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Chapater 5




"Naru-chan what are you doing?" an annoyed voice rang out across the room.

A seven year old boy stopped his endless typing and looked over to the person who spoke and glared.

"It's none of your concern aniki and stop calling me that," was the reply

"Naruto you've been on your computer for 4 hours doing god knows what and little Sasuke is starting to worry," Itachi replied softly never taking his eyes of his little brother. His eyebrows furrowed in the slightest movement, eyes holding a worried expression and all the while keeping his face expressionless.

Naruto tensed as his twin's name was uttered. And he laughed humorlessly, eyes cold and bitter.

"Really?! I thought he forgot about me since he preferred the company of that worthless pretty boy!" Naruto spat hatefully. Blue eyes narrowed and mouth was set in a bitter smirk.

"Aa" Itachi smirked.

So this is why he's been moody the whole week. He's precious little brother is not around to make little Naruto happy.

"Wipe that goddamn smirk of your face!"

"Now now Naruto just because you and Sasuke had a fight it's no reason to be all bitchy."

"Shut up! I don't need this right now I have a lot of things to do! So leave Itachi!"

And with that said, Naruto pushed Itachi out the door and slammed it at his face.


I have a bad feeling that's something going to happen soon…and it's not a good thing…

"I just hope that the event that will take place won't break Naruto" said Itachi looking at Naruto's door for a minute then swiftly walked away.

"Damn, you're one hard person to find information about," Naruto sighed.

Naruto continued his typing. He typed codes and hacked files; trying his hardest to find what he's looking for. When Naruto typed a password and the screen suddenly flashed, showing confidential information and a picture of a boy with long brown hair, big brown eyes and a feminine face. And with a smirk, Naruto uttered two words…

"Found you"

"Sasuke-kun slow down!"

Said boy giggled and continued to run fast. The boy was playing tag with his new found friend on the park. And Haku was trying to catch up with him when Sasuke suddenly tripped on something and landed on the ground with a painful thud.

"Itaii!" Sasuke yelled holding his injured knee.

"Now what does a little rich boy like you running around the park without bodyguards?" A voice said and loud laughter rang clealy around the park.

Sasuke looked up and found four men dressed in black clothes surrounding him. All had evil smirks plastered on their faces. He shivered in fear and stood up getting ready to run when one of the men grabbed his arm.

"Hey let me go!" Sasuke yelled and struggled

"We can't let you go runt. We still need to make money out of you" and the man started to drag him to a black car that just pulled over the sidewalk.

"No! Let me go! Haku help me! Haku!"

Sasuke's eyes widened as his friend just stood there staring at him blankly.


"Give it up kid. That boy's been working with us the whole time. He's job was to earn your trust so that he can lure you away from the safety of your mansion."

"No! Haku please!"

But Sasuke's desperate cry was useless because as he neared the car, he's friend still didn't move an inch from where he was standing. And as the car drove away, a single tear fell from Haku's face.

"I'm sorry Sasuke…"

"Let me go!" Sasuke struggled from the rope the kidnappers tied his hands with. He was scared. He never felt so scared before. Nobody was there to help him. No mom. No dad. No itachi. And especially no Naruto…

Don't go Sasuke…I don't trust him…

What do you mean Naru-chan? Haku is really nice!

No! I don't want you to see him ever again!

Why!? I like Haku!

Because I said so! Don't be so stupid to trust someone so easily!


I'm not stupid! I hate you Naruto! I hate you!


Naru-chan…I don't hate you. I'm sorry! Please don't hate me. You were right Naru, I shouldn't have trusted him so easily. And now look at me.

"waaaahhhh!!" Sasuke cried loudly. Big tears ran down his chubby cheeks.

"Damn! Shut the kid up!" yelled the man driving the car.

"Okay! Geez…"

And the last thing Sasuke saw was Naruto's smiling face and then it was black.

Please help me Naru…

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