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He fucked her. Her fucked her like there was no tomorrow, because for him, there wasn't. Lifting her leg, he thrust harder, deeper, reveling in her screams of pleasure. Yes, he thought, scream my little one, scream. No one can hear, so scream.

He pulled out, denying himself so he could turn her over.

What? What are you doing? She moaned, her face in the pillow.

He traced a finger down her back, and then lifted her, forcing her to her knees. He rammed her from behind before she even knew what was happening. Raw, brutal sex creating flashes of memory. Memories of women and…of men. Fucking them as he was doing her now. What a moment to remember such a thing.

He grabbed her hips, yanking her to him as he rammed himself completely within her, hard and fast.

You will remember me. Remember, remember, me!

This time her screams were different, but he did not stop, he was too close.

He came, spewing himself into her with a moan.

Giving a final thrust, he withdrew, collapsing on the bed. With a whimper, she fell beside him.

You hurt me.

You will remember.

With that he stood and dressed, throwing her her clothes.

It's time, let us go.