What if Naruto and Sasuke are twins and as they grow up Naruto finds himself falling for Sasuke? What would he do? Would he confess? Or will he distant himself from Sasuke? AU OOC Warning: Seme Naruto and Uke Sasuke. Cold and anti-social Naruto.

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To fall for him is a deadly sin

Sin to love your own twin

Twin wings one white and one black

Black crimson eyes filled with lust to attack

Attack everyone who dares to tear them apart

Apart and separate, there destined to part

Part of a whole that is meant to be broken

Broken into pieces that were greedily stolen


Hana Uzamaki was a beautiful girl, she was born in a prestigious family that love her. She has long sunshine hair, perfect golden skin, and has the most amazing pair of sapphire eyes. She was known to be quite at school and always studying. She never dated guys because she believed that they're only going be a distraction to her, in fact she always avoided them. She never met a guy she was interested in, until she met Ryuu Uchiha.

She met Ryuu when she transferred to a new school and she first heard of him when she saw a group of girls arguing over whose going to marry some boy.

"Ryuu-kun is mine so back off!"

"YOURS! Uchiha-kun and I will be married very soon!"

"Going to be married to you! You're so ugly you make people cry!"

"You're so ugly you make a the devil cry!"

"O..kay", Hana whispered to herself ,"It's official... I 'm surrounded by idiots."

She later found out that Ryuu Uchiha was the most popular and sought out boy in school. He has a fanclub, all of the girls like and even boys chased after him, of course they had a good reason. He was absolutely perfect. He has black short hair that hung on his gorgeous face perfectly, perfect pale skin, and the most intense ebony eyes that suits him perfectly. See the point? He was perfect, but Hana thought he was a jerk, a snob, a rich spoiled brat (completely ignoring the fact she's one of the richest girl in the school), and an arrogant bastard.

They hated each other, absolutely despised each other. They were rivals in school, whether it's at sports, at class, or at how many fans they have, just name it. So it has been a great surprise to the entire school when Ryuu came at school at Valentines Day,during their senior year, with flowers and chocolate for Hana. And it's even more surprising when they both came to the highschool reunion happily married and with Hana pregnant with twins.

Yes they were happy, after all they had twins coming and they're going to make sure that their children live happily. Yes they will make sure they're happy and content. And the couple smiled, not knowing of the troubles that one of the twins will face. Not knowing of the pain and suffering that fate cruely placed on him.

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