Did you knew that I don't owe Naruto?

Nejis pov


I always adored you

Even when I didn't knew you

My thoughts based on rumours

Filthy rumours


I wanted to do the same

That you once did

Kill my family

That was my purpose


Since I met you


You taught I should not

Do things I would regret

I believed you

You became my master


I adored you in a new way

This time, based on reality

Finally I knew

What my god was


You were gentle

When you first time entered me

It didn't even hurt

Even though you warned me


You wanted to teach me

What was real love

Between man and man

You made me love you deeply


I was good student

Did all the things

You told me to do

Oh, my great lord


Then the day came

You became my uke

I was above you

It was relief for you


Finally you were able

To let your shelter go down

You had someone

To protect your fragile soul