Squall Party

Squall: What are you doing tomorrow Bob…Really, is it my party tomorrow

Rinoa: Who are you talking to?

Squall: Bob…can't you see her

Rinoa: Really

Squall: is it really my party tomorrow

Rinoa: yes

Squall: Ohh yes whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes

Squall faints; Rinoa wakes him up with a fresh bar of soap

Squall: Whoa I was the prettiest girl at the dance…yay

Rinoa: What?

Squall: Look I can make dots (………)

Rinoa: What?

Squall: Shhhhh I'm thinking Yay

Rinoa: You're think since when

Squall: Since Bob showed me how

Rinoa: Last time you went to the doctors, he said you only have the brain power to talk

Squall: What's a doctor?

Rinoa: I don't know why I'm talking to you

Squall: When do I get my box?

Rinoa: Go to bed

Squall: Yay…bed is where I'm a pirate

Rinoa: Wow

Squall: What food are we serving?

Rinoa: What do you want?

Squall: We'll serve soap and butter

Rinoa: Soap?

Squall: Yer and butter

Rinoa: Really

Squall: Yer

Rinoa: NO!

Squall: but, but, but not very nice

Rinoa: I married a soap eating nut

Squall: Yep, Rinoa's clever

Rinoa: They made a game about this nut

Squall: Yer it's called FFVIII yay, and I was drunk all the way through the game yay

Rinoa: Where did you get the booze from?

Squall: a mole gave it to me

Rinoa: explains why you were so smart during the game

Squall: Yep, I was drunk

Rinoa: So what your saying is, when your drunk your smart and when your not, well…..

Squall: Insert brain here!

Rinoa: What?

Squall: Can you get me a brain for my b-day

Rinoa: Maybe…if your good

Squall: Yay I get a heart

Rinoa: What is this wizard of oz?

Squall: It Squall hard life

Rinoa: You have it all good

Squall: Yay!

Rinoa: Damn you

Squall: Is Zell Santa?

Rinoa: Maybe…if your good

Squall: And are you an elf that helps Santa?

Rinoa: What do I look like an elf?

Squall: Well your tall and short and dress up in black

Rinoa: you mean green

Squall: No you shut up!

Rinoa: What…I didn't say anything

Squall: Do I get a box today?

Rinoa: I've told you already

Squall: Do I get a box today

Rinoa: YES OK!

You have won our hourly prize congratulation

Squall: Yay I won the hourly prize

Rinoa: do I really look like an elf

Squall: yep

Rinoa: Well you look like a girl

Squall: Yay…….she finally noticed

Rinoa: What a girl!

Squall: Stop fighting in front of Joe

Rinoa: Who's Joe?

Squall: He is!

Rinoa: Who?

Squall: Stop is making him cry

Rinoa: Making who cry?

Squall: Joe!

Rinoa: Oh Joe, your imaginary friend

Squall: Where?

Rinoa: So Joe's not imaginary then

Squall: Of cause no, he's my pet elf

Rinoa: There here

Squall: Who?

Rinoa: The guests

Squall: Really…I can't remember invite anyone…and on my birthday…..how dare

Rinoa: There your guests

Squall: Oh really…so you try to pin it on me

Knock on the door and the guest enter

Zell: Where's the food

Selphie: Here your present

Squall: Yay…it's…its….a

Selphie: New bottle for you

Squall: Ohhhh

Rinoa: That good now I can feed him

Selphie: A least you like it

Rinoa: It the thought that count's

Selphie: Guess so

Irvine: Anyway, here's your present

Squall: What is it?

Irvine: A bra

Squall: Cool now I really I'm a girl

Irvine: I'm glad you like it

Squall: Yer I like it Yay a bra

Rinoa: Can I have it?

Squall: Of coarse no!

Zell: Where is the food?

Squall: You tell me

Rinoa: You know where the food is, you put it there

Squall: Really there very interesting

Zell: Yer it is

Rinoa: What interesting about it

Zell: Lots of stuff

Squall: The word where

Rinoa: Really?

Squall: Are you Santa?

Rinoa: No!

Zell: Yer you are

Selphie: No she isn't

Squall: Are you?

Selphie: No!

Squall: Are you Zell?

Zell: I wish

Squall: Really, Rinoa's an elf

Zell: I thought so she looks like an elf

Rinoa: No I don't

Zell: Yer you do

Selphie: No she doesn't

Squall: See Rinoa: Zell even thinks so

Selphie: That's the first time I've heard someone say Zell thinks

Zell: Yer I don't believe it, Zell doesn't think

Squall: Yer what are you on?

Selphie: Nothing!

Irvine: I'll just stand here

Zell: Ok

Squall: Are you an elf to Selphie?

Irvine: Where is the food?

Squall: The foods for Bob

Rinoa: So it Bob now, you got a new pet

Squall: No just a new name

Rinoa: Did he get a sex change

Squall: No she's still a girl

Irvine: Can I have some food Bob?

Squall: Bob said no, can I have some food Bob? Bob said yes Squall, Yay

Rinoa: were you just talking to your self

Squall: No I was talking to Squall

Rinoa: O…k

Zell: Can I have some food Bob?

Squall: Bob said yes

Zell: No he said No

Squall: Yay, I'll go try my bra on

Zell: Yay I want one

Irvine: I'll get you one for your birthday

Zell: Yay

Squall: Then I get two

Zell: No then I get three

Squall: Then I get four

Zell: Then I get one thousand and two

Squall: No fair, nobody got me my box

Zell: That no fair I'm leaving

Squall: So everyone get out of Zell's house

Rinoa: It's not his house

Squall: Ok, is it Selphie's?

Rinoa: No

Squall: Irvine's?

Rinoa: No

Squall: Yours?

Rinoa: Ours

Squall: Yay another present

Rinoa: Yer another present?

Squall: Ok everyone; get out of my new house

Selphie: But the cake

Squall: You get it when you get to the party

Selphie: But I'm at the party

Squall: Really, get out

Squall chases Selphie, Irvine and Rinoa out of the new house

And to end this chapter I would like to say Squall didn't even get his box.