapped it away as if it were a simple stinging hex. Harry took a half step backwards as a blue spell from Dodge almost connected with his midsection, leaning right to avoid another, he shot a powerful Atlantean hex at Dumbledore, who put up a shield just in the nick of time, only to watch the spell sail through it and send him flying through the air landing on the ground in a heap. Dumbledore raised his eyes back to Harry in time to see a number of things happen at once.

First Dodge let out a cry of rage at seeing Albus being hit by an unknown spell and raised his wand, seeing this Neville moved without hesitation between Harry and the reductor curse. A millisecond after Albus yelled "Elphias, No!"

Harry spun, a shield charm already on his lips as he saw Neville take the curse for him. It struck him in the chest dropping the boy instantly. Harry knew that his friend was dead, the half smile on Neville's face remained despite the emptiness in his eyes. Just as Longbottom hit the ground, Harry leveled his wand at the aging order member, with nothing but rage showing in his eyes. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Dodge seemingly realized what he had done an instant before the unforgiveable killing curse dropped him, leaving his crumpled and lifeless body sprawled on the front steps to the palace.

"NO!" the anguished cry came from Dumbledore, who had just watched as a lifelong friend was killed. But it was only a moment before sadness was replaced by pure rage.

Harry turned to see his former headmaster advancing towards him, angrier than he had ever seen the man. Harry, whose blood was still up was probably the first man to actually move towards a livid Dumbledore, Voldemort included.

Harry did not remain on top of the stairs, he was halfway down when he threw his first curse at Dumbledore, whose shield absorbed the entrails expelling curse with no difficulty. "You have fallen farther than I thought Harry." Dumbledore said, his angry gaze not changing a bit as a reductor curse flew from his wand. Harry sidestepped the spell and threw a cutting curse at the old man's feet and as Dumbledore lowered his wand to block it, Harry's bludgeoning hex struck him in the stomach, knocking him back. It was a testament to the old wizard's strength that he did not fall. Before Harry could blink Dumbledore had flicked his wand and a bright orange light went speeding towards the stairs.

Harry jumped from the fifth stair up just as the curse hit where he had been standing, the stair he had been on melted away leading Harry to believe that he would be quite dead had the curse struck him instead.

"Putting on your big wizard gloves Dumbledore?" Harry asked tauntingly before using a spell to tear up the courtyard around the headmaster. The debris shot at the old man, who twirled and vanished appearing above Harry on the stairs and sending another reductor at Harry.

Harry pointed his wand straight into the air, and soared upwards and at Dumbledore, parrying away a pair of stunners as he flew. Landing gracefully at the top of the stairs there was a moments pause before Harry sent two large pieces of stone at his old teacher. Dumbledore blasted one into sand before ducking the second and banishing Harry into the side of his palace.

Regaining his feet, Harry pointed his wand at the stone figures of two dueling wizards that adorned the space above the massive front doors. The figures were immediately animated and leapt down towards Dumbledore, advancing on him. Albus was forced backwards as his reductor curse left only a small dent in the massive figure. Harry watched as the headmaster said something in Latin, and a green arc of magic sliced through the legs of the first figure, just before the second slammed its fist down on the spot Albus had been standing. Only the man wasn't there anymore, he had reappeared ten feet to the left, and made short work of the remaining stone wizard.

Just as he turned, Albus caught sight of a massive fireball moving towards him and threw up his hands with his wand pointing downwards. The fire swarmed around him for a second, engulfing him completely and obscuring him from sight. It was a full ten seconds before he stepped out of it and flicked his wand, sending the fire back at Harry.

Potter vanished it easily and looked at his headmaster whose robes were singed slightly by that unexpected attack. A copper colored spell shot from his wand, raising the hairs on the back of Harry's neck as he yanked his body out of the way, and into the bludgeoning hex that had followed. Harry flew backwards into his palace, right past the destroyed door that had been a victim of that first spell. Just as he got up Dumbledore was on him, stunners and other minor spells flying around with the intent obviously being Harry's capture.

"Calmed yourself already Albus?" Harry said matter of factly, referring to Dodge's death minutes earlier. There was no visible evidence that the barb had worked, but Harry noticed the spells picked up a little intensity as they shot around the corridor. Harry was constantly being forced backwards at this point, his spells were ineffective against Albus' shields and parries. It was not long before he realized that he would have to take a chance on the magic Albus did not know. His first battle spell sailed right through the shield put up by his former mentor, leaving a hole in the colorful robes he was wearing.

Albus lost his concentration for a moment and was thrown into a wall by the next spell, giving Harry time to throw open a door to his left and step into a long room that held marble statues of all the past rulers of Atlantis. Dumbledore was only a few steps behind him.

Back outside Sirius had stunned Bode and had left Sturgis bleeding on the ground, he had seen his godson driven backwards inside the palace and ran after him, following the path of destruction the two duelers had left in the halls. A minute later he too stepped through the door into the newest battleground and saw the pair squaring off in the open center of the hall. Moving quickly he tried to stun Albus from behind, only to have the old man spin and appear next to him, a body bind curse already flying from his wand. Sirius was left on the floor, unable to move but with a perfect view of the battle that was about to reconvene.

Harry stood twenty yards or so away from Dumbledore with a small smirk on his face, and Sirius swore that he saw his godson bow the tiniest bit before he sent his first spell at Dumbledore, who moved with ease and sent the same copper color spell back at Harry. A huge blue shield sprang up in front of Harry and with a bang managed to absorb the spell, a fact which seemed to surprise Albus who hesitated before sending another yellow spell at his opponent. Harry allowed that one to come all the way to him before he sent in into the floor with a flick of his wand. "Surely you can do better than that!" he exclaimed before two blue crescents at Dumbledore, who remembered them from their first encounter and moved quickly out of the way. A regular blasting hex followed and Dumbledore again spun, appearing at the other side of the hall.

He waved his wand and two of the marble figures sprung to life, one of them taking a third blue crescent to the chest and flying past Albus and into the wall with a crash. Dumbledore sent the copper spell at Harry again, who was saved by a majestic looking statue that dove in front of it, turning it into dust.

Sirius watched as more and more of the hundreds of figures were drawn into the duel, and used as shields. At one point Dumbledore sent one of them so attack Harry, who didn't notice until it was almost too late, but managed to have one of the statues under his control tackle the other one and pound it into submission. The two duelers continued to fire spells back and forth, shattering statues and leaving scorch marks on the walls. Harry was soon forced to step into the remains of a number of the statues, and Dumbledore seized his chance, with a few wand movements, the dust sprang up around Harry and solidified into a large ball, trapping the young wizard inside. The statues under Harry's control stopped moving as his concentration was broken, either by surprise or unconsciousness. Sirius wanted to cry out but was stopped by the spell that held him firmly in place, hoping that a large group of Harry's guards would make an appearance. But it was Deadalus Diggle and Kinsley Shakelbolt who were next to enter the room.

"Albus, where is Mr. Potter?" Diggle asked, his wand held out in front of his body protectively.

Dumbledore merely motioned towards the large orb in the center of the room that contained his former student. "He is sealed inside." He explained simply.

"We have to get out of here Dumbledore, the tides have turned outside. Soon the guards will be swarming through the palace looking for Ministry personnel and there is no way they miss the destruction outside." Kingsley said.

"Indeed, we must make haste. The two of you take Sirius, I will take care of Mr. Potter." Dumbledore decided, before turning and starting towards Harry's makeshift prison.

Kingsley had just put his hands on Sirius, when Harry's prison exploded outwards, sending Dumbledore flying backwards. Harry saw what was happening and was consumed by rage at the attempted capture of his godfather. "You aren't taking him anywhere." He said before another killing curse shot from his wand, striking Deadalus under the left eye and dropping the man immediately. Kinsley jumped out of the way of Harry's next curse and parried away a severing charm. Kingsley was blasted backwards when the familiar blue crescent shot through his shield. The man was on the floor, and tried to raise his wand when Harry's disarming charm tore the wand from his grasp. Harry advanced closer and said again, "Avada Kedavra." Only this time the green curse was intercepted, and he was blasted backwards.

"You will do no more killing today Harry." Dumbledore said, blasting Harry backwards again as he tried to regain his footing.

Harry tried to get up again, and managed to deflect the first curse, but the second sent him flying into one of the few remaining statues in that area of the room, his head colliding with it and sending him into darkness.

Dumbledore rushed over to Harry and portkeyed away just as the guards burst into the room, stunning Kingsley and saving Sirius from capture just a moment before he too would have been portkeyed away into captivity.

Tonks was the next into the room. "Where's Harry? Where is my husband?" she asked frantically. Sirius found that he could not answer her, and merely shook his head from his position on the floor.

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